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Crystal bracelets

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Finding the best crystal bracelets will add beauty to your life and they may also make you feel better. Many believe the best crystals can help to heal physical ailments and to prevent illnesses. At the same time, others wear crystal bracelets to channel their stress and focus their minds. The belief is that gemstones can redirect and rechannel energy flow with their unique energetic vibrations. Although there is limited evidence of crystal healing, many believe in their properties.

What are crystal bracelets good for? Healing crystals have been used for centuries, and the earliest use of these precious stones dates back at least 5,000 years. In recent times crystals have gained enormous popularity, from celebrities to spiritualists. Today, they may be one of the most popular alternative ways of healing.

Best crystal bracelet at a glance:

Best crystal bracelet for self-love: MetJakt Healing Crystal Bracelet - View on Amazon UK
Best crystal bracelets on a budget: AlbionStyle Crystal Bracelet - View on Etsy
Best personalised crystal bracelet: Personalised Gemstone Crystal Energy Bracelet - View on Not on the High Street

If you're new to the world of gemstones, the best crystals for beginners will give you insight into what healing crystals are all about. It's worth saying that, although we wouldn't recommend that they replace traditional medicine, they may help you find some strength during a challenging time. With that in mind, we take a look at the best crystal bracelets that you can wear every day to help towards healing your mind and your body.

Best crystal bracelets

Best crystal bracelets on a budget

AlbionStyle Crystal Bracelet Etsy

An ideal purchase for those on a budget, the AlbionStyle Crystal Bracelet gives you plenty of choices to select from. Decide between a traditional bracelet or an anklet, as well as the stones themselves based on the properties you most want to channel into your daily routine.

Customer Review: "I like the amount of thread that the seller gives you to work with, truly anyone could wear this. Much like the bracelet that I bought, I like that the thread matches the crystal, making it more pleasing to the eye."


  • Many designs to select from
  • A bestseller
  • Locally made


  • It's a simple design compared to others

Best personalised crystal bracelet

We love these Personalised Gemstone Crystal Energy Bracelets because they come with so many choices; from the crystal they're made from, down to the wording on each bracelet. They'd make a beautiful gift for someone special or just a wonderful reminder of your own strength.

Customer Review: "Beautiful bracelet. The stones are of lovely quality and looked great when personalised. Perfect present for my friend."


  • Many designs to select from
  • Can be personalised
  • Locally made


  • The crystals have a natural variation

Best raw crystal bracelet

LAminiJewelry Crystal Bracelet Genuine Raw GemstonesEtsy
Price: £165.37

These bracelets are a wonderful gift for people new to the world of crystals. They include an informative card which explains what each crystal is and how it can help. Handmade, with each design made to order from natural raw crystals, they're a lovely addition to your crystal collection.

Customer Review: "Beautiful item of jewellery, very delicate and feminine. Great customer service and quick delivery."


  • Many designs to select from
  • Chain colour is customisable
  • Made to order


  • The chain may need regular maintenance

Best crystal bracelet for self-love

MetJakt Natural Healing Crystal Beaded BraceletMetJakt

This delicate feminine MetJakt Healing Crystal Bracelet is great for anyone who wants to receive more love in their life, whether this is through romance or love for oneself. We've chosen this bracelet for our shortlist as the most highly rated crystal bracelet due to its impressive ratings on the Amazon website.

Customer Review: "I bought the bracelet for myself as a treat. The stones are a very pretty pale pink and the silver charm in the middle sets it off perfectly. Very well made, quite heavy but not too heavy to be uncomfortable, sits comfortably on the wrist. Came in a nice black satin pouch with an extra piece of elastic and cleaning cloth for the charm."


  • Many designs to select from
  • Comes with a velvet pouch
  • Fantastic value


  • Elastic string is quite thin

Best crystal bracelet for confidence

Haematite and Black Lava Stone BraceletFossil
Price: £17 (was £35)

If you are looking for a crystal bracelet for someone who prefers subtle jewellery, then this Haematite and Black Lava Stone Bracelet is a fantastic option. Featuring sleek black lava beads and hematite stones, this crystal is said to encourage confidence and feelings of strength and willpower. We've chosen this as our favourite bracelet on our shortlist, due to its minimalist design and the fact is works across genders.

Customer Review: "I absolutely love this bracelet. It's stylish and very comfortable to wear. I can wear it loose or tighter with the sliding knot mechanism. The hematite energises my circulation and the lava grounds me."


  • A wonderful gift
  • Comes in a beautiful box
  • Solid quality


  • Beads are quite small

Best crystal bracelet for success

Thomas Sabo Bracelet MulticolouredThomas Sabo

The beautiful Thomas Sabo Multicoloured Bracelet is full of genuine stone variants from jasper and unakite to aventurine and sodalite, delighting with vibrant natural colours. The obsidian centre piece ensures the wearer is protected, while other stones enhance confidence, communication and grounding.

Customer Review: "As with all Thomas Sabo jewellery - you will never be disappointed with the quality. Colours of the beads are subtle with wonderful markings in the stones."


  • A beautiful array of colours
  • Choice of three sizes


  • More expensive option

Best crystal bracelet for intuition

Tateossian Sodalite Beaded BraceletHarrods

If you are looking for a crystal bracelet that you can truly indulge in, this beautiful Tateossian Sodalite Beaded Bracelet from Harrods is a premium product. In an enchanting blue, the sodalite stones encourage and enhance intuition and communication with your third eye chakra.


  • Stunning colours
  • A premium product
  • Beautifully packaged


  • The crystals have a natural variation

Best crystal bracelet for anxiety

This WICCSTAR Anxiety Bracelet For Women has been designed for those with anxiety in mind. It can also be worn alongside your favourite scents, as the porous material of the lava rock absorbs any and all aromatherapy oils that you wear. Just use a drop or two of your favourite oils and rub them on the black lava rock beads.

Customer Review: "Love my anxiety bracelet. I wearing mine for only a couple of days and I'm amazed that I am having such good results. It's only been a couple of days but I already feel depression and stress relief. I like the idea that the bracelet can be used with essential oil. This way bracelet also works as aromatherapy jewellery. Can recommend this beautiful bracelet to everyone who suffering from anxiety."


  • Comes in a jewellery pouch
  • Can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Comes with an informative information card


  • May lose elasticity over time

Best crystal bracelet for prosperity

We love this pretty set of Farfume Chakra Bracelets that come in a whimsical design and a beautiful storage box, perfect for gifting to others or as a treat to yourself. For your hedge witch friend, your friend who loves all things fairies or just needs a bit of good luck in their life, African Turquoise is said to bring prosperity.

Customer Review: "This item is absolutely gorgeous. It wears beautifully on the wrist and is very sturdy. The colours are fabulous."


  • Many designs to select from
  • Two bracelets in one
  • A whimsical design


  • Some designs are out of stock

Best crystal bracelet for chakra healing

Taking into account the Chakras, this JOVIVI Natural 7 Chakra Lava Bead Bracelet features seven lava rock healing crystals for all of your mindfulness practices. Whether it's just for decoration as a piece of jewellery or harnessing the properties of each crystal, this bracelet is a fantastic choice.
Customer Review: "This bracelet is well made with a thick, so will hopefully last. Came with a nice velvet bag and looks like a quality product for the price."


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable fit and comfortable to wear
  • Crystals align with chakras


  • Cords may loosen during the day

VERDICT: Which are the best crystal bracelets?

An ideal purchase for those on a budget, the AlbionStyle Crystal Bracelet gives you plenty of choices to select from. You can choose between a bracelet or an anklet. Not only that but the stones themselves. Go with your intention, which is based on the properties you most want to channel into your daily routine.


Which wrist should a crystal bracelet be worn on?

Some people believe it's important which hand you wear your bracelet on to optimise its power. As crystals harness the energy, it's important to protect these precious stones properly. You may want to use the crystal pouches to protect your crystal bracelets. When your crystal bracelet is worn with intention, it can have different effects.

When worn on your left hand it allows your body to absorb integral energies and receive good healing. For example, wearing rose quartz on your left hand will help you to receive loving energy. Additionally, wearing your bracelet on your left side will release any bad energy.

The right hand is the giving hand and thus you will be projecting the energy out into the universe and detoxing your mind and body. Black onyx, for example, is a great crystal for releasing blockage and removing negative energy from the wearer.

Crystals have been transformed into a number of forms, and crystal bracelets are perfect for easily carrying these healing energies with you. You can also find crystals in the form of crystal candles to fill your home with this positive energy. Or by taking a crystal water bottle with you wherever you go, so you can become empowered by drinking from crystal charged water.

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