The best wellbeing box to boost your mental health

Treat yourself or a friend to a self-care gift that's great for body, mind and spirit.

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We all have those times when we struggle with our mental health and could do with a little boost. A wellbeing box will give you a much-needed injection of serotonin and put a smile on your face when you're least expecting it.

Whether you require a pick-me-up for yourself or looking to make a friend's day by sending them a self-care package in the post, there's a wellbeing box for everyone to suit every budget and taste.

What is wellbeing?

According to the organisation What Works Wellbeing, wellbeing is "about how we’re doing as individuals, communities and as a nation, and how sustainable that is for the future."

Why does wellbeing matter?

Wellbeing is a fundamental part of our overall health. It is personal and subjective to each and every one of us as we are all affected by the world around us differently.

Our relationships, jobs, surroundings, and finances all have an impact on our mental wellbeing. Remember, it is natural to have periods in our lives where we have low mental wellbeing.

The NHS states that we can improve our mental wellbeing in five steps. These are connecting with other people, being physically active, learning new skills, giving to others, and paying attention to the present moment.

The best wellness boxes

You'll find the perfect mix of edible treats and sleep essentials inside this wellbeing box. Tuck into the vegan truffles, sip the camomile and manuka honey tea and light the apothecary sleep candle. The pulse point trio will also help to calm and relax you.

Review: “I bought this as a gift - it was really well received! Great quality products, lovely candle and chocolates and overall, a great gift.”

The restoring products inside this wellbeing box will be perfect for when you need a moment of peace. The cooling balm, night cream, aromatherapy inhalation essence, and chill-out mist all help to promote self-care.

Review: “This is an absolutely beautiful gift set - especially for anyone who is feeling a bit frazzled. I can't recommend this brand highly enough. I stumbled across it by accident recently and have placed three orders already within the last few weeks. All the products I've tried have felt very high end and have smelled divine. I couldn't manage without Repose night cream now.”

With Fearne Cotton's bestselling book, Happy, included, this wellbeing box is ideal for a literature lover that needs a little pick me up. There are many other goodies inside to enjoy. Expect a bookmark, tea lights, biscuits, teas, pamper masks, and some comfy socks.

Review: “Great gift and a great seller. My friend absolutely loved it and cheered her up after having a bad couple of weeks. Thanks to the seller, who was very responsive and answered all my concerns and questions promptly. I will be buying again.”

Struggling to get off to the land of nod? The rest and refresh wellbeing box will be ideal for you. It has a hand-made eye mask filled with linseed, buckwheat and lavender, and an essential oil pillow dropper that will aid a good night’s sleep. You’ll also find some sleepy tea, a massage melt, bath salts to relax you, an instruction booklet containing bedtime yoga poses, a sleep diary, and a sleep/rest themed affirmation card - making it great value for money.

Review: “The wonderful smell that came from this parcel when I opened it is divine. The package is beautifully wrapped. I ordered it for a present, but I am keeping it for myself 😂 Thank you! 🙏”

With a mindfulness colouring book and 20 colouring pencils inside, you'll be able to de-stress with a spot of drawing. There are a variety of pampering masks included too, so you can rejuvenate on the outside while your inner child plays.

Review: “My daughter loved it! A real pick me up!!! Thank you xx”

If you’re looking for a wellbeing box that will help to calm you, this will be ideal. The bath salts, weighted eye pillow, essential oil burners, and incense inside all have a wonderful calming effect. There’s also a cleansed healing rose quartz crystal that will absorb negative energy. Plus, an opalite bracelet that you can always carry with you for extra support.

Review: “What a beautiful box. Bought as a surprise gift for my friend - they absolutely loved it. The little details made it very special, and they said the positive affirmations in the box gave them a real lift. Is it going to wipe out their high functioning anxiety and PTSD? No. But it did brighten their day very much and gave them some very well-considered tools to help them care for themself at a difficult time. This is a beautiful, high-quality set box - I’m very pleased I purchased it. Will buy again.”

Mindfulness will come easy with the contents inside Qappy's living mindfully wellbeing box. It has a mindful bingo card with 25 ideas to build self-care habits, as well as meditation and conversation cards. Buying this box will also give you full access to digital content, including instructional videos and inspirational articles. As an added bonus, there's a make your own zen garden kit and some tea and snacks inside.

Packed full of feel-good, aromatherapy home fragrances, your spirits will instantly be lifted with this wellbeing box. It comes with non-GM soy wax melts in a variety of relaxing scents, mood-boosting tea lights, and a crystal-infused RESTORE Aura Spray.  

Review: "Compact but beautiful products that will bring joy to a relative or friend in need of a virtual hug/items to help relax and pamper."

The perfect positivity gift for a friend or self-care treat for yourself. It has a journal where you can jot down your thoughts, a hand-made angelic bookmark, and a pack of daily Bliss motivational cards. Each box comes with a crystal, but it varies from box to box. This way, you'll know the crystal you get was the one you were destined to receive.

Nurture yourself with this summer gardening and art wellbeing box. Plant your own runner bean, carrot, chamomile, fennel and radish seeds, before using the watercolours and colouring cards to paint your heart out. There's also a grow guide for your garden, and a therapeutic activity book to aid with your wellbeing journey.

Neom Find Your Happy
Price: £50 (was 66.99)

Your daily dose of happiness is inside this wellbeing box. Start your day by using the body scrub to massage your skin. Follow it by the Wonder Balm for some skin-smoothing TLC. It also comes with a deck of 52 affirmation cards, designed to uplift you for the day ahead.

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