Crystal Meditation to attract a Soul Mate

Crystal Meditation

by Spirit and Destiny |
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1 You will need a rose quartz, amethyst and selenite crystal. Starting with the selenite, hold the stone for a few moments and allow yourself to feel it’s energy. Take a few deep breaths and notice it feels fresh, cleansing, almost like a spiritual love shower. Now, closing your eyes, breathe gently and evenly…

2 In your mind, imagine you are standing under a waterfall with the water falling onto your crown chakra at the top of your head--except the water is really selenite crystal energy. Allow this feeling to flow over and through your whole body washing away anything that might block you from finding your soul mate (or that stifles your current relationship). Keep breathing peacefully whilst you imagine your selenite crystal energy cascading down on you.

3 When you feel that your love vibe is thoroughly cleansed, put the selenite down and pick up the rose quartz. Rose quartz is the crystal of love. Holding the rose quartz notice how you feel, some people will feel calm, others happy, some sexy. Go with the feeling you get. As you breathe in imagine you are breathing in loving pink rose quartz light. Allow it to fill your chest and surround your heart; think of your heart as an island surrounded by an ocean of gentle pink love.

4 Keep breathing in this pink rose quartz crystal light with each breath, allowing it to fill your whole body with love… When you feel completely full, take a few more gentle, relaxing breaths and then swap the rose quartz for the amethyst crystal.
Be aware of how the amethyst crystal feels in your hand. Breathe in the purple amethyst rays of light from the crystal you are holding. As you keep breathing this amethyst light in, let it flow to your mind and imagine it there as a violet mist.

Breathe… gaze into the violet mist in your mind and picture your soul mate (or how your perfect relationship looks) very slowly appearing through the mist… Keep breathing and place this image of your soul mate (perfect relationship) clearly and firmly in your mind. When this image is clear take one really, really deep breath… and blow this image out to the universe, sending your message of intent in the language of energy that the universe understands.

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