Walking for wellbeing


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Walking is not only good for your cardiovascular health, it also keeps your joints supple and helps reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Here are our suggestions on how to liven up your strolls.


If you have an altar in your house that you've dedicated to spiritual meditation, update the sacred space with items you've gathered on spring walks. Flower petals, feathers, leaves and pebbles are all powerful gifts from Mother Earth that can help to elevate a mindful practice.


It might seem strange to think of technology as enhancing your experience in the natural world, but a nature app can do just that. There are apps that identify different birdsong, provide information about different species of plants and flowers and directories which point you in the direction of nearby places to explore. Get started with The Wildlife Trust’s Nature Finder.


Whether you snap away on your smartphone or take photos with a pro digital camera, nature photography can help you destress from the busyness of daily life and provide an opportunity to explore new places.


If you’re planning long treks, investing in a hardwearing pair of walking boots will give your feet the support they need to stave off any injury. Plus a good pair of boots will help to inspire you to explore rugged terrains that otherwise wouldn’t be so accessible.


Keeping a pen and notepad with you when you’re out on walks is a useful way to get some headspace. You can scribble down fleeting thoughts and make a note of any interesting sights you pass along the way.

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