Crystal expert Alexandra Wenman shares how to use crystals to retrieve a positive gift from a past life


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1.    Choose your crystal. Ideal stones to connect with a past life are:

·      Clear Quartz: Enhances clarity of vision.

·      Lemurian Seed Quartz: Helps with retrieving ancient information.

·      Lapiz Lazuli: Assists in connecting with inner wisdom.

2.    Cleanse your crystal. Smudge it with white sage or leave in bright sunlight for a day.

3.    Find a quiet place. Sit and hold your crystal in your left (receiving) hand.

4.    Set your intention. Say, ‘Crystal, please help me to retrieve a positive gift from a past life experience.’

5.     Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Visualise a pillar of golden-light around you for protection.

6.     Next, see a tunnel of light opening within the stone. Imagine you’re travelling along this corridor of light, which will lead you directly to the most positive past life memory you need at this time.

7.     Soon, you come to the end of the tunnel, a doorway of light opens up. Step through the doorway into the memory and look at your surroundings.

·      What are you wearing?

·      What age and gender are you?

·      What era are you in?

·      What activities are you engaged with?

·      What feelings are arising within you as you connect to this positive experience?

·      What is your special gift from this lifetime?

8.     When you feel you’ve received all the information you need, still with your eyes closed, look at your right hand and imagine another crystal (different to the first) in your palm. This spiritual crystal will help align you to your soul purpose and shine your past life gift into your current life.

9.     When you’re ready, travel back through the tunnel of light.

10.     Back in the present, imagine angels wrapping a golden cloak around you as a protective cocoon.

11.     Allow the protective pillar of light to dissolve.

12.     Ground yourself. Imagine deep roots from your feet connecting you to the earth. 13. Express gratitude. Thank the crystal, and any spirit beings, for this experience.

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