The best Taurus gift guide 2023

Taurus truly immerse themselves in their senses.

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It’s the season of steady, sensual and stubborn Taurus. A time for indulging in self-care, slowing down and treating yourself after the spontaneity of Aries season.

It’s also time to consider gifts in order to celebrate the diligent earth sign in your life. However, if you find yourself unsure of what to get them, our Taurus gift guide may serve as inspiration.

Although you might have already read our zodiac gift guide, this season is all about appreciating the sign of The Bull. After all their hard work, Taurus truly deserves to be treated to some tranquillity. Here are the best gifts to get the Taurus in your life.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Zodiac symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Ruling planet: Venus
House: Second House
Modality: Fixed
Rules: The throat

Whether it’s food, sex, or material luxuries, these earth signs truly immerse themselves in their senses. As they’re ruled by Venus, Taurus love to indulge in all of life’s little pleasures. There’s a real sense of doing things at their own pace with Taurus; they need to take their time without being rushed.

Don’t be fooled by their laid-back demeanour, though. As their zodiac sign is symbolised by The Bull, Taurus natives have a stubborn streak. In spite of this, their stubborn nature is often misunderstood. This trait can also be an admirable quality, as it means they have incredible willpower and a strong sense of self.

Despite their grounded nature, those who have Taurus in their chart often have expensive tastes and a love of the finer things in life. Yet, they’re one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goals so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The best gift guide for a Taurus 2023

In our opinion, here are the best gifts you could get a Taurus in your life.

Their Venus influence means that they have an eye for aesthetics, so a minimalistic plant pot in their home adds to the stylish décor of their home. If you’re looking to impress, a full set of planters is available too.

Soft to the touch, these sophisticated satin pyjamas will mean that Taurus can lounge in luxury.

Appeal to their love for being pampered with this beautiful Rose Quartz facial scrub infused with organic Rosehip Oil that will leave their skin fresh and bright.

These earth signs will be so impressed by this subtle Swarovski necklace with its timeless, classic and elegant design.

A reusable sheet style brow mask that is vegan friendly to pamper Taurus with. This cooling mask can be used again and again. Simply apply the Vegan Collagen Serum to the brow, and set in with the silicone mask. When finished, wash with soap and store back in the tin it comes with.

These earth signs may appreciate a minimalistic, clean candle with a hint of subtle sweetness and floral notes. Carefully created with scents of honeycomb, amber, blossoms, oats and vanilla that are suited to Taurus.

There’s nothing better than a cosy night for a Taurus, especially one featuring an indulgent hamper containing luxury chocolates and samples of gin.

A gift set containing healing crystals selected especially with Taurus in mind. Including Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Jade.

Who are Taurus most compatible with?

Compatibility is all relative in astrology to the bigger picture, with the wider natal chart giving more insight into whether two signs are compatible or not. While sun signs provide a sweeping view of compatibility, looking at Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury sign between charts gives a better indication.

The Moon governs emotions, Venus governs what we look for in a relationship, Mars rules passion and sexuality, and Mercury rules communication. Therefore, these planetary aspects may be of more use when looking at romantic compatibility.

Generally, Taurus may find themselves compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer. Taurus are reliable, loyal and sensual partners, making them a good match for fellow grounded, practical earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn) or romantic, sensitive water signs (Pisces, Cancer). They may also find themselves attracted to their opposing sign, Scorpio, which could present a challenge for them.

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