a spell to sell my house

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We recently put our house on the property market, although we have had a few people viewing, no offers as yet is there a spell to make it more saleable? thanks shetlandlass

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I am sure my sister worked

I am sure my sister worked one for her house and it did sell :)

I'll see what I can find out, she probably found it in one of my books!

Barbara x

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A Spell to Sell your house

Hi Shetlandlass,

I did the following spell and had a auccessful offer 4 days after it went on the market.

Mix together in a saucepan -
one level teaspoon of salt
12 pinches of dried sage
10 drops of lavender
add half pint of water warm the potion on the stove but don`t let it boil, as it heats up say out loud

with powers besstowed
my luck will grow
with effortless ease
my home they will see
magical movement will shine upon me
swift my transition
so mote it be

let the potion cool the completely submerge your hands in the liquid and walk around every room in the house shaking droplets from your fingertips with every sprinkling say

This home will sell soon

Sprinkle the position all over the house every day until all is used.

Good luck, hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

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I'm going to try it too

I am going to try it too, we havent even had any viewings yet but we will have, its an adorable property overlooking hills and land.

Thanks for posting this.

Good luck to all.

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House sell spell!

I tried this & have now just put the sold board up at the front of my house! A good result in the current market! Thanks to Christine!

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We put our house on the

We put our house on the market last Wednesday and have had 3 viewings with two more to come, and one of them being someone who's already been round.  But I will be taking that spell just to give things a helping hand!

Thanks Christine!

Love and hugs

Sandra xx

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Great timing!

I love this spell.  My home has just gone on the market, so I will try it asap!  Now I just need to find the right house.

Many thanks Christine.

Love & Hugs,



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spell to sell your house

Hi Christine.

I did your spell  house was sold with in fourteen days

Thanks .Love & Light.

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Hi i'm new to the forum :)

I've came on here to look for a spell to succesfully sell my home as im moving from the midlands to cornwall to be closer to family, but my home has been slow at selling.

I look forward to speaking to u all :)

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Hello All,

I'm also new to this Forum, And I was just wondering if anybody has successfully worked a spell to sell a car quickly (and to get the right price for it).

I've search the web for a spell, but it only brings up results to sell a house, I was thinking that i could adapt one of those?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brightest Blessings.

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Selling my home

Hello Everyone,


I'm new to the forum but have just tried the spell to sell my home today.  It's been on the market for 2 weeks now.  Fingers crossed.


Nicky xx

Elaine 13
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House to sell

I would love to try the spell ,that Christine put up,my problem is I have moved,but I can't go back to the house,it has been up for sale 2years this August.
We are at breaking point with it all,we went to auction with it,and the bid that went in for it was so low,we could not afford to accept it,I never wanted the house and hated every moment in it,I had to leave,feeling was so bad in it.
How can I do the spell is there another way? Thank you.

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If you can't be at the house...

Elaine I would suggest using a picture of the house and visualizing yourself walking through the house and sprinkling the potion.  If your body can't be there your mind certainly can.  Sprinkle a bit on the picture as well.  Might take a bit longer but the engergies should go where you need them.  If you don't have a picture do the visualization and sprinkle the potion around you.  If you need some grounding use a green candle to help you center.

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House to sell

Hello Elaine,

If you have a copy of the March issue of S&D, have a look at the article on page 83 - 3 quick ways to sell your home. My property went on the market the week before Christmas, I read this article, did the first option, sold my property on Feb 20th and bought one on the same day.  Stay positive and good luck.

julie hopkins
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Hi, thanks for the spell, i have performed it, just waiting for the majic to work, many thanks, may angels bless you, julie

julie hopkins
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Hi, thank you so much for spell, i have performed it, what a lovely smell it makes, i will let you know if it works, many thanks, may Angels bless you, Julie

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good luck x

good luck julie i hope the spell works im sure it will. Love Gemini :') xxx

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Selling house spell...

Hello, we have had our house on the market before, no luck selling it so took it off the market for a couple of months and have now got it back up for sale again and cheaper than it was before, going to try this spell myself soon and see if we can bring some luck into our lives! :o) Hope and pray it works for us too!!! xx Love Kerry...

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House to sell

Needing to sell my property quickly, just up with a new agent. I am currently waiting for Christine's spell to cool down so I can therefore sprinkle around the house as I have first viewing via new agent tomorrow! Wish me luck :)

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Hehe I need the opposite. I

Hehe I need the opposite. I would like a spell to help me buy a home. House prices are so expensive I am beginning to think that I will never be able to afford one.


Good luck to anyone who is trying to sell a house.




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Selling Our Apartment...

Waiting for the mixture to cool down, then I will sprinkle it in every room! Will let you know how I get on :)

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We've sold our home!

Well, what a spell! We accepted an offer on our home 1 week and 5 days after casting this spell. Totally amazed! 

The lady was down sizing had already sold her home and needed to move quick, was looking for a property with a garden as she has a dog. Sale agreed in 24 hours of her viewing the property! Our property had only been on the market for a few weeks too.

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That's great news!

Well done and I hope this will mean a really positive move for you

Love Kirsty xx

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I would love to try this to sale our land we have 23 acres .

I am going to try this spell we have 23 acres of land we are selling and want it gone asap as we are moving .

Thank you so much for the spell will let yall know how things go as soon as I get everything up to do it .

There is no house on the land so I guess I will walk each acre shacking my hands :)



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selling my house

i want to sell my house.

but customers also come but i don't know why anyone purchase it.

so please tell me a spell to sell my house

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A spell to Sell my House

I would like to suggest you to avoid clutters in your house and get help from cash buyers.No need of much stress in selling your property.

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3 Quick Ways to Sell Your House

We had tried the spell in The Old Girl's Book of Spells to sell a home and had great sucess with that, but I'm going to give this one a go and see what happens. We're in the US and can't get back issues of S & D - does anyone know where I might be able to view a reprint of that article?


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3 quick ways to sell your house


This is from the article from March 2012.

Get up early and recite a daily dawn incantation to encourage a sale. Sunrise taps into the power of the waking sun to nurture growth (such s a growing interest in your home). Set aside a few quiet mintes and read the sales listing of your home on the internet or on the document showing your properties particulars. As you do so repeat the following chant:

Quickly the house will be selling

Solid new buyers today will bring

Money enough for me to retire

So my situation is no longer dire

or you can try crystal power from the same article

Buy a piece of Carnelian - an action stone in crystal terms. Its reddish brown colour represents Mother Earth's power and blessing, which will help attract abundance in the form of a good buyer and a decent price for your home. The red shade also increases passionate emotion and will encourage a buyer to set their heart on your property.  Once a week, hold the stone, close your eyes for a few minutes and relax. Imagine yourself in your new place happy and healthy.  Carry your carnelian with you whenever you do anything related to the move, such as going to view a property or signing any paperwork.

Hope this helps and good luck with your move.

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Thank you PeaceMaker!

Thank you for taking the time to post a summary of the article. Really appreciate it and look forward to putting some of this into the spell. I think for a while I just wasn't ready for our home to sell. Now I am.

I think intentions and beliefs are a key to any spell. And maybe since a part of me hadn't released the house it couldn't sell. I had to move on so to speak first.

Thanks again!!


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My house went on the market yesterday. I have just flicked the lavender and sage water round my house... But I added a couple of drops of cinnamon oil for prosperity! I'll let you know how it goes.

Update: we had a viewing a couple of days later and they told me then and there that they wanted house but hadn't sold! However they sold the following week and then offered on ours. We have had our offer accepted and its all with the solicitors at the moment. I'm just hoping everything goes as easily over the next few weeks!

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Under Contract!!

Did the spell on the first day of the new moon the 10th and have to admit a couple of days we missed the repeated sprinklings because we were so busy and tired from packing and cleaning things up, but the house went on the market on the 16th and we had two offers by the 17th. 

A lot of it has to do with intentions and beliefs, too. We still have a house on the market in another state. It's been on for over a year, but I've recently been talking with a spiritual advisor who assured me the house would sell, too, but everything needed to play out it as it has for us to have the desired life we wanted to create. And I can see that now.

I think now all is in place for that house to sell, too. And we're going there in a few days and will do the spell in person just to let the universe know of our intention there and that we're ready for it to sell, too.



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Thank you for this beautiful visualization

Good morning!  We placed our house on the market on 2/16/13 using an astrological chart that I drew up. 

That's when I began looking for assistance and found this thread.

This week, I began visualizing the house with the beauty of light, love, happiness and peace surrounding it.  Angels watching over it.  The love of the Lord engulfing it.  Lushness and abundance everywhere.

The house is located in another state, so I continue to do this in my head, daily, as I meditate.  I express my gratitude and love to the house, letting it know that I am so appreciative of all the wonderful times spent there, raising my children and being enveloped in its love.

While expressing my gratitude, I envision myself, assisted by the angels and fairies on the property, sharing the shimmering droplets of lavender, sage and cinnamon all around.  The house glows.

It fills with beautiful golden light - shimmers of color, gold, white, purples, indigos, greens, yellows, pinks, etc.  I am having a wonderful time doing this!  Then I call to the buyers and imagine many coming to see the house, loving the house and buying the house. I say the words - and then imagine us receiving a check, blessing the house with a loving goodby, and closing the gate behind us.

We had our first showing yesterday and there is another scheduled for today. 

I'm excited and grateful for this thread!  I'll let you know! 

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Hi all

I'm new here today.  Had our house on the market since 1st June 2012.  We are emigrating to Australia so things are getting quite urgent.

I cast this spell today and hope it helps.  I will let you know how I got on..................



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Where is the house located ?

Where is the house located ? do you have any pics ? 

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Horrendous situation

My house has been for sale for over 2 years and reduced the price by £75k.  A terrible loss. But I am being forced to sell the house by my mother who hates my husband and will stop at nothing to cause me maximum trouble because of him. She has money in the house although it is mine. She lives in the house, I can't get her out. She has already forced me out of the house once and it took me nearly 3 years to get back in, such is our justice system! Her latest tricks are to upset my children, call the police on me saying I'm being violent and abusive. Even when I haven't spoken to her all day, she still rings them saying I've been abusive and threatening. It's all in her plan to get me to court, get ME thrown out and to remain in the house herself, putting off buyers whilst I continue to pay for it!!!  It is a beautiful house but it needs to go as I need to get out of this situation. My family are in pieces, the police are sympthetic as they see what she is doing, Social Services are the same. Nobody will help, they say they can't!!  Everyone just tells me to get out but if I do, I will never sell the house. And why should I go, when it's mine!    Please, does anyone know of a spell that can help me?  Desperate doesn't come close to how I feel. Thank you. xx

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In need of a spell to buy my dream home

My husband and I have all the financing in order and have waited 20 years for the chance to buy our dream home. It is located across the street from my father who will need our love and care in the years to come and the house came on the market via a short sale 8 months ago. There is an investor who has been haggeling with the bank all this time and the seller has agreed to let us make an offer if this investor drops out of the deal with the bank. I have used a candle with our names and the address of the house, set it in the earth from the house and even have a key to the house next to the candle that I dressed with cinnamon oil and held next to my heart with my intention ... Is there something more I can do?  waiting patiently, Gracie

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seelling my house

I am using Christines spell at the moment and I am waiting for a state of st Joseph to arrive (I ordered it before I saw this post) Can I ask st joseph to help me sell my house at the same time as using Christines spell?

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spell to sell my house

I would like to thank you very much Christine for this spell. I got an offer the day after and the settlement of my property went through :)

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What day of the week to cast a house selling spell?

I'm very excited to cast this spell to sell our home. Could those of you that have had success with this spell tell me what day of the week and what time of day they cast this spell? I know that Monday is ruled by the moon and the best day for working magic involving the home, but Saturday may also be good as that is the day of endings and letting go.  I'm open to everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks in advance. 

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house on the Rhein

i have a historical home near the Rhein river in Germany to sell i am i great need of a spell,but the spell above states that i should heat the potion in a pan, i have just canceled all the utilities so i have no water ,electric or gas. is there any way i can produce this potion for the spell in another place and then bring it to the house i need to sell and sprinkle it ? and may i use fresh/dried lavender?  also in the instructions it says one should do this daily untill the potion is gone. i am only able to go to this house once a month or less because of the distance. does anyone have any ideas or spells i could use from a distance ?

thanks Iron Bound 


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i mixed it up yesterday

I made the Potion last Night,

sprinkled it all over the House/Rooms.....

Our House is on the Market for 2 Months with 4 showings and No Offers!

i really Hope this works,i am so tired of cleaning up after my 3 kids and keep the House in constant clean status....very excausting :)

i keep everyone updated on the resault :)


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hi everyone i performed this

hi everyone i performed this spell a view weeks ago but have yet to receive any interest but i am keeping postive wish me luck everyone

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House spell

Hi don't know if you have had any luck selling your house yet? Saturday in the time of a waxing moon is best. Also I have found a dab of patchouli oil on each corner of the for sale helps. Good luck Moonshadow x

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Hi just sent u a message

Hi just sent u a message about selling house, not sure if I put right moon time should be waxing, sorry but that is the menopause for you. Moonshadow x

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so since the spell i had 2 more showings,

but still no offers.....so i am still crossing them Fingers really hope it works :)

Prayers Please :)


2nd Update....since the spell we had 3 more Showings including tomorrow,i made another lavendar and sage mixture tonight and hopefully this showing will bring us the long over due OFFER!!!!

Prayers Please Please.....


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Selling my house

Hi everyone I have sold my house I used Christine's spell and received an offer on the 4th September and moved into in my new property on 4th October it was an amazing completion no problems at all. Thank you Christine and my statue has pride of place on my mantle piece

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what Statue? didnt know we

what Statue?

didnt know we needed a Statue?

so nice to hear that the spell worked for so many People :)

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I want to sell my house

Hi all, I have just been reading about this spell for selling a house.
I'm going to try it tomorrow (Saturday) as I feel that the house hasn't been very lucky for myself and my husband since moving in. Did try to sell it last year and had no luck.
Will update you how it goes.
Essexlady xx

Lost in Normandy
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It worked!


I found this forum and thread after desparately trying to sell a house for around nine months.  A week after trying Christine's spell we accepted an offer on the house - thank you so much!  We don't live in the house and it's not near us so I pictured myself walking around the house while dipping my fingers into the potion.

I just have one question, what should I do with the remainder of the potion?  Do I need to keep repeating sprinkling the potion until the house sale completes?  If not, does anyone have any reccomendations on what to do with it?

Thanks in advance,


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Good question...

That's a good question, Lost in Normandy, how DO you dispose of a spell after performing it? Would love an answer as I don't want to undo my work.  Can anyone let me know?