The best mindfulness colouring books for kids

Help your little one unwind with colouring.

best mindfulness colouring book for kids

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In today's society, we are becoming better at understanding the importance of mental health. More conversations, funding and education are happening to ensure better mental states. Although we still have work to do, we are making steps in the right direction. Sometimes, as an adult, it is easy to forget how important it is to focus on our child's wellbeing - as well as our own. As parents, we can get caught up in the struggles of everyday life and we forget to focus on our child's emotions. Children, as well as adults, benefit from having reduced stress and a healthy mind. Mindfulness colouring books for kids are a fantastic way to relax and practice mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a type of meditation which allows you to concentrate on how you are feeling, regulate your emotions and experience calm. Being a child can be very chaotic. The whole world is new, and there are new things to explore. It is fantastic, but it can also lead to children becoming overstimulated. When a toddler or a pre-schooler becomes overstimulated, you may see changes in their behaviour. Your child may seem tired, upset, or irritable: which can lead to tantrums, breakdowns and tears. When this happens, it's a fantastic time to pull out a mindfulness colouring book to offer a moment of calm and some time - for you and your child to process your feelings.

What is mindful colouring?

When your child is using a mindfulness colouring book, they will be required to focus on the illustrations and colours. It helps to refocus the mind and bring it into the present moment. When your child is using colouring to calm down, it allows them to forget about whatever frustrated them and focus on what is happening.

The best mindfulness colouring books for kids

Best colouring books with mandalas

Mindful Mandalas Colouring Book for Kids
Price: $4.99

Mandalas are complex abstract patterns which require concentration. The beautiful designs are used to create lovely bright colourful pictures.

One reviewer said: "I was impressed with this colouring book for kids because the pages are smaller than a book for adults, the details are simpler, making for an attractive design without frustrating the age group from 8 to 14. I think the young girls in my life will love!"


  • Great for relaxing


  • May be difficult for younger children

Best colouring book for female empowerment

Girl Power! Coloring & Activity BooksEtsy

This female empowerment colouring is fantastic. We love this colouring book because it is full of brilliant illustrations. In this colouring book, there are 32 pages of doodles on high-quality pages.

One reviewer said: "Fun doodle colouring books. My 2 little grandnieces love the book! Great thing to have on a rainy day. Best thing is, each page is perforated so it's easy to tear out so my nieces can hang up their master pieces! Thank you!"


  • Easy tear pages
  • Colour palette suggestions


  • Gender specific

Best colouring book for boys

This colouring book is perfect for boosting your little ones' confidence. Filled with positive affirmations and inspirational quotes this book is a perfect mindfulness activity.

One reviewer said: "Gift for a youngster who has low self esteem. I hope it proves helpful."


  • Single-sided paper


  • Is aimed at boys

Best cute colouring book

Happy Place Etsy

This book contains 36 drawings and is printed on thick 170gsm paper for a pleasing colouring experience. The book is A4-sized and is full of cute motivational quotes and simple but sweet illustrations.
One reviewer said: "I’m so absolutely in love with my motivational colouring book! It came super quickly and Anita is so lovely! Everything about the purchasing of this colouring book couldn’t have gone better! I’m so over the moon with it. I wish you all reading this the most amazing day!"


  • Very sweet designs


  • No intricate designs

Best colouring book for unicorn lovers

The Magically Mindful Me
Price: $4.99

This colouring book contains 35 illustrations containing positive and inspiring quotes. Art work includes magical creatures like unicorns and mermaids as well as animals and sports.

One reviewer said: "Bought these for a Christmas present for my friends daughter and she loves them.
May have also bought them for myself just because I can and they’re fab. Nice quality paper too which is good if you’re a felt tip or inky pen user."


  • Cute inspirational phrases
  • Good quality paper


  • No way to neatly tear out the pages

Best gender-neutral colouring book

Price: $6.26

The simple colouring book is perfect for a toddler or pre-schooler. It has simple yet lovely designs and is not too difficult for little hands.

One reviewer said: "I can't recommend this product enough! Lovely quotes and positive affirmations that were just what my son needed."


  • Lot of positive affirmations
  • Gender neutral


  • Illustrations are not very detailed

Best detailed colouring book

Cute and Playful Patterns Coloring Book
Price: $6.99
Alternative retailers
Target$9.89View offer

Quirky patterns and fun and entertaining animals make this the perfect mindfulness colouring book. This book is packed full of delightfully detailed mandalas and illustrations.

One reviewer said: "Stunning little colouring book. My six-year-old wanted a colouring book with more detail, like the grown up ones. She absolutely loves it. The pictures are detailed but also younger designs and styles. Looks great with sparkly gel pens."


  • Page designs are very detailed


  • Thin paper
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