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Word are like spells - affirmations are scientifically proven magic.

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by Ellen Kinsey |

Affirmations are a powerful way to motivate you to take action, help to focus on achieving your goals and break negative patterns or ways of thinking. This activity is a form of self-care - you take time making yourself feel good on the outside, so you should do the same for within. Affirmation journals are an excellent way to encourage positive self-talk and help you step into your highest self.

So what are affirmations? Simply put, they are positive statements that can help you overcome self-sabotaging habits and expel negative thoughts. When you repeat them often enough and believe them, you can start to make positive changes and embody the person you want to be.

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What do you write in an affirmation journal?

Many affirmation journals will come with prompts and exercises to help you on your way, but you can get started by identifying something you struggle with or negative thoughts you might have.

Replace the negative thought with a positive statement. For example, "I believe in myself and trust my own intuition" or "I am a successful person, I am loveable, I am confident and qualified at what I do ".

When writing or speaking affirmations, make sure you use them in the present tense. Set a strong intention by understanding your struggle and choosing to believe in the power of your own mind.

Words are like spells, we can cast spells over the world by speaking words into existence, and we can change how people think, feel, and act - that is our gift. Do not underestimate the power of the written and spoken word.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the best affirmation journals filled with prompts and blank pages to release negative thinking patterns - so you can manifest your dream life.


Best affirmation journals

Affirmation Journal
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Positive self-talk will help you manifest your dreams and allow you to step into your higher self. This daily affirmation journal is a great way to become the best version of yourself. This hardcover book is 120 pages. We love that it's made from recycled paper using vegetable-based ink.

Daily Affirmation Journal
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Start each day with a new affirmation on each page. Use the thought-provoking daily prompts, mood trackers and journaling space to write down your thoughts. It's clean, elegant and perfect for self-reflection.

Self Care Playbook Planner
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If you are looking for an uplifting journal filled with self-affirmations, this self-care playbook will remind you of happy moments, thoughts and reflections, shifting your mindset and perspective. It contains activities, exercises and prompts to initiate self-care for your mind, body and soul.
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Nuno Blue Printed Mindfulness Journal A5
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Full of motivation, reflection and even a space to write your daily affirmations, this wellness journal with a printed leaf design is a considered choice. Take the time to plan, pause and reflect on what is important to you.
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2022 Affirmations Diary Minty Mint
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Stay on top of your game with this positive hard-covered diary. Begin each month with an empowering affirmation to focus on. It also features helpful reminders where you can list dates and add personal topics you wish to highlight.

Wellness Journal Your Own Affirmation Magic Mist
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From the customisable affirmation on the cover to the freedom to write what you choose, this wellness journal by TwentyTwoKisses comes from a range of wellness journals that can be personalised exactly how you like. This wellness journal is all about you, from selecting the affirmation to the style of the pages.
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Hardcover Affirmation Journal
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If you are looking for one place to keep your daily affirmations, goals, and to-do lists together, this affirmation journal will be a beautiful way to inspire and empower you.

What do affirmations do?

A study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience used an MRI to demonstrate that practising self-affirmation activates the reward centres in your brain. By saying to yourself, “I deserve to get that promotion”,- this statement will ignite the same reward centres that respond to other pleasurable experiences, such as eating a delicious meal or winning something.

Affirmations fire up your neural pathways and make transformations to those areas of the brain that makes you feel happy and positive.

Your brain is hardwired to create shortcuts. It can lead to cognitive biases, which are beliefs we all have without justification. It can present itself in many ways, but doubting ourselves gives us an easy excuse not to do something.

The magic of affirmations is that they take over these cognitive biases and teach your brain a new way to think about the world. These positive statements will subconsciously rewire your brain to see the world differently.

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How many affirmations should I focus on?

This is entirely up to you. If you want to focus on one specific issue - focus on one affirmation. Sometimes if you require a little grounding, you can write multiple affirmations. The main takeaway is to listen to yourself. Do what you need at the moment. The key to the effectiveness of an affirmation is whether you believe in it.

What are some examples of affirmations?

Not too sure how to write an affirmation? Here is a list to take some inspiration from: {#15c2}

· I am doing my best, and that is enough.
· Through the power of my thoughts and words, amazing transformations are happening in me and within my life.
· I am doing all that I can with the tools that I have at the moment.
· I am unique, and that is a gift.
· I am allowed to fail to grow.
· Today will be a productive day.
· Quality always trumps quantity.
· Does it make you happy? Does it make you proud? Then it’s good.
· I am strong and powerful.
· I have made mistakes, but I will not let them define me.
· My life has meaning. What I do has meaning. My actions are meaningful and inspiring.

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