Getting started in meditation?

Here’s a simple exercise to introduce you to the practice

Getting started in meditation

by Spirit and Destiny |
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One of the things that all meditation techniques have in common is being present in the moment.

In mindfulness you focus attention on the sensations you’re experiencing in the present moment. This could be doing anything such as eating a snack, washing your hands, or putting on your tights or socks.

Take an apple and with your fingers slowly feel its smooth, round shape. As you are rinsing it under the cold-water tap notice the various colours of its skin. Feel its texture and, as you bite into it listen to the sound it makes.

Experience the flavour as it bursts into your mouth and smell the apple’s fragrance, continuing to experience each bite until it is finished.

By investing even just a few minutes a day in the simple yet powerful practice of meditation, you too can foster the peace of mind needed to connect to Spirit and strengthen your spirituality.

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