Ostara smudging ritual

Welcome the return of the sun with this spiritual spring-cleaning ritual for the home

Ostara smudging ritual

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Ostara is a sabbat celebrating the Spring Equinox (20 March) and is named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre, who represents spring and new beginnings. Here, expert Teresa Dellbridge shows you how to work with the restorative energy of Ostara by performing this simple and fragrant ritual to give your home a spiritual spring clean.

Nothing has the power to alter consciousness more quickly than scent, for it reaches the reptilian brain stem, which is the home of our instincts. Plants, in the form of incense or essential oils, are vessels of this power, just waiting to release it. Blend frankincense, benzoin, and orange peel, to welcome the returning sun. You can also add sandalwood, nutmeg, and rose petals if you wish. Heat a disk of charcoal in a heat-proof container and scatter a few pinches of your incense blend onto it. Take this round your home, waving the scented smoke into every corner and saying: ‘Now I banish winter’s gloom, May the Sun’s return refresh this room.’

When you’ve finished, pass the incense close to your body, imagining yourself glowing with vitality, to greet the spring. If you find incense-making too awkward, simply use one, or a bunch of incense sticks, fragranced with orange/frankincense/sandalwood.

Make sure you go for regular walks, consciously breathing in the freshness of the seasonal aromas. Bend down to sniff primroses, cowslips, and bluebells – their delicate scent is transcendent, and it will transport you to other realms.

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