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Love Bag

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Harness the romantic energy of February by making a magical pouch to attract love…

Charm bags have been used in cultures all over the world since antiquity as a talisman to harness a variety of intentions – one of the most popular being love. These enchanting pouches are filled with items including herbs, crystals, charms, essential oils and decorated with an amulet. They are carried around or hung up in the home to work their magic. Here’s how to make your own love charm bag…

You’ll need…

  • Round piece of pink fabric

  • Pink paper and pen

  • Pink candle

  • Cinnamon oil

  • Heart-shaped rose quartz crystal

  • A handful of rose petals

  • Dried lavender

  • 9 Cloves

  • 2 lengths of pink ribbon

  • Heart charm

Step one

Rub cinnamon oil (associated with passion) on the top of the pink candle (associated with love) and light it. As you do so, imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of love and protection.

Step two

Using the pink pen, write down nine wishes for your relationship or the partner you’d like to attract. Roll up the paper and tie with one of the lengths of ribbon. Place the mini scroll on top of the fabric with the rose quartz, rose petals, lavender and cloves – all items associated with love.

Step three

Gather the edges of the fabric into a bundle and tie with the other length of ribbon. Attach the heart charm to the bag. Either keep the pouch under your pillow or carry it with you in your handbag. Once your intention has been fulfilled, burry the bag in the garden.

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