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Many of you will be familiar with the phrase Law of Attraction, but do you know what this manifesting tool is and how its magic works?

‘The Law of Attraction (or LOA for short) is the ability to trust that your dreams and desires can be realised, even when you can’t see exactly how that will happen,’ explain Tesha and Candice Matthew - the LOA Twins - who teach the Law of Attraction and help people all over the world manifest their dreams.

‘It’s about being able to see the possibility of your future, and the things, people and circumstances you want in it. For example, say you desire a dream home and all the evidence at the minute suggests this isn’t possible, you can’t see how that house will be yours, but you still hold tightly to the belief you will get your dream home and the universe will deliver.’

The LOA Twins recommend creating a vision board to help manifest whatever it is that you want to attract into your life – whether that’s more money, more fun, or a dream home.

Here’s how…

Create your vision board

Cut out images that that represent what you seek to attract in your life and stick them on a board. These might include destinations you want to travel to, or somewhere you want to live. A particular car, a log burner, a summer house in your garden. A certain job or salary. If you want to attract it, then it deserves a place on your vision board.

A vision board works on energy, that energy being the vibration and feeling you get whenever you look at all those lovely images on your board and visualise that they reflect your life.

Make a plan

If you’re the sort of person who will be spurred on by giving your dreams and goals a timeline/deadline, then you can do that; Set one for a year, another for five years, another for ten years.

However, if putting a deadline on your goals can trigger a feeling of fear - ‘I’ll feel such a failure if I haven’t got the baby/house/perfect job or seen Machu Picchu this time next year,’ - then forget the deadlines because fear of not meeting them will block your manifesting magic.

Connect with your dream vision

So, it’s really important you keep that energy going by putting your vision board somewhere you’ll see it every day and connect to your vision of what you want your life to be like.

Celebrate successes

When you achieve one of those dreams, take it off your board and celebrate that success. When you acknowledge it, you generate a higher vibration that the universe hears and responds with a ‘They liked that a lot, so I’ll send more their way!’

You attract more of your creating energy when you celebrate what you’ve achieved so far which allows further manifestations.

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