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lion's mane mushroom supplements

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Lion's Mane mushroom supplements can improve memory, focus and boost energy levels. The best mushroom supplements are adaptogens that counter the impact of stress on the body. Lion's Mane is no exception – these special shrooms nurture your body's tolerance to stressors and transform your mental clarity. Lion's Mane can be taken as a capsule or a powder in your favourite hot drinks, meals and smoothies. Some people claim to feel improved wellbeing and focus within an hour of taking Lion's Mane. Therefore, it can be taken once or twice a day when you feel you're in need of a boost.

Research into this medicinal mushroom suggests that it boosts the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) in the brain. Traditionally, Lion's Mane's antioxidant properties has added aid healthy digestion, by rebalancing the gut microbiota. It's a functional mushroom that's rich in beta-glucans – soluble fibres that contribute to overall gut health. So, if you're suffering from brain fog and a groggy gut, Lion's Mane is a holistic alternative. It improves blood flow to the brain, calms the nervous system and its nootropic properties enhance cognition.

Lion's mane supplements at a glance:

Best organic Lion's Mane capsules: Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules, 1500mg – View on Amazon UK
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Lion’s Mane mushroom (H_ericium erinaceus_) is an intriguing fungus with wild, shaggy strands. It grows on fallen hardwood trees and its cascading white strands somewhat resemble a lion's mane. Originally known as "Mountain Priest" it was used by Buddhist monks to strengthen their minds. This rare tooth fungus grows in the Northern Hemisphere and goes by many names, including Hou Tou Gu and Yamabushitake. Colloquially it's also referred to as Monkey's Head, Pom-Pom mushroom, Bearded Tooth, Bearded Hedgehog, and Satyr's Beard.

The reported benefits of taking Lion's Mane supplement include improved mood, better memory and concentration and a calmer stomach. However, as with any supplement, please bear in mind we're biodiverse and some of us can experience unpredictable side effects. Scroll to the FAQs for more information on Lion's Mane supplements and expert guidance from Clarissa Berry, nutritionist for DIRTEA. Embrace change – it leads to transformation.

Disclaimer: Always talk to your GP before starting a new supplement regime.

Lion's mane supplements

Best organic Lion's Mane capsules

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom, 1500mg

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Best high strength Lion's Mane tablets

Lions Mane Mushroom 2000mg
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Best vegan Lion's Mane capsules with added adaptogens


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Best luxury Lion's Mane supplement


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Best Lion's Mane supplement with active compounds

Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements
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Best Lion's Mane supplement rich in beta-glucans

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FAQs: Lion's Mane supplements

Clarissa Berry, Nutritionist for DIRTEA answers frequently asked questions about Lion's Mane and the healing powers of mushrooms.

What functional mushrooms are available and which ones should you take for different health benefits?

The functional mushrooms that have been most studied include Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Cordyceps. Each variety of medicinal mushroom has unique properties, so choose the right one to suit your particular needs. I usually recommend taking one consistently for at least 1–2 months to experience the benefits, although you may feel some effects immediately.

Energy and focus

For energy levels and focus throughout the day, I recommend Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane can improve memory, focus and cognition by supporting brain function. Taken in the morning before work or during a mid-afternoon slump, it’s a brilliant way to support brain power throughout the day.

Gut health

Functional mushrooms are rich in specific fibre molecules that selectively nourish beneficial microorganisms living in the gut, increasing populations of good bacteria and contributing to improved gut health. Turkey Tail, along with Reishi and Chaga, are especially good for gut health and also help support healthy immunity in the gut which further supports digestive health. Lion’s Mane is another mushroom that can promote healthy digestion. It has been shown to help rebalance the gut microbiota while offering nervous system support.

How do mushroom supplements work?

Functional mushrooms contain specific, unique compounds that support health in various ways, for example by boosting immunity, nourishing healthy gut microbes, improving focus or enhancing skin hydration. Some people experience immediate benefits, but their effects are also cumulative so it is best to take a mushroom supplement consistently over a period of several weeks in order to experience results.

When is the best time to take mushroom supplements?

The best time to take mushroom supplements depends on the effect that you are hoping to experience. Energising mushrooms, such as Cordyceps and Chaga, are best taken in the morning or before a workout. Reishi is wonderful in the evening to wind down after a long day. Lion’s Mane can be taken to boost focus whenever you’re in need of it, for example first thing in the morning or after lunch to avoid the 3pm slump. Turkey Tail and Tremella can help to boost immunity, gut health and skin health taken any time of day.

What are the health benefits of Lion's Mane mushroom supplements?

Lion's mane is renowned for its potential to enhance cognitive function, including memory, focus, and overall mental clarity. Research suggests that it can boost the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), a substance that is essential for the maintenance and survival of neurons in the brain. Additionally, Lion’s Mane has been traditionally used to support digestive health and the immune system. It contains specific compounds, including beta-glucans, that can help soothe and protect the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to overall gut health, immunity and supporting the gut microbiome.

Are there any side effects of Lion's Mane mushroom supplements?

Side effects of taking functional mushroom supplements are rare but they are possible, as responses to all supplements can vary due to our unique natures. Certain people can experience digestive discomfort after taking Lion’s Mane, especially in cases where there is an underlying imbalance in the gut microbiome. Lion’s Mane may also interact with certain medications.

How does Lion's Mane improve cognitive function?

Research suggests that Lion’s Mane can boost the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), a molecule in the brain that is essential for the maintenance and survival of neurons, which in turn play a critical role in cognitive health and function. Lion’s Mane may also improve blood flow to the brain, calm the nervous system and improve stress resilience, all of which may contribute to enhanced cognition.

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