Meet the Celtic goddess Brigid

Try this ritual to celebrate Imbolc and welcome spring


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The Irish Triple Goddess is gentle and kind, yet stern and strong. Brigid presided over the life/death/rebirth cycle and was a goddess of poetry, healing, and smithcraft.

As a goddess of healing, Brigid ruled over the sacred wells of Ireland. You can connect with and honour her energy by visiting a well or spring and offering up gratitude to Brigid before requesting healing of body, soul, and mind.

Imbolc, the Celtic feast day on February 1st, is also known as Saint Brigid’s Day. By celebrating this day, you’re celebrating Brigid. Light bonfires, make traditional Brigid crosses and say a big ‘welcome’ to the first day of spring.

You don’t need a big space to set up an altar to Brigid. A shelf or small table will do, or even a spot on your bedside table. Adorn your altar with items associated with this goddess. Here’s a few suggestions: Water, oak, shamrock, citrine, rainbow obsidian, moss agate, the triskele symbol. Pop a candle on your altar too, dedicated to Brigid, to burn when you speak to her.

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