Flashes of light?

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Can anyone cast any light on this (excuse the pun) for me?

A couple of weeks ago, I was sat in my bedroom in the flat I share with two other girls. It was early evening so was still light but the sun was gradually going down. One of my flatmates was in and was in the kitchen which is at the opposite end of the very long flat we live in.

Anyway, I was sat on my bed, looking at my computer and occasionally talking across the flat to my fm. Suddenly, there was a quick flash of blinding light, as if a camera flash had gone off. And whilst I was trying to work out what was happening, there were two more that followed it about a minute or so later.

I didn´t have a camera near me and there was no-one near my room at the time with one so I´m really confused. I told my fm about it and she didn´t have a clue either.

Any ideas? Could it be a spiritual being? I´ve got a strong sense that it could be...






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I would check first to see if

I would check first to see if there could have been any other cause of the flashes- I've both seen flashes caused by CO2 detectors and static eletricity sparks from things as simple as socks rubbing on carpet or clothes brushing. They make amazing sparks.

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Thanks Lili for your reply. I

Thanks Lili for your reply. I get what you´re saying and I have checked for other rational explanations, such as camera flash/electricty flash etc. but I was the only one in the room and was on my bed with no socks on! Plus we have parque flooring in the flat so no carpets either...


Has anyone else experienced this?

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I've just come across your discussion and i'm very glad I did. I cannot explain it or offer any help but only say the same thing happened to me last night and I thought I might be going mad. Asked everyone in the house this morning if they saw anything.

I had gone to bed and everything was dark. Hadn't been in bed long when there was a blinding flash of light in the middle of my room (small room so not far from my head). It was as you put it like a camera flash and only lasted for a split second but was enough to spook me.

No cameras or flashes or even thunder and lighting it was too central. And I have a black out blind in my room...

Thought maybe it was just my eyes..but now i've read your post...i don't know what to think. I'd like to think it something spiritual but was kind of expecting something else to happen if it was..



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Hi Elfin


This used to happen to me alot! Not so much lately but still does now and then. It's almost like a lightning flash bright and sudden yes? I am told it is spirit or angels checking in! I used to have a friend who was a reiki healer and when ever I went around there we'd always see bright flashes of light, especially after she had been healing clients. It happened to my Mum and I when we were talking about someone that had passed over and we both saw it and no lights on in the room or anything electrical! Like to think it was their spirit popping in to say hello.

If it happens again and if you are interested in finding out more you could always ask for a further sign. I asked once for confirmation I wasn't imagining it and my bedside lamp started to flash on and off! Of course it always could be electrical but see if it happens again.

Love and light, FF x x x

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Oh wow! How interesting.

Oh wow! How interesting. Thanks for your Shadowdance and Fiery Faery. If it happens again, and I hope it does, I will ask for a further sign to see if it is a spiritual event. I had an instinctive feeling it was though, if you know what I mean?

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I have seen

Angel/spirit lights before and most recently, but never experiened flashes of light like a camera. Let us know how it goes and if you experience anymore. Love Gemini :') xxx

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I haven't

seen flashes of light like  you've seen Elfin but I do see purple flashes every now and then. Although yours seem much more spectacular LOL

Love Val x

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Angel ssignsx

After i was doign healing on self, some months back, asi looked down at legs (sitting on sofa) i saw the brightest flash i have ever seen, so bright. Never seen lit flash like this beofre,,,but i knew it angels, and i thank angels,  more so for the healing, as i know its them.

Unbeknown to me, I have been seeing lights for years however werent relaising it was angels until last year, was told angels surround me! so made all sense, wheni saw lights flashing, but what i saw hadnt been so bright, like little sparks of light, different colours, purple, blue, and small white lights...

plus read the white lights mean you guardian angel is near. and purple.lue i think meant Archangel micheal. see this light inbetween the door of frontroom.!

if you get some of doreen virtue books talks alot about them. signs form above, i got very handy book, on people's experiences, and other book called  hearing your angels. very goodbooks, got cheapily on amerzon for  £2 or so, secondhand or brand new. x find alot of informationonangel group posting on people's journey with angels and hwo to call them xx

many blessings xx

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Hello Elfin

Have not experienced such big flashes for a few years but it used to happen alot.


I went through a time of being - lets just say we say not as happy and positive as I am now so I think or rather I know it was my guardian angels showing me they are there.

I get smaller flashes occassionally as a reminder - I think its like all aspects of spirit some can see them and some can not so go with your instinct about what they are.

Kiz x


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Wow, thank you so much for

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me about this, they´re so interesting.


I do actually have some Doreen Virtue angel cards. I´ve had them for about 6 years year and did work with them a lot for a while but haven´t lately. In fact I´ve just been an opportunity to work with them more publicly, which I´m going to write about in a new thread, so maybe the flashes of light were a sign of encouragement to work with the angels again?