A ritual for… Celebrating Beltane

Beltane Festival

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Watching the sun rise or set on this sacred day can transform your body, mind and soul, as well as let light into your heart...

Step one

Commit to watching either the sun rises or seton May 1st, the Pagan festival of Beltane, and then find somewhere safe and comfortable where you can watch the unfolding scene.

Step two

Sit on the ground or in a chair, or you can stand – whatever feels most natural to you. As you watch the sun rise or sink, don’t look directly at it as this isn’t good for your eyes. Simply gaze mindfully at the tapestry of colours painted above you in the sky and how they blend. Let all stresses and anxieties fade away.

Step three

Imagine golden light reaching from your heart to the sky and forming an invisible bond. Notice rays of light breaking through the clouds. Lose yourself in the scene and visualise hope rising within you. Enjoy the experience and let it fill you with feelings of deep peace. Allow yourself to connect your heart and the wonder of nature.

Step four

Once the sun has risen or set, say thank you to it out loud. Return to the activities your morning or evening demands of you but be sure to take

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