Enhance your spiritual journey with the best tarot books

From beginners to intermediates, these are the best tarot books available.

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Whether you have a specific question in mind or need some Divine reassurance, tarot cards provide answers and comfort in times of need. If you’ve just brought your first deck or are looking for a new approach to your practice, the best tarot books will guide you toward your destined path.

Firstly, before we walk you through the books we have chosen to help you better understand and read your tarot cards, it’s fundamental we explore the history of this divination tool so you can open your heart and mind to this magical practice.

What are tarot cards?

Tarot cards date back to the mid-15th century and have been used to illustrate divination since the late 1700s. In a deck of tarot cards, you’ll find 78 cards. Each card has its own story, symbol and imagery. According to BiddyTarot, ‘Tarot is the storybook of our life, the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom.’

However, getting to grips with tarot cards and interpreting them correctly can take longer than expected. To connect with this practice, you’ll need to become acquainted with the cards. Most importantly, it means having a clear question in mind before you begin a reading.

Remembering all of this, along with the meaning of the cards usually takes time and assistance. So, this is where tarot books come in. Although most tarot decks do come with a guide, this is usually quite a compact book. Due to the fact the book must fit with the cards, it will not provide as much information as it could.

On the other hand, tarot books can provide more information, a deeper dive and alternate interpretation for each cards, making them a crucial read.

Best tarot books

Price: £5.76


This thorough book explains clearly how to interpret and read tarot cards, making it ideal for

Review: “Really useful book on how to read the tarot cards. There is guidance on doing tarot readings and the different layouts you can do (I just pictured some). Each card has its own explanation and then more detail under the different headings of Love, Career/Work, Personal/Spiritual and reversed. This book is worth the money.”


Rrp: £12.99

Price: £11.75


We recommend this book for anyone looking specifically at introducing a self-care and

Review: “This is a really useful book. It presents the tarot in such an accessible way. Even though I’ve been reading tarot for over a decade, this was a lovely read. Her writing style is lively and fun, and the tips are genuinely useful. Particularly, for those who don’t have self-care practices down.”

Price: £12.99


This tarot book is best for practical and everyday use. It focuses specifically on practical

Review: “This is a lovely book with fun, cheerful graphics of the Circo Tarot. With simple easy to remember card meanings and useful spreads, the most famous and popular spread being the Celtic spread.”


Rrp: £16.99

Price: £14.95
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Waterstones£16.99View offer


The author, Michelle Tea, has reinvented tarot and what it means to connect to your higher self.

Review: “I love this book. I wanted to buy it for a while but was put off by some of the reviews. It kept haunting me, so I decided to give it a try and I don’t regret it. Michelle Tea brings the tarot to life by using her personal experiences and anecdotes, which I love. Some of the meanings resonate for me on a personal level. I like the little rituals she has on how to live each card.”

Price: £22.34


Ideal for beginners, this tarot book offers seamless and straightforward explanations, breaking

Review: “I have read so many Tarot books over the years and been completely flummoxed by most of them. This one is just as it says on the cover. Easy to follow and incredibly interesting, and fun to use. Just wish I had found it years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble understanding Tarot, or just wants to hone their skills and have fun with their cards and get accurate readings.”

Price: £15.17


If you’re looking for a traditional tarot book, then look no further than The Complete Guide To

Review: “I’ve read loads of tarot books and studied it for a long time. I find Eden Gray’s books to be the most straightforward to digest. She somehow makes a very complex subject very simple and has a pretty good amount of deeper understanding. Recommended for any Tarot student.”


Rrp: £22.00

Price: £18.95
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This tarot book is brilliant for self-care and healing. If you’re looking for answers surrounding

Review: “A fantastic deck and book. Beautiful, insightful and inclusive. Each card has a self-care recommendation in the full colour book. My only qualm is that the book is attached to the box.”

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