7 ways to… work with May’s crystals

Utilise the power of the gem stones associated with this month to help in all areas of your life


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Utilise the power of the gem stones associated with this month to help in all areas of your life


May’s birthstone, this crystal emits a vibration called the ‘green ray’ that opens your heart chakra, drawing love into your life. Use it to banish negativity and overcome problems, allowing its healing, loving energy to flow through you. They are perfect for use in meditation as they help you bypass obstacles or blocks that are holding you back.


Associated with the astrological sign Gemini, apophyllite is a powerful tool to help you receive guidance from spirit, your guides and the angels. Place this crystal on your third eye (middle of your forehead) while meditating and sense its calming, relaxing energy leave you feeling happier within.


This crystal is a strong stone for manifestation, helping you let go of fear. It also vibrates strongly with your solar plexus chakra which governs your willpower, so trying carrying it with you at all times.

Rose quartz

Embodying the energy of deep spiritual love, this is also one of the most powerful stones representing the Divine Feminine. It helps to bring your chakras into balance with your heart’s energy, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments.


Stimulate feelings of warmth and good health throughout your body with carnelian. Its bright orange colour vibrates strongly at the sacral chakra and is useful in matters of sexuality or reproduction. It can also help increase motivation and give you the confidence to move forward towards your goals.


This can be used to heal energy gaps in your body caused by surgery or accidents. It works to bring all of your chakras into alignment. Wearing a piece of kyanite jewellery can also improve telepathic and psychic abilities.


Harness the power of this stone to promote fearlessness, endurance and power. It can restore your depleted energy supply and leave you feeling as if you could take on the world. It helps you turn your own weaknesses into strengths and has true soothing properties.

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