Harness the healing power of flowers

Harness the healing power of flowers

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Location matters

We feel happier when in beautiful gardens, or even gazing at flowers through a window, so cut flowers also provide a visual, mental and emotional connection with nature. Choose flowers according to the mood you wish to evoke depending on their colour and/or scent, then position them where you want an effect. For example, experts advise making a bunch of blooms the first thing you see on waking for a great start to the day.

Soothing blooms

Many studies have examined the effect scent has on calming us, with jasmine coming out top – it’s been found to ease depression and anxiety and regulate emotions, even helping us nod off. Lavender lowers stress and agitation while aiding concentration and restful sleep. Chrysanthemum blooms help to purify the air, as does the peace lily, while orchids release oxygen at night, making them ideal for the bedroom. A Japanese study found that simply looking at roses eases tension.

Green energy

Sitting next to a living plant raises your vibrations to match that of the plant. Orchids are much beloved of Feng Shui experts because they attract positive energy to our homes, plus the strong scent improves mood. Geranium leaves have an uplifting fragrance too - opt for orange or yellow petals to perk you up further, as these colours stimulate the brain. Colourwise, bold shades such as red, yellow and orange boost vitality.

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