5 minutes to… Prepare your meditation space

Connect with your higher power by creating a soothing spot in your home


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Choose a room, or part of a room, that is simple and uncluttered. Ideally this will be a place that is purely for meditation. This clean, minimal space symbolises the clear mind you hope to achieve while meditating. Furnish the area with a yoga mat, throw or blanket and a pillow. Remove all technology from the room.


Use music or sounds to help create an atmosphere conducive to meditation. There are many meditation soundtracks on offer, all serving to block out the distracting sounds of the world around you and help you stay focused. Some people like to indicate the start and end of a meditation session with the sound of bells.


Our sense of smell can have a powerful effect on our mind and body. Consider introducing aromatherapy to your meditation room in the form of candles or an oil diffuser. Sandalwood is perfect for breaking up negative thoughts and stress and is even known to lower blood pressure, relaxing both body and mind.


Meditation is about connecting yourself to nature and your surroundings. For this reason, it’s ideal to bring nature in to your meditation space in the form of a plant or vase of cut flowers. Shells and sand or a water feature work well too. Sunlight is also a perfect addition to your room so be sure to choose somewhere bright and airy.


This is a very personal practice, so consider adding small things that relax you. The colour of the room is important too. Where possible, try to paint it in a colour that matches the mood you would like to achieve.

Did you know?

The ‘Om’ mantra is recognised by many religions as the primordial sound present at the creation of the universe.

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