Spiritual décor ideas for homes that need a little spirit

Have faith in the universe, trust your gut and create your ideal space.

Celestial Backdrop - Spiritual Decor Items

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Creating our own space is something that we should cherish – and we’ve got some spiritual décor ideas to help you along your way. Navigating what our homes should look and feel like is very personal to us. Sometimes, we must compromise– whether with partners, budgets or the space itself. When looking for home décor, some things will fit and feel right. Some pieces are better left elsewhere. Everything has its place – on the wall, on your dresser, on the floor.

Spirit & Destiny have set an intention for your home décor. Whatever form it takes – celestial gold trinkets, crystal pieces or wall hangings, we’ve made sure to pick the best for your home. This list has been inspired by nature, spirituality and Wicca. It’s packed with things for your bedroom, living room and bathroom. Have you considered changing your bedsheets, too, with an astrology duvet?

Spiritual Décor Ideas Shortlist:

Best spiritual wall hanging: Moon Phase Wall Hanging
Best spiritual incense holder: Zodiac Incense Holder
Best spiritual duvet set: furn Constellation Duvet Cover Set
Best spiritual trinket tray: Moon Icon Trinket Tray
Best spiritual wall print: Inhale Exhale Print

For example, the bedroom is the heart of your home. It is where you unwind after a long day, fulfil rituals and rest. The moon, stars and constellations are important in how well we rest – and how we live – affecting our well-being. Filling your home with astrology, spirituality and everything else in between will make sure you’re looked after and kept safe.

Perhaps, you’re asking yourself: how do you decorate a spiritual room, a spiritual home? Our advice: keep it personal and scour trinket stores if necessary. You’ll know when what you find is right for you. For example, moon lamps are a personal favourite of ours. Personalising your space with homeware and spiritual décor can help you feel at ease.

Best Spiritual Décor Ideas

Best spiritual shelf


Made from poplar stained in dark oak, this Hamsa Hand Shelf is unique and perfect for those who

Best spiritual suncatcher
Crystal Suncatcher
Price: £10.39 (was £12.99)



Capture the majesty of the sun with these Crystal Suncatchers from Etsy. These sparkling,

Inhale Exhale Print
Price: £22


Breathe in - and breathe out. Add this to your zen den or meditation corner for inspiration during

Best spiritual incense holder


Astrology is something we love Spirit & Destiny. What better way to spend life than looking up at

Best spiritual jewellery stand
Celestial Jewellery Stand

Rrp: £14.50

Price: £14.50


From Sass & Belle, we suggest this Celestial Jewellery Stand. It makes the perfect addition to

Best spiritual wall hanging


Perfect for Boho homes, this Moon Phase Wall Hanging is an eye-catching decorative accent piece

Best bonsai for spiritual homes


Great for bonsai beginners, this unusual-looking plant will tolerate lower light levels, growing

Best zen garden for spiritual homes


Take some time out for yourself with this relaxing tealight holder-zen garden from Etsy. Enjoy the

Best mirror for a spiritual home


This Zodiac Mirror from Urban Outfitters pairs perfectly with the Zodiac Incense Holder above. Add

Best spiritual duvet set
furn Constellation Duvet Cover Set, Polycotton, Multicolor, Double

Rrp: £26.00

Price: £22.99
Alternative retailers
Dunelm£16.00View offer
Wayfair UK£22.99View offer
Robert Dyas£27.99View offer
Debenhams UK£30.00View offer


Featuring a vibrant galaxy of moon and stars, and surrounding mystical jewels, this exciting

Best hook for spiritual homes


Perfect for the back of a door or securely on a wall, this Moon Single Hook will add a Boho,

Best lamp for a spiritual home
Giggi Dimmable Salt Lamp 100% Real Himalayan Salt Lamps containing Pink Rock Salt Healing Crystals Certified Electric Fitting Ideal for Bedside Lamps, Home Decor, Night Light & Gifts (2 KG)
Price: £11.89


Coming in 2, 3, 3-5 and 4-6kg, this Himalayan Salt Lamp is authentically handcrafted with

Best spiritual trinket tray


A room couldn't be complete without a trinket tray. We love this scalloped dish, adorned with a

Best plant for a spiritual home


If bonsai isn't your thing, we love this Chinese Money Plant from Bloom & Wild. Considered by some

Best spiritual ring holder


Elegant, this ceramic Diana Celestial Ring Holder From Urban Outfitters is perfect for displaying

Best bathroom pick for spiritual homes


Throw some celestial vibes into your bathroom with this Moon Phases Runner Bath Mat from Urban


How to Feng Shui your spiritual-inspired bedroom

As mentioned earlier, the bedroom is an important room in your home – so, it makes the best place to practice Feng Shui. After all, you need to create a space for yourself which will offer you harmony and balance, which will attract peace and prosperity, too. Luckily, Feng Shui can evoke this. So, Spirit & Destiny has got a few tips to help bring positive energy to your space – and expel negatives.

Top Tips:

Declutter under your bed – whatever you have under your bed may represent or create subconscious blocks in your life. For example, shoes can make you restless, or luggage might keep you from settling. Decluttering will allow the qi to flow freely and rejuvenate you as you sleep.

Bring in plants – as this can improve air quality, as well as create harmony and promote qi. Having a piece of Mother Nature in your bedroom is calming, and grounding. We’ve listed plants that’ll keep you in good spirits and fortune. For example, Ginseng is associated with good luck and prosperity.

Add natural textures – such as wood, stone and wool to the room – with comfy furniture and charming accessories. After all, a natural texture can help restore, and enhance the ambience of your home. This will help with balance. Plus, the aforementioned will bring a little bit of outdoors inside.

Create a focal point – can create a sense of balance and harmony. This focal point will play the role of anchor, drawing the eye evenly throughout the space. How does that sound? We recommend a wall hanging of some kind, a unique sculpture or a mirror. A focal point will make you feel grounded.

Keep your work life separate – as this can make winding down at the end of the day trickier and could even affect your focus during work hours. So, move your office elsewhere. A bedroom should be for winding down, reflecting and taking pause. Make sure you have some separation.

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