The best yoga blocks to support your practice

Need some support whilst on your journey to wellness? Yoga blocks are the perfect tool.

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If you’re new to yoga and need some support in those trickier poses, don’t worry. Struggling with poses and stretches is completely normal. After all, you’re not expected to get everything all at once. If your body tells you to stop, it’s best to listen. That doesn’t mean you should give up. Practice makes perfect – and there is no shame in getting a little support – for example, with a yoga block. We’ve rounded up the best yoga blocks to help you along the way.

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Yoga blocks are props, or tools, used to help yoga practitioners in three ways: to make yoga poses more accessible, to act as support, and to add a challenge to develop strength.

Don’t feel like using a block is cheating. Or, worse, that you don’t feel like a real yogi for using one.

Yoga blocks help you practice yoga poses in a safer, more beneficial way. Sometimes, they can be essential to doing these poses skilfully. Not only can you prevent injury by incorporating a yoga block, but they teach you to engage and provide stability.

What do I need to look for in a yoga block?

If you want a yoga block that is of good quality, it’s best to find a premium yoga block that is made from tough foam. You don’t want to spend your money on a cheap, squishy block because it will not add any support and can cause injury.

You need accessibility, support and strength.

Cork is another good material for a yoga block, but it’s more suited to experienced yogis who want to add more of a challenge to their practice. We recommend getting a set of two – or buying two of the same – so you can support each side of your body.

Generally, it’s best to choose foam bricks when doing seated asanas and heart openers. Cork and wooden bricks are good for standing poses where you need balance and safety.

The best yoga blocks


Perfect for eco-friendly yogis, this eco-designed cork yoga brick, a natural material from


Lightweight - this foam yoga block is easy to transport to and from your lessons and yoga

FitHut Yoga Block, Teal
Price: £5.75 (was £11)


We love the [FitHut

STUHOO Yoga Block & Strap (Set of 2)

Rrp: £10.95

Price: £9.99


This is a great set for two foam yoga blocks (9" x 6" x 3"), complete with a strap (8ft) and an


If you're looking for something made from wood, we've got some great blocks made from pine. Coming


Elevate your practice with the use of these unique reclaimed bamboo yoga blocks, with carved Surya

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