Plant a positive message

Plant a positive message

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The earth is sending out messages of positive potential, and you can use this energy to empower your intentions.

  • Think of a word or a symbol that encapsulates what you want to set an intention for. Symbols might include a heart for love, a door for a home, or a pound sign for money.

  • Take a large seed tray and spread compost over it. Now take a packet of seeds – cress is a good choice because it grows well, even on damp tissue paper. Carefully sow the seeds in the rough shape of the symbol or word you have chosen, dreaming of success, visualising the outcome you want and feeling grateful for it.

  • Say three times, ‘As my seeds grow and thrive, may my magic come alive.’ Move your hand clockwise, three times, over the seed tray, imagining all the powers of spring entering your seeds.

  • Care for your seeds, watering them regularly (but not over-watering) and giving thanks for the gifts of Nature. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take sensible actions in the manifest world, so your dreams have the wherewithal to become real.

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