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Celestial Backdrop - Spiritual Decor Items

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Creating our own space is something that we should cherish – and we’ve got some spiritual décor ideas to help you along your way. Navigating what our homes should look and feel like is very personal to us. Sometimes, we must compromise– whether with partners, budgets or the space itself. When looking for home décor, some things will fit and feel right. Some pieces are better left elsewhere. Everything has its place – on the wall, on your dresser, on the floor.

Spirit & Destiny have set an intention for your home décor. Whatever form it takes – celestial gold trinkets, crystal pieces or wall hangings, we’ve made sure to pick the best for your home. This list has been inspired by nature, spirituality and Wicca. It’s packed with things for your bedroom, living room and bathroom. Have you considered changing your bedsheets, too, with an astrology duvet?

For example, the bedroom is the heart of your home. It is where you unwind after a long day, fulfil rituals and rest. The moon, stars and constellations are important in how well we rest – and how we live – affecting our well-being. Filling your home with astrology, spirituality and everything else in between will make sure you’re looked after and kept safe.

Spiritual Décor Ideas At A Glance:

Best spiritual wall hanging: Moon Phase Wall Hanging
Best spiritual incense holder: Zodiac Incense Holder
Best spiritual duvet set: furn Constellation Duvet Cover Set
Best spiritual trinket tray: Moon Icon Trinket Tray
Best spiritual wall print: Inhale Exhale Print

Perhaps, you’re asking yourself: how do you decorate a spiritual room, a spiritual home? Our advice: keep it personal and scour trinket stores if necessary. You’ll know when what you find is right for you. For example, moon lamps are a personal favourite of ours. Personalising your space with homeware and spiritual décor can help you feel at ease.

Best Spiritual Décor Ideas

Best spiritual shelf

Made from poplar stained in dark oak, this Hamsa Hand Shelf is unique and perfect for those who love this iconography. This design is a perfectly magical way to display your crystals and light up your home with a warm glow. As you may know, the Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolising protection in all faiths. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Hopefully, your home will feel the benefits, too.

Customer Review: "It’s absolutely beautiful!! Came wrapped nicely and protected properly. And love the little touches they put in with the parcel like the envelope with the little special 10% off card inside. The item came exactly as the picture described. Met my expectations 100%. If anything even better than I expected. Proper good quality. Beautiful piece of work. Got another two items in my basket from this company.

Best spiritual suncatcher

Crystal Suncatcher
Price: £10.39 (was £12.99)


Capture the majesty of the sun with these Crystal Suncatchers from Etsy. These sparkling, window-hanging suncatchers are crafted from high-quality crystal, which is delicate and durable. With the crystals, they create the most beautiful reflections when sunlight or any other type of light hits them. We couldn't pass these by.

Customer Review: "Super pretty! Feels strong, well-made, but delicate and pretty."

Best spiritual wall print

Breathe in - and breathe out. Add this to your zen den or meditation corner for inspiration during your spiritual practice. This Inhale Exhale print is printed in the UK on recycled paper and arrives unframed. We'd recommend hanging it up and giving it a home on your walls. It could have the potential to keep you grounded.

Customer Review: "I absolutely adore this print. The quality is just beautiful and such a wonderful piece. So impressed with how it arrived in perfect condition from England to Australia. I shall absolutely be purchasing more. I’m so happy."

Best spiritual incense holder

Astrology is something we love Spirit & Destiny. What better way to spend life than looking up at the stars? This Astrology Incense Holder is perfect for adding celestial energy to your space with the zodiac signs and central sun. Pop it on a table or shelf and let it serve its purpose, collecting those little piles of ash from your favourite incense stick.

Customer Review: "It’s nice to have as a decoration. It can be used to display trinkets and jewellery; also, it can be used for its intended purpose as an incense holder."

Best spiritual jewellery stand

From Sass & Belle, we suggest this Celestial Jewellery Stand. It makes the perfect addition to your nightstand - where you can display your favourite crystal jewellery. How beautiful! Celestial and charming, this metal stand is gold-toned and has three hooks for bracelets and necklaces and a little ring dish at its base for your rings and earrings.

Customer Review: "It’s really cute and perfect for jewellery. Would only say that it a little small for necklace length but it looks really nice!"

Best spiritual wall hanging

Perfect for Boho homes, this Moon Phase Wall Hanging is an eye-catching decorative accent piece and creates peace and comfort in any room. Depicting the phases of the moon - in all their harmonious glory, we couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute. It adds a flair above a bed, headboard or mirror. Handmade, it's whimsical and warm.

Customer Review: "So pretty, fits in perfectly in our bedroom with a subtle celestial theme. The moons are well made and make a lovely chiming noise when moved."

Best bonsai for spiritual homes

Great for bonsai beginners, this unusual-looking plant will tolerate lower light levels, growing fast and tall. However, this plant is toxic for your furry friends and requires a constant temperature indoors to thrive. As for its spiritual properties, Ficus Ginseng symbolises abundance, balance, harmony, patience, simplicity, unity, and new beginnings. In feng shui, Ficus ginseng plants are associated with good luck and prosperity.

Customer Review: "This is my first bonsai tree and it looks fantastic on my desk. Very happy with the purchase."

Best zen garden for spiritual homes

Take some time out for yourself with this relaxing tealight holder-zen garden from Etsy. Enjoy the ancient tradition of cultivating your zen garden, creating endless patterns and watching the flame flicker from your candle. This Buddha Zen Garden aids meditation and creates peaceful energy in your home, calming and bringing balance.

Customer Review: "Really beautiful and exactly as the picture!"

Best mirror for a spiritual home

This Zodiac Mirror from Urban Outfitters pairs perfectly with the Zodiac Incense Holder above. Add astrology motifs to your wall space with this circular wall mirror. Or, prop it up on your sideboard for a spiritual feel to your morning routine. It's constructed from stoneware with a mirror at the centre, complete with zodiac detailing. We love it.

Best spiritual duvet set

Featuring a vibrant galaxy of moon and stars and surrounding mystical jewels, this exciting reversible duvet set is a favourite of ours. The furn. Constellation Duvet Set is made of crisp polycotton - so, this set is soft and hard-wearing. Make your bedroom mystical with this set, which promises affinity to the moon, stars and beyond. Let the celestial elements protect you as you drift off...

Customer Review: "I have a few sets from Furn. And I can honestly say they are a decent company. You do have to wash the bedding first to get that worn-in feeling from the sets but this one I have just put straight on this time and I have no complaints! Stunning sets, I have the forest animal set in Maroon and it's gorgeous as is this one. I love how all the sets are reversible too!"

Best hook for spiritual homes

Perfect for the back of a door or securely on a wall, this Moon Single Hook will add a Boho, rustic charm to any space. It's been crafted from a metal construction with a moon-shaped head and wall-attached base. Perfect for necklaces, bags, coats and other accessories with this celestial pick.

Customer Review: "Looks great in my room and is very aesthetic. Looks exactly like the picture."

Best lamp for a spiritual home

Coming in 2, 3, 3-5 and 4-6kg, this Himalayan Salt Lamp is authentically handcrafted with therapeutic Himalayan Salt. Providing an ambient glow to instantly calm you, this rock salt lamp will ease your stress, making tricky nights feel peaceful. It is believed that they can do much more than soothe your mind, but heal your body, too. Bliss...

Customer Review: "My sister has been wanting a salt ramp for ages and she was so happy with this. The dimmer is a great feature and the salt is really heavy, you can tell it’s good quality!"

Best spiritual trinket tray

A room couldn't be complete without a trinket tray. We love this scalloped dish, adorned with a moon and star. With this tray, you'll be sure to bring those celestial vibes to your home and the moon (and stars) will be on your side.

Customer Review: "Every time I go to put on jewellery I love how it looks it’s so cute and my friends always compliment it! Definitely buy it if you like it!"

Best plant for a spiritual home

If bonsai isn't your thing, we love this Chinese Money Plant from Bloom & Wild. Considered by some as lucky, this plant is really easy to look after. It just likes to be in a bright spot. And because of its distinctive shape, it’s definitely a statement maker. We couldn't think of a better plant friend to join your home.

Customer Review: "My go-to site for gifts of flowers and plants and the most recent purchase didn’t fail to delight. As a site, there is plenty of choices and frequent discounts and incentives and I’ve never been disappointed yet."

Best spiritual ring holder

Elegant, this ceramic Diana Celestial Ring Holder From Urban Outfitters is perfect for displaying your favourite pieces. Whether crystal, celestial or nature, this ring holder suits any jewellery. It comes complete with a vintage-inspired pattern, depicting the stars and moon. Your precious rings and necklaces are protected by their majesty.

Customer Review: "This is absolutely beautiful, such great quality and looks amazing on my shelf!! Would definitely recommend it."

Best bathroom pick for spiritual homes

Throw some celestial vibes into your bathroom with this Moon Phases Runner Bath Mat from Urban Outfitters. It'll add some character to your home, bathroom or bedroom alike. Plus, it features a moon phase design in two tones and is complete with a tufted cotton fabrication that provides a non-slip surface. It'll be sure to keep you on your toes...

Customer Review: "Really brightens up the room and lovely quality!"


How to Feng Shui your spiritual-inspired bedroom

As mentioned earlier, the bedroom is an important room in your home – so, it makes the best place to practice Feng Shui. After all, you need to create a space for yourself which will offer you harmony and balance, which will attract peace and prosperity, too. Luckily, Feng Shui can evoke this. So, Spirit & Destiny has got a few tips to help bring positive energy to your space – and expel negatives.

Top Tips:

Declutter under your bed – whatever you have under your bed may represent or create subconscious blocks in your life. For example, shoes can make you restless, or luggage might keep you from settling. Decluttering will allow the qi to flow freely and rejuvenate you as you sleep.

Bring in plants – as this can improve air quality, as well as create harmony and promote qi. Having a piece of Mother Nature in your bedroom is calming and grounding. We’ve listed plants that’ll keep you in good spirits and fortune. For example, Ginseng is associated with good luck and prosperity.

Add natural textures – such as wood, stone and wool to the room – with comfy furniture and charming accessories. After all, a natural texture can help restore and enhance the ambience of your home. This will help with balance. Plus, the aforementioned will bring a little bit of outdoors inside.

Create a focal point – can create a sense of balance and harmony. This focal point will play the role of anchor, drawing the eye evenly throughout the space. How does that sound? We recommend a wall hanging of some kind, a unique sculpture or a mirror. A focal point will make you feel grounded.

Keep your work life separate – as this can make winding down at the end of the day trickier and could even affect your focus during work hours. So, move your office elsewhere. A bedroom should be for winding down, reflecting and taking pause. Make sure you have some separation.

Piper Huxley is a Homes, Garden and Wellness Product Writer for Spirit & Destiny, an all-rounder: from health to spirituality. When not at her desk, she’s practising yoga or in deep reflection.

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