The best herbal sleep aid in the UK

Living in the modern age can be exhausting, here at Spirit & Destiny, we’ve investigated and found the best herb to help you have a good night’s sleep.

best herbal sleep aid

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Switching off from the busy demands of life can be difficult - and here at Spirit & Destiny, we’ve made it our mission to find the best herbal sleep aid the UK has to offer. These herbal sleepy teas, oils and more will be everything you need so that you can put down the weights of the modern world, rest and heal.

Sleep deprivation can occur due to various factors - such as our lifestyle, stress at work and other environmental causes. If you ever worry about how much sleep you're getting, there are ways to look after your sleep. Did you know that you can keep an eye on your snooze quality with the help of a sleep tracker? For a good night’s sleep, many nutritionists recommend eating sleep-friendly food made up mostly of vegetables and fruits – which provides the essential vitamins and minerals that promote sleep.

Best herbal sleep aids at a glance

Best overall herbal sleep aid: Magnesium Sleep Body Spray - view on Better You
Best herbal sleep aid tea: Night Time Tea - view at Holland + Barret
Best herbal sleep aid tablets: ZZZZs - view at Form Nutrition

World Sleep Day arrives on March 15th of this year. It's an important day when sleep health advocates across the world take action - to raise awareness of sleep health. The theme for this year is "Sleep Equity for Global Health" to address measurable differences in sleep health that persist across populations across the world. When we promote sleep health this month, maybe some of us will be able to switch off a little easier - which will help maintain good mental and physical health. Body and mind.

Sleeping is your body’s way of healing. A good night’s sleep will uplift your mood and allow you to take on another day with a more positive and happier outlook. Did you know that sleep can be more important than a healthy diet in healing your body? It’s a great way to increase productivity, improve memory and boost your immune function. We've included essential oils for sleep - and much more.

The best herbal sleep aids

Best overall herbal sleep aid

BetterYou's Lights-Out oral spray is a natural raspberry-flavoured blend of 5-HTP, lemon balm, and passionflower, promoting relaxation before sleep. With 50mg of 5-HTP per dose, it's vegan-friendly, palm oil-free, and packaged sustainably for a restful night's sleep. Now, relax...

Customer review: "This product really works! The quality of my sleep has improved, I feel less tired during the day and no groggy side effects."


  • Delivers 50mg of 5-HTP to support relaxation in readiness for sleep
  • Great-tasting natural raspberry flavour
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and coeliacs


  • Raspberry may not be a flavour you like

Best herbal sleep aid tea

Unwind in the evening with a soothing cup of Pukka Night Time Tea. Enriched with chamomile, lavender and valerian this tea will help you drift into a relaxed state of sleep. Each bag is compostable.

Customer review: “I have a small cup of this each evening and it sends me off to sleep. Bliss!”


  • Naturally caffeine-free, organic and vegan
  • Tea bags are suitable for home composting
  • Floral and silky sweet notes help you unwind


  • May not be to everyone's taste

Best herbal sleep aid tincture

Deep Sleep Herbal Tincture
Price: £44.72+

The Deep Sleep Herbal Tincture is packed full of herbs that help you to relax and fall asleep. It is made from California poppy, gotu kola, passionflower aerials, lavender, lemon balm, ashwagandha root and linden flower. The tinctures' long list of ingredients all work to ensure you have a long well-rested night’s sleep. This product is gluten and alcohol-free as well as being suitable for vegans.

Customer review: "Absolutely wonderful. I've been sleeping better, which I was initially sceptical about. It also smells and tastes like tea, even though it's pretty bitter. Definitely recommend."


  • Natural, handcrafted apothecary tinctures for sleep
  • Arrives in biodegradable and compostable packaging
  • Pop it in a glass of water - or straight onto your tongue


  • Bitter taste

Best herbal sleep aid pillow spray

This award-winning This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ensures you drift into a peaceful night’s sleep. Proven to help you fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed in the morning. Fill your bedroom with a beautiful aroma, and wake to the soft scent of light herbs in the morning.

Customer review: "Sleep survival - the scent of this product sends me off easily. I’ve tried other sprays but they have not been as consistently effective. These things are extremely personal but I would recommend trying this spray."


  • Proven to help you fall asleep faster and feel refreshed come morning
  • Simply spritz onto pillows before bed-time to improve sleep quality
  • Natural award-winning signature blend to calm mind and body


  • Floral scent may not be appealing to all

Best herbal sleep aid balm

We love this Dream Balm because it was created by Woodland Herbal. They are a family of herbalists which date back four generations. All of the herbs used are organic. Although they are based in Ohio, they deliver directly to the UK.

Customer review: "Love all the products I receive from this company. I highly recommend."


  • Woodland Herbal plant wildflowers for every item sold
  • Contains dreamy florals and natural ingredients for sleep
  • Recipe can improve your everyday life and wellbeing


  • May take a while to come

Best herbal sleep aid tablets

ZZZZs Capsules is a sleep supplement to help you fall into a peaceful rest. It is centred around Griffonia seeds, Magnesium and Zinc which help increase the brain's level of serotonin and melatonin which are key for having a good night’s sleep. Melatonin helps the body’s bioclock stay in sync and regulates daily sleep-wake cycles and Magnesium will maintain levels of GABA. Experience regeneration...

Customer review: "After a year of poor sleep and long wakeful periods this has definitely helped. Would recommend."


  • Contains essential dietary minerals Magnesium and Zinc
  • With 5-HTP from Griffonia seed to help increase serotonin
  • Gluten, dairy and soy-free recipe - and it's vegan


  • No large size - only 30 or 60 capsules

Best herbal sleep aid supplement

For a good night’s sleep, take two capsules of the Lumity Restful Nights. The vegan-approved work to boost your body, providing all extra nutrients to help restore and enable a good night’s sleep.

Customer review: "It is expensive, but it really does work. Probably the best supplement I have taken for sleep and it also helps with the pain from osteoarthritis."


  • Supports unbroken, better-quality sleep
  • Helps reduce daytime tiredness and fatigue
  • Looks after the nervous system and cellular repair


  • Takes up to four weeks to work

Best herbal sleep aid roller

Tisserand, a trusted name in essential oils since 1974, offers the Sleep Better Pulse Point Roller Ball, a blend of Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Lavender for peaceful sleep. Committed to purity and sustainability, it's a gift of luxury aromatherapy for all. Simply roll it on your temples, neck and behind the ears.

Customer review: "Lovely smell and it works too. My wife ordered this and I wasn't sure at first but both me and the kids found it did just as my wife said it did, she'd already been using and and knew that it helped her to sleep better. So, I popped some on them and me before bed sure enough we all slept better and were happier the next day. Nothing beats a good night's sleep! They didn't think it would help them but when they woke they said the last thing they remembered was saying it wouldn't work!

So for us, it's a big hit!"


  • Made with the finest 100% natural pure essential oils
  • Apply the roller to the temples, neck and behind the ears
  • The unique blend can help you unwind during your routine


  • Some customer say the bottle leaks


What are the best herbs to help you sleep?

Lavender is the most well-known herb for its calming properties. Studies have shown that lavender can be an effective remedy for treating people who have difficulty trying to sleep.

Chamomile is one of the most popular ingredients in sleep-inducing teas. This is because it is rich in the antioxidant apigenin which encourages your brain to drift into peaceful sleep.

Passionflower is another popular ingredient in evening teas. The flowering vines add to relaxation and take away anxiety, which ensures you sleep soundly.

Top tips on getting a good night's sleep

Put down the wine glass: Alcohol can interfere with sleep and leave you feeling restless. Although alcohol can induce feelings of relaxation, studies have shown that excess alcohol leads to poor sleep quality and broken sleep patterns.

Get a nice bed set: Find a nice pillow for sleeping, a brand-new duvet set and a weighted blanket. Here, you'll feel cosy and at home. These can help you feel refreshed and comfy to fall asleep quickly...

Turn off your phone: More than half of us tuck into bed with our smartphones. Scrolling through our feeds and checking emails at night time makes it even more difficult to drift off. The blue light produced by your mobile phone, tablet or laptop sends a reaction to your brain which restrains melatonin, the hormone responsible for allowing you a good night's sleep.  Try turning off your phone and putting it in another room whilst you are resting – those emails will still be there in the morning.

Go for a walk: Exercise can help to improve our sleep patterns. Two hours before your bedtime take a nice stroll to use those last bits of energy.

Pick up your favourite mug: A soothing warm herbal tea may be just what the doctor ordered to get your body nice and relaxed before bedtime. Avoid drinks with caffeine as this will have the opposite effect.

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