Katy Moon

Katy Moon
Katy Moon

Katy Moon is Spirit & Destiny’s commissioning editor.

Katy joined the team in 2014, after almost 10 years as a TV journalist. As an earthy Taurean, with a love of crystals, folklore and wellbeing, working at Spirit & Destiny is a dream!

In fact, back in 2004, while studying for an MA in Professional Writing at Falmouth University, Katy started reading Spirit & Destiny. A tarot reading helped her take a leap of faith and move from Cornwall to London and launch her career as a magazine journalist.

During her time on the magazine, Katy has interviewed many people about their own spiritual stories – from hereditary witches to eco activists. Memorable celebrity interviews include Cerys Matthews, Kate Nash and Sadie Frost.

Katy is a spiritual adventurer. She’s experienced many modes of healing, is a trained crystal healer, and has had countless psychic readings. Best one? A numerologist told Katy she and her husband have shared many lifetimes, and his soul is now so spiritually evolved that in this lifetime he has no interest in spirituality. Suddenly everything made sense!

Katy adores sharing her fascination of all things esoteric through the pages of Spirit & Destiny.

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