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Crystals can be a beautiful symbol of how much you care about someone, but how do you find the perfect stone to give them?


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Crystals make wonderful gifts. They are a symbol of kindness and, best of all, you can charge them to act as a carrier of your love.

From finding the right crystal to send a loved one to programming it with positive energy, here’s how to embrace the joy of giving and gift the prefect gem stone.


Amethyst can open your inner eye and bring you intuitive answers.

Hold an amethyst tumble stone in your hand and ask to be shown the right crystal to give to a particular friend. Imagine a violet light coming from your amethyst, forming a bubble of protection around you. Relax and imagine you are entering an amethyst cave. A gentle, purple glow surrounds you. Deep within the cave sits your friend. Draw close and ask them what crystal they would like - you may hear or see the answer. You will now be able to locate the crystal in the ‘real’ world.


If you are making your purchase from a shop, you should feel drawn to the crystal you were shown in the amethyst cave.

However, if you are making your purchase online, don’t worry.

Log onto the website you are making your purchase from and, holding your amethyst tumble stone, take three relaxing breaths.

Soften your gaze and scroll through the crystals on offer. Once you have made your choice, sit quietly for a moment, imagining yourself holding that crystal and giving it to your loved one. If it still feels right, place your order.


Before you gift your crystal, cleanse it by leaving it overnight in rock salt or organic brown rice.

Throw the salt or rice away in the morning and set the crystal in a circle of sage leaves (known for granting wishes).

Light a green candle behind your crystal, and burn a sandalwood incense stick. Imagine a pure, pearly light coming down around you, driving away negativity and enveloping you, your candle and the crystal in a protective bubble.

Now concentrate on who is going to receive this crystal. See them delighted with it, holding it to their heart, and see the crystal as a magnet, drawing their wishes to them. Visualise them happy, well and blessed by abundance.

When you’re ready, blow out your candle. Pass some green tissue paper through the incense smoke and wrap the crystal in it. Your crystal is ready to gift.


Never have we been more aware of the need to heal our world, and rose quartz is the best crystal to encourage and amplify love.

Light a pink candle and place a piece of rose quartz in front of it. Relax, close your eyes and ask for protection and clarity.

Think about all the love you want to send the world. Imagine your rose quartz becoming empowered by the candle flame and able to magnify and emit your positive vibes.

Pour your love and desire to heal into your rose quartz and imagine it beaming your intention out into the world. See trees becoming stronger, animals free and healthy, people kind and smiling.

When you are ready, come back to the everyday, say thank you and ground yourself by sipping some water.


These are all great go-to crystals you can gift based on their benefits

AMBER – strictly not a crystal, amber is formed from the resin of prehistoric, cone-bearing trees. It brings healing, strength, luck, beauty, protection and love.

AMETHYST – bringer of courage, happiness, psychic gifts, spirituality, peace, protection and revealing dreams.

CITRINE – eases depression, lifts the mood, brings clear thought, self-expression and insight.

JADE – attracts money, longevity, healing, prosperity, love, wisdom and is great for those with green fingers.

LAPIS LAZULI – brings healing, joy, fidelity, protection, self-assurance and insight.

MOONSTONE – will help with magic, divination, refreshing sleep, love, eternal youth, protection while travelling, support if dieting

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