5 minutes to… Master a crystal wand

Learn how to work with this powerful tool, used for enhancing and directing energy


by Phoebe Jawett |
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Crystal wands come in all shapes and sizes. When you’re choosing yours, go for one you’re intuitively drawn to, then try the following exercises to get a handle on using it.

Make a connection

Tune your wand by holding it in your right hand and focusing on a clear, positive intention. Hold it away from your body to draw energy through you and out of the wand in the direction in which it points.

Cleanse your aura

Hold your wand towards your body to channel energy into yourself. To brush down your aura, hold your wand sideways and - keeping it a few centimetres away from your body – sweep down the length of your left arm, then the length of your right arm, do the same for your legs, stomach, back and shoulders. Feel your energy lighten.

Open your chakras

To open your chakras, hold your wand in your right hand and focus on opening and clearing. Now move your wand in a gentle, clockwise stirring motion over your chakra points. A good place to try this for the first time is with the secondary chakras in the palms of your hands.

Heal yourself

Hold your wand point over a sore or painful spot on your body and visualise healing energy coming down through your crown chakra, filling your body and flowing out through the wand, taking away any discomfort with it.

Crystal wands are made of different gem stones, each with their own properties, some of the most popular include:

Clear quartz

An all-purpose healing stone.

Rose quartz

Use to bring love into your life or help soothe a hurting heart.


Good for helping to relieve physical injury, reduce inflammation and boost intuition.


Use for manifesting happiness, prosperity and enhancing creativity.


Good for cleansing your aura and connecting with the angelic realm.


This enhances your psychic ability and balances hormones.

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