The very best oracle decks for self-reflection and enhancing your spiritual practice

Connect with the world around you using this magical tool.

Best oracle cards

by Lily Anderson |

Want to activate a gateway to inner wisdom? Searching for ways to feel happier in the present? Or on a journey of healing your heart? Oracle decks present an opportunity to build a deeper connection to yourself while providing a lot of guidance throughout your everyday life.

Whether you’re interested in goddess power oracle decks, oracle cards for shadow work or spirit animal decks, it’s time to open yourself up to this spiritual practice.

What are oracle cards used for?

Oracle cards provide guidance and perspective on our lived experiences. This mighty tool allows you to heal, connect with nature and develop your intuition.

We recommend using these for your daily meditation practice, to set affirmations, intentions and rituals for the New Moon.

You can also try asking your oracle cards a powerful question like – “How can I make a bigger impact on the world?”

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Are oracle cards the same as tarot cards?

For anyone unfamiliar with the practice, oracle and tarot cards can appear to be similar. While both decks offer insight into personal growth and divination, there are some significant differences.

Tarot cards always feature 78 cards. They are divided into suits and generally have a lot more rules. Whereas oracle cards follow their own rules and often have their meaning printed on them.

How to read oracle cards

Getting to know any new deck of cards should be a sacred moment. Don’t rush it. Take your time to look at each card.

If you’re new to the practice, place the beautiful oracle images before you and carefully study the illustrations or words. As you tune in to the cards, notice which one is calling to you - this is your card.

The deck will usually have a guidebook explaining the card's message.

The best oracle decks 2022:

It’s time to ignite the magic as we run down the very best oracle decks for self-reflection and enhancing your spiritual practice.

Moonology Oracle Cards are a bestseller for a reason. Whether you’re drawing cards each lunation or searching for protection, guidance and healing, let the moon guide you.

Review: “Truly magical oracle cards which I’ve already started to use. The illustrations are divine and the little book with them is easy to use and gives some good insights until they become intuitively ‘yours’. The card isn’t particularly thick and they have got a matt finish which means they maybe won’t move as easily as glossy ones but as I’m always careful with my decks this shouldn’t be a problem. The back of the cards is also beautiful and shows the phases of the moon, I have got really good energy from this deck and think I’m going to use them a lot.”

New to oracle cards? The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life is a good introduction. In this set, you’ll find 49 unique chakra cards and a guidebook that includes divination spreads, chakra-by-chakra insight and a meditation recommendation focused on each card.

Review: “I was instantly drawn to these cards, bright and beautiful. I have just done myself a reading and am rather shocked at how accurate they are!”

Investigate your hidden self with the assistance of this 32-card oracle deck. With a focus on reconnection of the spiritual through the darkness within, these powerful cards tap into aspects of yourself that encourage healing by facing pain.

Review: “I purchased this looking for a deck that would help me and my clients face the darker aspects of ourselves. It is brilliant but be warned...It can be quite brutal, and the cards can open up aspects of ourselves that we either thought were long gone or aspects we never thought we had. This deck is certainly not for the faint-hearted. I love it and I love that it can take me to places where I can surrender and heal. It works brilliantly combined with Tarot. For those looking to work with shadow or darker aspects of the self...Then this is the deck to go to.”

Connect with nature and use this Earth Alchemy oracle 50 card deck to draw a parallel with crystals, flora and wisdom from plants. Start each day with the intention to identify with the world around you. We recommend using this for a moon ceremony or during your daily ritual.

Review: “Absolutely gorgeous deck, the photos don’t do it justice, and so beautifully packaged! I now have both decks and can highly recommend them.”

From Aphrodite to Persephone, it’s time to channel your inner Greek goddess. As well as being beautifully designed, each card features an affirmation corresponding to the goddess.

Review: “I love them! They’re so beautiful and I’m obsessed with the artwork honestly so amazing!”

For travel-sized oracle cards, look no further than the WychwoodOracle Rhyme & Reason Pocket Oracle Deck. As this option easily fits in your bag, it can travel with you on holiday or to a friend's house, where you can do a reading that explores birth, death, relationships, spirituality and sustenance.

Review: “For a small deck, this pocket oracle is surprisingly accurate. It has become one of my favourites as it is compact, and straight to the point.”

A lightworker in search of connecting with the divine light or healing the world needs this oracle deck for their meditation alter. The 53-oracle card set is here to help you draw a parallel with your heart and remind you who you are at soul level.

Review: “These cards are beautiful and were delivered really quickly. Excellent quality and very good price. 10/10 recommend.”

Are you searching for a unique oracle card set with animals? The Froggie Oracle is here to provide guidance and ensure that you reignite the power within yourself.

The only drawback to this set is that there are only four themed cards, alongside a detailed card with explanations and meanings. What it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. We adore that they are all drawn, cut out and processed by hand.

Review: “Beautiful! I love them so much I have decided to frame them, I might purchase another set to actually use!”

Unleash the goddess within thanks to this incredible 44-card divine feminine oracle deck. Whether you’re infusing the cards with your energy or looking to them for guidance, have trust in the universe.

Each card features an illustration more beautiful than the last.

Review: “A modern, simple and colourful female oracle that I immediately connected to, and which brings me beautiful messages. A great discovery!”

By stopping and reflecting, you can achieve peace and harmony. Allow the whispering words cards to bring a calming influence into your life. Start each morning with an oracle card meditation.

Review: “Stunning set of cards, the packaging blew me away! Lots of artwork extras, wow! Well priced, well packaged and delivered in great time. A tiny word of warning though, they're smaller than I expected, but the size is probably listed, and I was just too eager to fully read lol! Regardless, they're beautiful and I can't wait to use them! Thank you.”

Are you embarking on a journey of self-love and healing? The Universal Love Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno explores how to fill your heart and take it with you. We love that there are themes associated with mind, body and spirit.

Review: “Lovely cards & absolutely accurate! The drawings are amazing and it's as much as having art, as getting the oracle.”

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Oracle cards FAQs:

Where do oracle cards come from?

Ever wondered where this spiritual practice comes from? Although tarot is a lot older practice, oracle cards still have a rich history. Robert M. Place, creator of the Alchemical Tarot said, “In the late 18th century, decks were created in which iconic divinatory symbols were associated with each playing card. These oracle cards, as they were called, were designed specifically for divination, and they became the most popular form until the mid-20th century.”

Decks were often used to predict the future. Whereas today, they are primarily a self-reflection tool used to develop your intuition and enhance your emotional wellbeing.

Can anyone use oracle cards?

The short answer is that anyone can use oracle cards. The reason that they are so popular is because the decks are approachable for every skill set. As they have fewer rules than tarot cards, they are often a good starting point for beginners.

When to use oracle decks:

Whether you’re using oracle cards during your daily ritual, corresponding with the lunar moon or for the summer solstice, there is never a better time to use your oracle cards than the present.

As oracle cards are a gateway into the world of practical magic, the more you read cards, the better understanding you will have of their energy. That said, you shouldn’t overuse your cards – if you try reading them serval times a day, your accuracy rate can be affected. We’d recommend drawing a card every morning or building this into your weekly routine.

How to shuffle oracle decks:

Ensure that you reach a higher meditative state and get in touch with your intuition by shuffling your oracle cards.

Follow the advice in this video to successfully shuffle your oracle deck and receive a message truly meant for you.

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