Setting a positive intention

Co-Founder of The Happy Club, Kash Desai, shares how you can bring more positivity into your life with this simple ritual…


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  1. Begin by finding a quiet place, sit or lie down and close your eyes. Become aware of your breathing and take a nice deep breath in, hold it and breathe out. Take another deep breath in, hold it and breathe out. If you get distracted, take a deep breath and bring yourself back.
  1. Let your awareness come to rest in the present moment and see if you can become so relaxed in the mind that if thoughts arise you notice them without being carried away by them.
  1. Now, visualise your future self and whatever it is you are about to do. Visualise the end outcome, hold this intention about what the end outcome looks like in your mind’s eye. Feel joy for already having accomplished it. Visualise people saying things to you which are aligned to your desired outcome, how are you sharing your joy with others? Raise your energy, intensify the feeling of love, abundance, gratitude and joy. Remain here for a few minutes.
  1. When you are ready slowly let go of this intention, bring your awareness back to your breath. Feel grateful for all you have and all that is on its way to you. Remember this feeling, embody it, become it and when you are ready you can open your eyes.

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