How to bring the mermaidcore trend into your home

Capture the world under the sea with our favourite mermaidcore home decor items.

Mermaidcore decor

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Thanks to the upcoming release of the brand new Little Mermaid movie, mermaidcore is a captivating trend taking the world of fashion and home décor by storm. Mermaidcore, with its ethereal aesthetic and whimsical charm, can take us to a place of tranquillity, beauty, and mystery, far removed from the noise and chaos of the everyday world. In this article, we round up the best home décor pieces that incorporate shells, pearls, and more as a celebration of the enchanting beauty and mystery of the sea and bring your magical or spiritual decor ideas to the next level.

The mystical trend has gone viral. On sites such as TikTok alone, the search term "mermaidcore" has racked up 198.5 million views to date. Etsy, the popular e-commerce website, has witnessed a significant rise in searches related to mermaidcore décor items. There has been a striking 125 per cent increase in searches for scalloped runners, adding a delicate and elegant touch to any room. Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s Trend Expert, says that 'the pop culture obsession with all things mermaid is showing no signs of slowing down, but now it’s making its way from fashion and beauty to the world of home decor.'

'Unlike the “Coastal Grandma” trend that took hold in 2022, mermaid-core is a younger, more whimsical aesthetic that is all about infusing interiors with an ethereal dream-like quality while embracing shells, pearls, sea glass, iridescent accents and under-the-sea-inspired motifs, like scalloped edges and bubbles.'

The best mermaidcore décor at a glance:

• Best mermaidcore suncatcher: Iridescent Glass Suncatcher 
• Best mermaidcore lamp: Urban Outfitters Shell Table Lamp**
• Best mermaidcore bathroom decor:** Three Piece Verona Mosaic Mermaid Bathroom Set

Dayna says that in the last three months, there has been a 125 per cent increase in searches on Etsy for scalloped runners, a 30 per cent increase in searches for oyster shell ring dishes, a 24 per cent increase in searches for mother-of-pearl trays and a 22 per cent increase in searches for bubble light fixtures or pendants. So without further ado, here are our top picks from this trend.

The best mermaidcore décor

Best mermaidcore suncatcher

An Etsy top pick - this shimmering rainbow crystal suncatcher has a silver-tone chain finish that fills rooms with dazzling splashes of colour reminiscent of sunlight filtering through ocean waves.

Best mermaidcore lamp

Bring some under-the-sea vibes to your living space with this adorable tabletop lamp. This shell and pearl table lamp, complete with a colour-changing LED bulb, radiates an under-the-sea vibe, making it the perfect addition to any mermaid-core-inspired space. Plus, the LED bulb included is colour-changing and remote-controlled, perfect for adding a fun glow.

Best mermaidcore jewellery dish

This delicate sea shell trinket dish, with a gold finish, serves as a charming jewellery display. Fit for Ariel's cavernous abode - you can fill this shell with delicate trinkets, jewellery and more.

Best mermaidcore shell vase

This scallop seashell display bud vase, crafted from concrete, brings the beauty of the sea to your living space, embodying the elegance of mermaid style. Fill it with fresh or dried flowers - for a land meets sea look.

Best mermaidcore mirror

This striking statement piece is a unique blend of Art Deco and mermaidcore. This distinctive mirror embellished with gold-toned scallop shells is lovely for spaces with a nautical theme. It features keyhole fittings, facilitating vertical or horizontal wall mounting.

Best mermaidcore turquoise piece

This radiant, aquamarine blue suncatcher is the ideal finishing touch for your mermaidcore ambience. It scatters splendid hues of sea blue throughout your abode, imparting a serene and tranquil aura.

Best mermaidcore vase

This turquoise glass vase is a must-have for mermaidcore decor enthusiasts. Its unique water droplet design lends it an artistic flair. Standing 28cm tall, it's perfectly sized for grand floral arrangements.

Best mermaidcore bowl set

These gorgeous stoneware fine bone china bowls come in shades of dusty pink and white and are a subtle nod to mermaidcore's shell aesthetic. The varied finishes echo the diverse textures found in underwater realms making it a lovely addition to your coastal decor.

Best mermaidcore gift

Elegant and iridescent, this mini scallop-shaped ceramic posy vase shimmers with a pearlescent finish, perfect for fresh and dried flowers alike. A fun reminder of the delicate beauty of the ocean - making it the perfect gift for coastal lovers.

Best mermaidcore candle holder

Add a splash of underwater kingdom charm to any room with this tealight holder. Made from orange and purple chunky glitter resin - its smokey blue and silver iridescent tones echo the magical hues of mermaid tails.

Best mermaidcore nursery decor

Perfect for nurseries and more - this unique piece of home decor captures the essence of mermaidcore with its knitted wire seashell design. An enchanting addition to any space and would make a lovely baby shower gift too.

Best mermaidcore plant pot

The colour-shifting effect and scallop detailing bring this plant pot to life. This plant pot will bring a pop of ocean-inspired colour to your home and will be an eye-catching piece in your plant collection.

Best mermaidcore oyster shell ring dish

With its radiant hues, this hand-painted oyster trinket dish captures the essence of mermaid treasures, making it an essential piece of mermaidcore decor - and a unique one at that.

Best mermaidcore planter

This funky little piece is a little more on the nose than the other decor listed, but this planter, featuring a mermaid perched on the edge, brings an element of playfulness and charm to any shelf, cabinet, or desk. Making it an excellent gift for mermaid lovers, children or coastal decor enthusiasts alike.

Best mermaidcore bathroom decor

This unique three-piece mosaic mermaid bathroom set is subtle yet striking, making it a true statement piece for the bathroom. The diamond-shaped mosaic effect shiny surface can be especially captivating through the light and includes one soap pump dispenser, one cup/ toothbrush holder and one matching soap dish.

What is Mermaidcore?

The term "mermaidcore" is everything to do with mermaids or the popular idea of what mermaids look like. Think iridescent, silver, or otherwise watery colours in decor, clothing or makeup.

What do mermaids symbolise?

Mermaids, are captivating mythological sea beings with a human upper body and a fishtail, have been a source of intrigue for centuries. Their name stems from the Old English 'mere', meaning sea, and 'maid', denoting a young woman. These mythical creatures hold a prominent place in folklore, often portrayed as enchanting sea sirens with mellifluous voices that could spell doom for entranced seafarers.

In other tales, mermaids are transformative entities, gifted with the ability to morph into human form and walk on land. Their symbolism varies across cultures, representing aspects from feminine beauty to intuition and adaptability. They are perceived as spiritual icons of clairvoyance, reflecting the ability to perceive beyond normal boundaries.

According to Spiritual Posts, Mermaids also serve as guardians of oceanic fertility, embodying the dual nature of the sea as life-giving and destructive. Their presence could signal discomfort with one's femininity, transcending traditional gender constructs. Moreover, they are spiritually connected to intuition and transformation, symbolizing significant shifts from one state to another.

Despite their complex nature, mermaids often bring omens of joy and good fortune. However, they can also portend imminent danger. As icons of renewal and rebirth, they usher in the rejuvenating spirit of spring, epitomizing grace and beauty within their marine domain.

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