Piper Huxley

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Piper Huxley is a Homes, Garden & Wellness Product Writer working across brands like Yours, Modern Gardens Magazine and Spirit & Destiny. She dabbles in creativity and spirituality. Her interests know no bounds! She invests her time in entertainment, fashion, cooking and gaming.

At the University of Reading, Piper studied for a BA in English Literature and Theatre; it was here that she was able to demonstrate her love for storytelling. She graduated with a 2:1 in 2021. For two years, Piper has been a Commercial Content Writer at Bauer. In fact, It's her first graduate job – and she loves writing homely and cosy content.

Aside from everything homely and cosy, Piper dabbles in the spiritual world. In the midst of her own journey of wellness and mindfulness, she practices yoga, burns incense and journals to set her intentions, whether for the year or week. Piper, also, values the power of crystals and may adopt them into her style if she needs strength or guidance during the day. For example, she wears a Purple Fluorite crystal around her neck when she’s feeling nervous about a journey, specifically driving.

Outside of work, Piper is usually seen re-watching a TV show, making obscene amounts of soup, listening to a podcast while playing on her Nintendo Switch, or staring at her pile of unread books – which seems to be mysteriously growing…

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