Bring out your inner chi with the best yoga pants

Find out how you can perfect your poses thanks to this comfortable activewear.

best yoga pants

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The quest for the best yoga pants can be quite frustrating. Once you have found the perfect pair, it will be hard to get out of your best yoga clothes. Yoga as a practice offers a chance to connect both spirit, mind and body in complete harmony. So we’ve compiled our top picks for you to wear while practising and perfecting your poses.

Yoga is one of the oldest practices in the history of exercise, believed to be as old as civilisation itself and is a way of aligning you with the universe to achieve the highest levels of peace and harmony. Yoga doesn’t align with any one religion or belief, it focuses on the individual finding peace within oneself.

Studies have shown there are many benefits to yoga. These include: Improving your flexibility, improving your flexibility, fixing your posture, better sleep, lower stress levels, easing anxiety, weight loss and toning muscles.

Unlike most exercises, yoga is very gentle on your body. It means people of all fitness levels can participate in yoga. If you have low levels of flexibility, there are usually modified versions of the poses you can try.

The best yoga pants

Grace Bamboo Yoga Pants are made from breathable bamboo material. The loose style, matched with the material, helps air flow freely and absorb moisture. These pants have a supportive waistband which ensures they will not roll down when you are bending over.

As well as being quick-drying, these leggings feature a useful side and back pocket. The super stretchy fabric means any pose can be achieved in comfort.

These eco-conscious leggings are made from 79 per cent recycled polyester and 21 per cent elastane and are high-rise with an elasticated waistband.

Super soft and breathable, these four-way stretch leggings are made from recycled polyester and are moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

These inclusive leggings sizes are from 8 to 24. Accommodating most body types - these pants will make you feel confident and at ease while you work out.

These harem-style pants are perfect for yoga and are available in a selection of cool patterns. They are light and loose around your legs with an elasticated waist and ankles, allowing you to move seamlessly.

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