The best aromatherapy rollerball for re-energising and de-stressing

Remain grounded and calm with the best aromatherapy rollerballs.

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Sometimes life can become a bit too much, and you need to take a step back to just simply relax. Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used for years as holistic healing treatments. They ease stress and depression and give your mental wellbeing a boost. But what about the times when you're out and about in public and need a moment of calm? This is where aromatherapy rollerballs come in. The best aromatherapy rollerball can be used when you need a little pick-me-up throughout the day. Whether that's because you're low on energy, feeling anxious, can't sleep or need a confidence boost.

How do aromatherapy rollerballs work?

Aromatherapy rollerballs are filled with a blend of soothing essential oils and carrier oils. You apply the oil blends with the rollerball by gliding it across your skin. Aromatherapy rollerballs work by applying the oils to parts of the body that need healing, ensuring the healing energy can quickly spread throughout.

The best areas to apply an aromatherapy rollerball are on your pulse points on your inner wrist and neck, behind your ears, and on your temples.

Our guide to the best aromatherapy rollerballs

Top pick

Slow down, breathe, and let the tranquil fusion of geranium, orange and soothing nutmeg take you back to a state of tranquillity.

Pros: Super soothing
Cons: Some customers thought the scent would be stronger

Review: "Have this by my coffee machine so it’s visible to me in the mornings, trying to add in a morning meditation and use this to start. It’s such a beautiful scent - calming & clearing to my mind. I breathe it in from bottle & then add to nape of neck, above heart, temples & behind ears - this little ritual & a 5 minute meditation helps to calm my nervous system & mind for the day ahead. Thank you Tisserand!"

Best comforting aromatherapy rollerball

Described as a 'hug in a bottle', this rollerball is designed to help ground and balance your emotions, while providing you with comfort and strength to get through a challenging time.

Pros: Sweet yet spicy blend of oils
Cons: One review questioned the longevity of this rollerball

Review: "I only recently discovered this and I think it is marvellous. I have been undergoing a very stressful time with two very unpleasant neighbours and by using this every day it really has helped me cope - I strongly recommend. I hate "proper" medicines and really look out for these natural methods to get one through the difficult times."

Popular choice
Gya Labs Sleep Well Essential Oil Roll-On

Rrp: $10.39

Price: $7.99

With over 2,800 reviews on Amazon alone, this brand of aromatherapy rollerball is clearly a popular choice. The 'sleep well edition' has a relaxing blend to lull you into a deeper, more restful snooze.

Pros: Packaged in an amber bottle for purity
Cons: Product comes with a warning that it may cause an allergic reaction on skin

Review: "I work nights and my sleeping pattern can be all over the place. This helps me relax and switch off. Lovely smell."

Peppermint-based aromatherapy rollerball

Rose oil, peppermint oil and cedar oil are blended together for a quick and natural way to calm your mind, helping you to de-stress and focus on the task in hand.

Pros: Free of fillers, additives, pollutants, and diluters
Cons: A handful of customers thought the scent was too strong

Review: "If you are stressed this is for you, it smells amazing and really does the trick. Must have in my work bag!"

Great value for money

You're sure to 'feel good' once the bergamot, lime and ylang-ylang oils inside this aromatherapy rollerball have worked their healing magic on you.

Pros: Made in the UK
Cons: A few customers thought the oil felt greasy on the skin

Review: "Ordered both the 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Feel Good' and can honestly say that they smell amazing. Use the Sweet Dreams for, you guessed it, to help me drift off to sleep. It's such a soothing and relaxing blend of scents that the aroma really does put you in a better, more tranquil mood. The Feel Good one smells so fresh and vibrant, I use this one in the morning and once or twice throughout the day and it really does perk me up. It smells so good. I really believe in the power of aromatherapy and these both work for me. Will definitely be ordering again and would highly recommend. Thanks very much."

Soothes body and soul
Neal's Yard Remedies - Remedies to Roll
Price: £7.23 (RRP £8.50)

The comforting blend of lavender, bergamot and frankincense soothes your body and mind while helping you to unwind when you're on the go.

Pros: Certified organic
Cons: Subtle smell

Review: "I absolutely love this remedy roll on. I use it every night in my night time routine. As I struggle with anxiety and insomnia I was bought this along with the goodnight pillow mist as a present and it’s helped hugely, even my young teenage daughters use it when they’re feeling a little overwhelmed during these homeschooling days. It lasts a long time too so is great value for money, handy to take with you on the go and has a subtle and calming smell that eases anxiety in my case as soon as I smell it. I highly recommend it!"

Best for positive affirmation

The rose quartz crystal rollerball, along with with the rose and lavender essential oils, will help you to feel loved and bring happiness into your life. It is recommended you chant the "I am loved and happy" affirmation on the bottle six times in your mind as you apply to your pulse points.

Pros: Rollerball is a crystal and includes an affirmation
Cons: Not recommended for use if pregnant or breastfeeding

Recommend aromatherapy rollerball

Intensely calming and relaxing eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender will help relieve you of mental and physical feelings of tension and stress.

Pros: Works like a rescue remedy
Cons: Some customers didn't feel as relieved as they would have liked when using this product

Review: "The combination of the instructions for use format (when, how, why) and wonderful scent do seem to help foster a healthy habit of intentionality. I keep this handy next to my computer and apply during stressful moments; and it's a great reminder to take mini-breaks throughout the work day."

Recommended aromatherapy rollerball

Whether you apply it to the insides of your wrists or hold it under your nose and take a deep breath to inhale, you'll want to be reaching for this when life gets stressful. The lavender, lavandin, and clary sage formula works wonders on shoulder tension too.

Pros: Certified organic
Cons: Relatively expensive for a small bottle

Review: "I keep this in my handbag for those times when life is just getting too much for me, a few strokes on my throat and wrists and the lovely lavender-based aroma helps me relax and unwind. It's relatively expensive for a small bottle but a little goes a very long way."

Recommended aromatherapy rollerball

Filled with soothing, aromatic notes, ESPA’s rollerball is designed to be used directly on your pulse points. The botanical scent will encourage you to drift off at night.

Pros: COSMOS Natural certified
Cons: Might not be for you if you're not keen of lavender scents

Review: "I really like this product. I believe it has helped improve my sleep. I have given 4 stars because I also take another product but I have noticed an improvement in the quality rather than quantity of my sleep."

Recommended aromatherapy rollerball

The Illapothecary Speak Your Truth Rollerball will help you to build up the courage to do just that! With a scent centred around positive energy, melding rose, sandalwood and uplifting vanilla together, it is infused with deeply nourishing oils that care for your skin and spirit.

Pros: Rich, feminine scent
Cons: On the pricey side

Review: "The most beautiful scent I have worn in a long time!!"

Best aromatherapy rollerball FAQs

What are the benefits of using aromatherapy rollerballs?

There are many reasons to introduce aromatherapy rollerballs as part of your day-to-day wellness rituals. If you're not sure what the benefits would be, there are three main things that they're useful for, according to Nourished Essentials.

On-the-go aromatherapy

Aromatherapy rollerballs offer you access to all the healing benefits of aromatherapy while you're out and about. They're small in size so you can just pop one in your pocket or handbag. Just apply a rollerball to your skin and any sad or anxious feelings you've been experiencing should begin to fade in no time at all.

Soothe aches and pains

The essential oils inside an aromatherapy rollerball are best used as an all-natural healing method. If any part of your body is achy and sore, you can quite literally roll away the pain by applying your oil of choice.

An all-natural perfume

As well as having healing qualities, essential oils are known for being naturally very fragrant. Aromatherapy rollerballs are ideal for use as a perfume or scent enhancer. Just dab the oil onto your pulse points when you're wanting a little freshen up.

How often can I apply essential oils to my skin?

If you're seeing improvements in your mood or sleep and like the smell of your favourite blend, you may be tempted to constantly apply your rollerball to your skin. Just be careful not to overdo it. Using them too much can end up giving you an adverse reaction to the oils. You're best to use an aromatherapy rollerball every four-to-six hours, which is the equivalent of three-to-four times a day.

How do you make a rollerball with essential oils?

If you have essential oils of your own, it is possible to make your own aromatherapy rollerball. You can buy empty roller bottles to decant your own blend into. It depends on who you are making your rollerball for, but for adults, a 10ml rollerball will want to include 15-20 drops of essential oils. Your essential oil blend will then need to be diluted down using a carrier oil, like coconut, as you should never apply essential oils directly onto your skin. You'll find more tips on how to make your own personal essential oil blend in a roller bottle below.

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