Alice Bell Exclusive Interview: The Astrologer Who Helps You Navigate Your Love Life Has Just Released Her First Book

Our conversation on, Trust Your Timing, Alice's newly released book.

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Swapping out our afternoon cup of chai and zodiac sign obsession for an infusion of cosmic knowledge, we recently got the opportunity to speak virtually with Alice Bell - the resident astrologer for British Vogue based in New York. Our conversation revolved around her debut book, Trust Your Timing: How to Use Astrology to Navigate Your Love Life and Discover Your Authentic Self.

Alice's contemporary and accessible portrayal of astrology, shared on her popular Instagram platform (@stalkalice), is an inviting introduction for budding astrologers seeking to learn more about their cosmic design and how the planets and stars can be connected with our everyday lives.

Trust Your Timing, Alice's newly released book, presents a straightforward and approachable exploration of how astrological patterns and planetary movements influence two areas of our lives – our love lives and our journey to finding our authentic selves. Another one to add to our best astrology books guide.

Alice's fascination with the timing of significant events, particularly the start of romantic relationships, provides a unique perspective that offers a whole new way of viewing our love lives. With a relatable approach to astrology, Alice demystifies the complex world of celestial alignments and houses, making the cosmic language more accessible.

As we wait for her next project - and possibly another book - we delve deep into her current work, her personal experiences, and her journey into the fascinating world of astrology. In our interview, we gain insights into her interest in relationship astrology, reading career timings from your chart, interpreting your Saturn return, health astrology, and more. She also could see the exact time of the year when I met my now five-year partner! So, let's get into it - here is our conversation.

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On The Rising Popularity of Astrology and Spirituality

What do you think gives you a unique angle that makes people feel like they have a chance to understand their astrological chart?

"I would say I look at astrology in a very straightforward way. I don't use a lot of spiritual terminology like past lives or karma. I'm more focused on how astrology can be applied to your everyday life and what is actually going to happen for you."

"My favourite part of astrology is making predictions and helping people understand what phase of life they're currently in now and what might be coming up for them over the next month or the next couple of years. Just so people can have peace of mind - as that is what has helped me the most."

Why do you think people are taking more interest in spirituality and astrology?

"I feel like it has to do with a couple of things. One would not be as interested in organised religion, but people still need to have greater meaning in their life. Astrology provides that."

"It helps people to understand that there's a timing for everything. I think people are drawn to that because it gives them peace of mind and helps them feel like they don't always have to be in control over everything in their life."

"I also think the pandemic of 2020 was a turning point for many people, and there was a huge influx of new astrologers who wanted to learn more about it because nothing was in their control and to have some sort of peace in life - or some sort of meaning of what's next."

On The Fascination with Relationship Astrology

What triggered your fascination with relationship astrology?

"I'm fascinated with the timing of when people meet someone. In the fall of 2020, I had this idea to ask people who follow me on Instagram to send me anyone that's in a relationship or married, the dates of when they got in a relationship and got married. At that point, I had been single for five and a half years with no situationships or anything for that long. And I was just like, when is this ever going to happen to me?"

"So I want to get clear on the timing, and I saw the same pattern over and over again, which I talk about in the book of certain houses activated by either Jupiter or Saturn or the eclipses, and you're chart. I think that the main interest in relationships was: why did this person get into a relationship at this time? And then also, when I first initially started learning astrology, it was very much about me having a greater understanding of why I had certain reactions."

"And dating a certain way. Why would I get so obsessed with someone I'd only gone on one date with? Why was I unable to be casual about hooking up with someone? It was always like I wanted more. I needed greater structure. So that was helpful seeing that in my astrology chart, being like, okay, I have these traits for a reason. I don't need to hide this behaviour instead of denying it. It's more like I accept, and I need a partner that understands that."

Beyond Relationships: Career Timing and Health Astrology

Apart from relationships, what would you say is your second biggest interest in astrology?

"I'd say it's understanding career timing, such as when you're going to make more money or be more successful. That would be my interest for a second book. Understanding life's purpose and your career."

"Lately, I've also been interested in fertility astrology – the timing of pregnancy. In the future, I'd love to explore more about medical astrology, things that relate to the human body. Those are my main interests right now."

On Becoming a Writer

Was becoming a writer something you predicted, or did it take you by surprise?

"Well, I have Jupiter in the 3rd house of my birth chart, and my sun is in conjunction with Mercury. So, writing has always been an interest of mine. I've been writing funny blogs since middle school. As for being successful in getting published, I saw 2022 going into 2023 and 2024 as significant years for publishing and focusing more on writing."

"Funny enough, an agent approached me in 2019, wanting me to write a book, but it fell through. I didn't know what to write about, and it wasn't the right time to publish a book. So, it made sense that everything happened in 2022, and the book was published in 2023."

What are some Saturnian Lessons from your Saturn Return

As you have just gone through your Saturn Return, can you share some of the Saturnian lessons you discovered and any big shockers you encountered?

"My Saturn Return ended, thankfully. I went through it from 2020 until March 2023. One big lesson was getting into a relationship for the first time and moving in with my partner. It required a level of responsibility and maturity that I hadn't experienced before. I had to learn to take someone else's needs into consideration."

"I'd also say my physical health was a big thing. I was the kind of person who thought I could eat anything and didn't need to work out. But then I realised that I was ageing, and my body was getting older. That's a significant Saturn theme, recognising your own ageing process. This realisation was a big shock to me."

"However, I believe a Saturn return is less about big change and more about feeling the weight of responsibilities. You have a lot of work to manage, and it can be frustrating. So, for me, it was a pretty frustrating period."

On The Impact of Saturn Return on Career Paths and Authenticity

Is it true that a Saturn return often spotlights your career path?

"Yes, a Saturn return can be a time to find your niche. Maybe you've explored a lot throughout your 20s, but the Saturn return can help you identify what you're serious about and how you want to make money moving forward."

"For those with their mid-heaven ruled by Saturn, or with a Saturn return in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses, there can be a significant career shift."

When is a Saturn return, and does it help you to step into your authenticity?

"Absolutely. The transformation that occurs during the Saturn return, usually between the ages of 27 to 30, is significant. By the age of 30, it's typically over, with its peak at age 29. The difference in self-confidence, understanding your skillset, and who you are is crazy. You know what to focus on, and just go for it when your Saturn return is over."

"In the midst of your Saturn return, there is no clarity - you deal with frustration; why is this moving so slowly - so if people are feeling that during theirs - know that it lifts."

A Guide to a Self-Guided Saturn Return Reading

If someone wanted to do a self-guided mini Saturn return reading, could you share some steps or priorities to look for?

"First, locate Saturn in your birth chart and research the themes of that house. Also, don't forget to examine the house placements of Saturn, as themes from those signs will also be highlighted during a Saturn return. If someone had Saturn square moon in their chart - it would bring in the moon themes."

"So in this order: search your house placement in Saturn, then other houses ruled by Saturn and then planets configured to Saturn."

On Future Aspirations - What's Next

Speaking of aspirations, what are yours? What direction do you see your work heading towards next?

"I'm considering taking my writing next on something related to career astrology or finding life's purpose through astrology. In addition to that, I'm focused on growing my Substack, and I also plan to launch my own podcast around September."

Ellen Kinsey is a senior health and wellness product writer for Bauer Media, specialising in natural health and beauty and self-development. She lives and breathes all things spirituality, travel, holistic health and wellness.

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