5 minutes to… Answer your relationship questions with crystals

With their unique vibrations, crystals can be used to amplify so many different areas of our lives. With their help take control of your relationships, ditch negativity, attract the one that’s right for you, and empower yourself to enter into the realm of love wholeheartedly.


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Law of Attraction

Whether you’re single and longing for a relationship, or a negative past experience is subconsciously stopping you from finding a new partner, the healing properties of rhodochrosite could assist your love woes. The powerful gemstone resonates with your emotional needs, helping you to move forward after a period of rejection and doubt.

Find closure

Suffering from a broken heart can be one of the most painful emotional processes human beings can go through. Use garnet to help you get the closure you need. The deep-hued stone acts like a love magnet to bring courage and hope to helpless situations and allows you to let go of the past and move positively towards the future. Wear it around your neck and whenever you need an emotional boost repeat the affirmation, ‘I am clear and open to the flow of energy.’

Gain peace

If your temper is getting the better of you, and your relationship is on the back burner because of fiery arguments, scattering black tourmaline in the rooms where rows tend to occur could help to diffuse any tension. The stone helps to absorb any negative energy, cleansing your living space so you and your other half can communicate more positively.

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