The best healing crystals to protect your energy

From charging crystals to their benefits - here's everything you need to know.

by Samantha Price |

Healing crystals have been used by ancient civilisations for thousands of years, so it’s no wonder practices involving these precious stones have lived on.

Said to hold different healing properties and have many benefits, crystals can work to banish unwanted energy and inspire a positive state of mind.

With so many to choose from, at Spirit & Destiny, we’ve put together a guide to the best healing crystals to protect your energy. As well as being drawn to the vibrations of a stone, choosing based on its’ properties may impact that specific area of your life.

What are the benefits of crystals?

The benefits generally focus on wellbeing, with those who believe in the use of healing crystals said to feel a shift in their mood or environment in the presence of these stones.

According to crystal healer, Emma Lucy Knowles, it's important to ‘pick the crystal you are drawn to and let yourself be blown away by the relevance of the crystal you have intuitively picked for yourself!’

Furthermore, practices such as crystal healing have several positive benefits. These can include alleviating physical, emotional and spiritual stress.

How do you charge crystals?

There are numerous ways you can cleanse and charge crystals to activate their healing properties; however, this depends on the type of stone, so it’s always worth researching your crystals.

Although, some will not take well to water or salt, so be mindful of this before choosing a method of charging. Apart from this, choosing your preferred method comes from your own intuition and whichever you feel most drawn to.

Cleansing and charging your stones is key. Crystals are said to absorb energy, however, this also includes negativity too. Here are five popular methods you can try to cleanse and charge your collection of crystals, most of them involving nature.

Best ways to charge your crystals:

1) Bathing them in the moonlight on a full Moon

2) Burning incense or herbs around them

3) Soaking them in water

4) Purifying them with salt

5) Burying them in soil or sand

The best healing crystals 2022:

An Obsidian candle is perfect for lighting in your hallway to protect from any negative energy that might enter your home.

Alternative crystals for protection:

  • Black tourmaline – protection, banishing, security

  • Black onyx – protection, strength

Rose quartz attracts romance, opening your life up to the possibility of love. Wear this rose quartz ring and manifest the love you truly deserve in your life.

Alternative crystals for love:

  • Carnelian – passion, sexual energy

  • Garnet – self-esteem, victory, eternal love

  • Moonstone – intuition, sensuality

  • Malachite – beauty, individuality

  • Amazonite – confidence, self-love

As Hematite has grounding properties, you may want to carry this on your person if you feel disconnected. Carry tumbled stones in your pocket, purse or bag.

Alternative crystals for grounding:

  • Clear quartz – awareness, amplifying energy, clarity

  • Mahogany obsidian – connection to the Earth, personal power

  • Moss agate – connection with nature, contentment

With energising properties, drinking from this citrine crystal-infused water bottle will help you feel reinvigorated, bright and positive.

Alternative crystals for energising:

  • Red goldstone – happiness, ingenuity, boldness

  • Fluorite – renewal, harmony, energising

Lapis lazuli promotes psychic abilities, used for millennia to enhance these powers. Place on the forehead or third eye chakra to encourage and open up intuition.

Alternative crystals for intuition:

  • Moonstone – intuition

  • Apatite – energetic clearing, psychic atonement, authenticity

  • Clear quartz – awareness, amplifying energy, clarity

  • Amethyst – intuition, balance, higher wisdom

  • Serpentine – hidden mysteries, observation, instinct

  • Prehnite – psychic awareness, self-care, discernment

Struggling to sleep? Place this howlite tower on your nightstand for a sense of calm.

Alternative crystals for sleep:

∙ Blue goldstone – inspiration, optimism, dreaming

∙ Blue calcite – serenity, restoration, releasing stress

If you are struggling with loss and feelings of grief, wearing an Angelite pendant may serve as a reminder of strength, healing and connection to the spiritual world.

Alternative crystals for grief:

  • Selenite – purification, peace, enlightenment

  • Blue calcite – serenity, restoration, releasing stress

  • Hematite – courage, inner strength, grounding

  • Lepidolite – emotional balance, stress relief, spiritual growth

  • Rhodonite – forgiveness, relationships, overcoming

A fidget ring made from amethyst is ideal for anyone who suffers from anxiety. Protecting you with balancing and calming energy, it will help keep your hands busy when you feel anxiety setting in.

Alternative crystals for anxiety:

  • Hematite - courage, inner strength, grounding

  • Lepidolite - emotional balance, stress relief, spiritual growth

  • Howlite - calming, compromise, sleep

  • Blue Calcite - serenity, restoration, releasing stress

Due to the fact that tiger’s eye is associated with willpower and self-motivation, this bracelet can serve as support during challenging times. It can be a reminder of your inner strength and perseverance.

Alternative crystals for depression:

  • Red jasper – strength, honesty, stability

  • Rhondite – forgiveness, relationships, overcoming

  • Unakite – resolving conflict, healing the past

  • Black onyx – blocking negativity, patience, determination

  • Lepidolite – emotional balance, stress relief, spiritual growth

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a type of therapy that involves restoring balance and equilibrium to various areas of your life. To clarify, this can involve a treatment session with a crystal healer, or a practice you engage in yourself.

Throughout a healing session, crystals are placed on the body to align with chakra points. Furthermore, the healer may choose specific stones to help alleviate symptoms in the body.

You can also carry crystals on your person, wear them as jewellery, place them under your pillow or on your nightstand to protect your energy. As different stones have their own properties, the crystals that you choose may reflect areas of your life you’re looking to focus on.

Can crystals be used as a medical alternative?

Finally, while the use of crystals can be a source of support, it’s important to be aware that crystals shouldn’t be used as an alternative to professional medical treatment.

Additionally, if you or a friend, are struggling with physical or mental health, know that support is always out there. Remember to reach out, particularly to your GP, if you have symptoms that concern you.

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