The best weighted blanket to soothe anxious sleepers

Have a more relaxed and peaceful night with the help of these weighted blankets, duvets and throws.

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If you have trouble sleeping, a weighted blanket is one of the best natural methods for helping you to drift off. They work by mimicking deep pressure stimulation, which is thought to encourage the production of serotonin and melatonin while reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Your improved mood and boost of sleep hormones should help you have a more relaxed night's kip.

Weighted blankets are filled with metal or glass beads, or even plastic pellets, to apply gentle, even pressure to your body, replicating the feeling the being held or hugged. Some are heavier than others, with these throws and duvets usually weighing between five and 12kg.

Does a weighted blanket help with anxiety?

If you're someone that suffers from anxiety, you may find yourself having restless nights, and struggling to get off to sleep in the first place. The pressure of weighted blankets put your nervous system into 'rest' mode, which should help to relieve some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate and breathing. This should help to provide an overall sense of calm in your body.

As well as anxiety, weighted blankets can help those living with sleep disorders, ADHD and autism have a more peaceful's nights sleep.

Of course, you don't have to just have a blanket for the purposes of sleep, you can also cuddle up with one on the sofa to help you relax while watching television or reading a good book.

Best weighted blankets

If you feel you could benefit from having a weighted blanket, duvet, or throw, we've rounded up 13 of the best weighted blankets. They range in weight, size, colour and price, so you can find the one that suits all of your requirements.

Best weighted blanket

The Simba Orbit blanket anchors your body so your mind can float away. The 100 per cent cotton cover ensures air can flow while you're using it.

Weight: 9kg
Size: 135 x 200cm
Material: 100 per cent cotton

Pros: Cover is machine washable
Cons: Not for use if you suffer from respiratory or circulatory conditions

Review: "I love this product, it makes me so relaxed. I feel so much less stressed when using. Another amazing product Simba, my favourite brand :)"

Best double sided weighted blanket

With both a velvet fleece and soft matte finish, there are two levels of comfort for you to cuddle up. If you suffer from allergies, you'll be pleased to know this blanket is made from premium-grade, hypo-allergenic materials.

Weight: 5kg
Size: 104 x 152cm
Material: Fleece

Pros: Double-sided for your preferred comfort level
Cons: Some people prefer a heavier blanket

Review: "I have restless legs and moderate anxiety, someone had suggested a weighted blanket might be good for both. It is! I was surprised by how heavy it is but once it's on it's so comforting. It reminds me of sleepovers at my Grandma's as a kid, when she tucked me in really tight at night. I've had some great sleeps under my blanket and would definitely recommend it to fellow restless leggers."

Best weighted blanket for king size bed

The gentle pressure from this large weighted blanket creates a relaxing sleep space. It has cotton on one side and a warm cuddly mink on the other, so you can make the most of it in all weathers.

Weight: 9kg
Size: 152 x 203cm
Material: Polyester

Pros: Designed to fit a king size bed
Cons: Perhaps too large to be used when travelling

Review: "Love my blanket. It’s made such a difference. Feels safe and comforting. I’m autistic and it’s relaxing. I also have restless legs and my blanket has made a huge difference. I bought a different brand previously and returned it because the little pouches holding the glass beads are too big so that the little beads collect into an uncomfortable lump. This blanket has much smaller pouches so the weight is better distributed and much more comfortable. Highly recommend this and will be buying a smaller version for travel."

Recommended weighted blanket

Experience a sense of serenity and calm under this 8kg weighted blanket. It has equally stitched pockets for an even spread of the hypoallergenic micro glass beads over your body.

Weight: 8kg
Size: 150 x 200cm
Material: 100 per cent cotton

Pros: Uses deep touch pressure stimulation
Cons: Some reviews have mentioned it having a funny smell when they first used it

Review: "At first I was a bit sceptical about the weighted blanket! Oh how wrong I was! It’s the best nights sleep I’ve had and continue to to have. Helps with my anxiety issues a real comfort. Highly recommend that you give it a go"

Ideal first weighted blanket

Decrease your anxiety and stress levels by having a restful night's sleep under this blanket. It's finished in a blush pink colour and is the ideal size for one person to snuggle up to.

Weight: 6kg
Size: 125 x 180cm
Material: 100 per cent polyester

Pros: Good weight for your first weighted blanket
Cons: Size not ideal for bigger beds

Review: "Honestly the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. I expected to get really hot under this but I didn’t. Would I recommend getting one yes!! It’s not lightweight it’s like a cuddle with no human involved :)"

Recommended weighted blanket

Experience the sensation of being held or hugged without anybody else involved. This blanket will gently conform to your body to help soothe you to a restful slumber.

Weight: 7.2kg
Size: 152 x 203cm
Material: 100 per cent cotton

Pros: Features seven layers of comfort
Cons: Some customers said the beads inside were unevenly distributed

Review: "I was recommended a weighted blanket for my night time anxiety. After some research I went for this one. I wasn't really sure what to expect to be honest as I've never seen one in person. It came super quick and packaged well. The first night I used it on the sofa and feel asleep, not an unusual thing, however it felt like a deeper sleep. I've used it for 3 nights now and even though I wake up I've had 3 much better nights sleep. When I was feeling anxious I tucked it around me tightly and felt secure. My hubby says it's cold near him but I don't feel that at all, I use it in a king size bed and just fold it up near me. I've also got a leg injury and since having this it definitely has helped the pain. I honestly can't imagine not having this now and hope this does improve my night time anxiety. I do find it works best when I'm on my back, and I'm a side sleeper, so I've been trying to lay flat more. I don't find the weight heavy and I'm petite. I don't normally write reviews but I hope this helps others."

Best cuddle-replicating weighted blanket
Emma Hug Weighted Blanket
Price: £84.50 (was £169.99)

Replicate that feeling of being cuddled all night long with the help of the Emma Hug weighted blanket. It has a cooling cover to regulate your temperature while you're in the land of nod so you don't get excessively hot.

Weight: 7kg
Size: 150 x 200cm
Material: 100 per cent bamboo fibre

Pros: It can be washed in the washing machine on a 30-degree cycle
Cons: The weight might exceed washing machine limits

Review: "My friend told me about this product, and how good it helped him sleep. Was dubious myself, now I am convinced after using this weighted blanket. This one is also of good value given many brands I know sell it for more than 150."

Best weight range for weighted blanket

Wrap around your shoulders, across your lap or legs for a reassuringly cosy feel. Available in 4.5, 9 and 11.5kg too, you'll definitely find the right weight for your needs with this blanket from John Lewis.

Weight: 7kg
Size: 150 x 200cm
Material: 100 per cent cotton

Pros: Variety of weights available
Cons: Spot clean and air dry only

Review: "It is so comforting climbing underneath this blanket. The weight is perfect and encapsulates in a womb-like feeling. Nice and warm on its own as well but putting it on top of the duvet is just sublime."

Recommended weighted blanket

Designed with your sleep wellness in mind, the pressure stimulation will help to ease you into a calming snooze. Your nervous system will relax during your sleep, so you'll wake up feeling more refreshed than ever.

Weight: 6.8kg
Size: 150 x 200cm
Material: Microfibre

Pros: Hypoallergenic, machine washable
Cons: Not suitable for the elderly or anyone who is pregnant

Review: "This blanket has changed the quality of my sleep. I have struggled with insomnia in the past but since using this blanket (approx 5 weeks) I now get a full night's sleep. The weight (6.8kg) is just right for me, it covers a double bed, and feels so comforting. Love this product, great price, Silent Night has nailed it!"

Best eco-friendly weighted blanket

The Baloo weighted blanket doesn't trap heat and is made using soft, breathable cotton to ensure it's cool enough to use year-round in all climates. It's made with natural and chemical-free materials, making it a great planet-friendly option.

Weight: 5.4kg
Size: 107 x 183cm
Material: 100 per cent cotton inside and out

Pros: Natural and chemical-free materials
Cons: On the pricey side

Review: "The minute I wrap the throw around me I instantly feel calm and relaxed. Sleep is deeper too. Beautiful material and feel. Would not be without my weighted blanket now. Thank you."

Recommended weighted blanket
Remy Original Sleeper
Price: £99 (was £149)

This plush weighted blanket is designed to replace your regular duvet but can also be used as a throw on top if you want some additional warmth. Choose the colour that is the best match to your bedroom décor - we love the wine red colour but there's green, blue, charcoal and white available.

Weight: 8kg
Size: 135 x 200cm
Material: Polyester fibre

Pros: Variety of colours to choose from
Cons: Might be too warm for some people

Recommended weighted blanket
Oodie Weighted Blanket
Price: £74 (was £99)

Oodie is known for its jumper-blanket hybrids, but did you know they do a weighted blanket too? Well, you do now! It uses the relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation therapy to help with anxiousness around sleeping.

Weight: 9kg
Size: 198 x 121cm

Pros: Large size
Cons: Recommended for just one person to ensure the right weight distribution

Review: "Love this blanket! Definitely worthy of 5 stars. Shipping was SUPER fast & the blanket itself is good quality, super soft & comfy. Perfect size for single use (with a little extra length for insurance) & covers a single bed. Would like to see a double-sized blanket released as I’ve found myself at odds with my partner over it! Great buy."

Recommended weighted blanket

Grey in colour, this weighted blanket would be the perfect complement to silver or slate bedroom décor. The glass microfibre beads create the weight without it getting too hot, so perfect for those who suffer from overheating while sleeping.

Weight: 7kg
Size: 120 x 150cm
Material: 100 per cent polyester

Pros: Won't get too hot sleeping under it
Cons: Not suitable for tumble drying due to glass beads inside

Review: "My daughter has epilepsy so sometimes has very unsettled nights. I bought her this weighted blanket for her birthday and she hasn’t stopped telling me how good it is and how it helps her settle into and stay in a good sleep ."


How much should a weighted blanket weight?

As a general rule, The Sleep Foundation recommends a weighted blanket should be around 10 per cent of your body weight. Of course, you may feel like this is too heavy or not quite heavy enough. The ideal blanket should provide you with a comforting feeling that feels safe when you're relaxing underneath it. You can go as low as 5 per cent of your body to still feel the effects of the blanket without it feeling too heavy. The highest you should go is 12 per cent as any higher you may feel claustrophobic underneath it.

Can a weighted blanket make you sore?

If you stick to the limits mentioned above, a weighted blanket shouldn't make you feel sore. If you've never used one before, you may feel a slight discomfort as your body gets used to it. However, if a blanket is too heavy, it may make you feel like you aren't getting enough air to your lungs. You could also find it puts too much pressure on your joints and make them feel tender.

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