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Writing down your worries or journaling, instead of keeping them inside you, brings a sense of clarity, calming energy and inner peace to your life. A wellness journal should be seen as a tool for understanding your mind, body and spirit.

The best wellness journals will offer insight, help with self-awareness and encourage mindfulness in your daily life. This is in the hopes that the reader will benefit from alignment, stability and balance.

What is a wellness journal?

Wellness journals allow you to write down your thoughts, feelings, reflections, worries, goals, ambitions and things you’re grateful for in a safe place to better your self-awareness, spiritual growth and gratitude.

To have a positive impact on your wellbeing, some may be more tailored to structured activities so you can set personal goals and track your progress daily, weekly and monthly. However, others may give you more freedom to write free-flowing notes and thoughts that may appear in your mind.

What are the benefits of a wellness journal?

There are several benefits to starting a wellness journal, with studies indicating that journaling can be a remedy for some of the challenges we face in modern-day life.

Sometimes used as a form of therapy, journaling can be healing for the mind and spirit. Letting go and releasing negative energy onto the page can be a freeing and cleansing experience.

Writing in a journal can even lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system and elevated self-confidence. Here are some of the other benefits a wellness journal can have in your life:

Improving mindfulness and awareness

Writing and other creative activities, such as art, can bring you into a meditative state that can help rewire your brain. It provides you with an outlet to process how you feel and heals you from negative experiences.

Boosting creativity and productivity

Listing what you can accomplish throughout the day can give you a sense of fulfilment which will motivate you to be more creative and productive. It can also allow you to hold space for personal growth.

Developing rituals

While routines are seen as actions that need to be carried out: rituals are meaningful practices that have a sense of purpose. Why not integrate your wellness journal as part of a ritual? Especially one involving calming essential oils and healing crystals, creating a relaxing atmosphere for you to do your writing.

Shifting your mindset

Keeping a mindfulness journal helps you focus on what you’re grateful for in your life. It’s about working through the negatives but reminding yourself of the positives, which can restore a sense of balance to your perspective. Many journals teach you how to compose words of gratitude and self-affirmation, which can also assist with growing your self-confidence.

The best wellness journals

If you’re looking to improve your wellbeing and restore a sense of balance to your life, perhaps these journals might just make a positive impact…

Editor's Choice

The Anxiety Journal is for anyone who struggles with anxiety. Created by psychologist Corrine Sweet, the journal encourages using techniques and mindfulness exercises to help you understand your anxiety, identify negative thought cycles and soothe stress.

Review: "Product is beautifully made and has so many heart felt things inside. Would recommend for anyone!"


  • Encourages using CBT techniques and mindfulness exercises


  • May not work for everyone

Smart Buy

This an uplifting journal that focuses on self-affirmations and self-care to understand your true power and build your confidence. This positive journal reminds you of happy moments, thoughts and reflections, shifting your mindset and perspective. 

Review: "This is a great little book. I have been suffering with anxiety for a few months and this book is great as I can write down my thoughts and feelings and I now realise that it is ok to be not ok, and I have to look after myself and not everyone else."


  • Reviewers have commented that the layout and graphic are great


  • One reviewer would have liked some dated pages to keep track

Best for choice of colours

Starting with a wellness map and pages for personal intentions: this wellness journal encourages meaningful reflection with regular body and mind check-ins. Every purchase of a Papier journal also contributes to the mental health charity, YoungMinds, which helps young people with their mental health.


  • Comes in a variety of colours


  • No reviews

Best for personalisation

From the affirmation on the cover to the freedom to write what you choose within, this wellness journal by TwentyTwoKisses comes from a range of wellness journals that can be personalised exactly how you like. From selecting the affirmation to the style of the pages, this wellness journal is all about you.


  • Helps you keep track of all the things you're grateful for


  • Would be nice if the book had more guided pages

Best for fans of constellations

Yet another beautiful journal from Papier, this journal is adorned with a print of the constellations, along with an option to add gold foil for a special touch. Papier truly has a stunning range of wellness journals, from themes of mysticism to nature and botanicals.


  • Looks beautiful, has different style headers to guide you through what to write


  • Only includes 12 weeks worth of pages


With a beautiful cover almost with a Moroccan inspiration and gilded gold foil details, this beautiful journal contains pages that reflect on your mindful goals, wish lists, daily intentions and all of the things in life that you're grateful for.


  • Has a wellness map and body, mind, gratitude and goal check-ins


  • Would be nice to have more weeks worth of pages inside


How can I get the most out of my wellness journal?

Being true to yourself is the only way a wellness journal can work to your full advantage. If at first you find it difficult, be kind to yourself by simply writing a few short words about your day. It may prompt some writing inspiration, and eventually, you can build from there.

Additionally, reflect on your intention as to why you decided to start a wellness journal to begin with. What can you achieve with this journal? How can this journal help with your personal and spiritual growth? Where do you think this may lead you on your journey?

Take this time for yourself without distractions. See this activity as one of self-love, and you may find it a part of your day you look forward to. It may give you a sense of fulfilment, restore balance in your life and allow you to reconnect with yourself.

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