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Adding ambience, atmosphere and style, our picks of the best moon lamps can make a unique flair and add that little touch of spirituality to your home decor. Providing healing, nurturing and cleansing energy, the celestial body has an influence over us that can be hard to explain. However, its comforting presence is also one that can't be denied.

If you're looking to recreate the comforting glow of the moon in your home, a moon lamp is a perfect way to do so. For a good night's sleep, here at Spirit & Destiny, we've found the best moon lamps to take centre stage on your bedside table. They'll sit perfectly alongside a cup of ashwagandha tea for your nighttime ritual. We're no strangers to adding a little spiritual decor to your home. For example, an astrology duvet may suit you better.

Best moon lamp UK at a glance

Best neon moon lamp: Moon Neon Light - view on Amazon UK
Best moon lamp with ceramic stand: 3D Printed Moon Light - view on Amazon UK
Best levitating moon lamp: Smart Moon Lamp - view at Not on the High Street

What is a moon lamp? Well, as the name suggests, these are lamps that represent the moon in some way, shape or form. From printed lights that rest on stands, levitating moon lamps or Himalayan salt lamps, there is a variety to choose from. They can represent the moon in its different phases, but most commonly in the crescent and full moon phases. The full moon represents a powerful feminine energy, which can cleanse and charge your crystals.

Perhaps, you're wondering: where to buy a moon lamp in the UK? As experts in the celestial, Spirit & Destiny is more than happy to share our favourite picks. Below, we've covered some of the best places to get yourself a moon lamp. Some of our favourites include Not On The High Street, Etsy, Amazon and more. So, why not take a look at the best moon lamps on our list? They'll add an element of calming comfort to your space that will soothe your soul. Also, consider our round-up of fairycore decor, too.

Best Moon Lamps UK

Best moon lamp with ceramic stand

Best moon lamp with ceramic stand

With so many positive reviews on Amazon, it's easy to see how this realistic 3D Printed Moon Light would be the perfect addition to your home. Resting on a graceful ceramic stand, it has a port for charging and a switch to change the colour accordingly.

Customer review: "I love that they can be cool white (bright) or warm white (a softer, evening light) and that they can be dimmed/brightened in each setting. There is a single, very discreet, control button to make all of this happen which is a particularly nice design feature."


  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Can switch between brightness settings
  • Battery life of up to ten hours


  • The ceramic stand could be more stable

Best personalised moon lamp

Price: $17.99

If you're feeling sentimental, this Personalised Moon Light would make the most beautiful gift for a loved one to let them know you're thinking of them. Just choose the size, message and picture you'd like. Select from 16 colours for the right ambience, and simply charge with a cable when the battery runs out. What more could they want?

Customer review: "Bought as a gift. Received in a lovely box. It's basically a plain white ball when not lit up. Very Impressed once lit though, the picture stands out so well showing all the facial details and the personalised message on the back is embossed which is a nice touch."


  • Sixteen different colour modes
  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Can be personalised


  • The image only shows up when turned on in the dark

Best Himalayan salt moon lamp

This Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp Light emits a gentle, pretty glow that adds a touch of warmth to the room. This lamp is sure to help you unwind in the evenings and lull you off to sleep. Made from Himalayan rock salt, this lamp is all the more charming because of its natural healing properties.

Customer review: "It arrived in good time and is very calming and it helps me sleep at night. It was easy to put together and a nice level of brightness. Great value for money too."


  • 100 per cent natural
  • Air purifying properties
  • Different design to choose from


  • Packaging could be improved

Best neon moon lamp

This trendy Moon Neon Light adds a unique touch to any home décor. Display it anywhere in your home, from the bar area to the bedroom, and it will certainly be a stand-out feature in any room. Charge in a number of ways, from battery power to a USB charging system.

Customer review: "Beautiful and bright! Quality is great too, the seller is very helpful, kind and understanding. The reason why I emphasize the seller is that mine didn't come with a USB cable and they gave me half the refund instead due to the cable not being present in the UK anymore. I used this for Ramadan this month and I absolutely loved it!
It's very bright (mine is a bit dull cus of low battery). I would recommend anyone buying this!"


  • Low energy consumption
  • Detachable base
  • Battery or USB powered


  • Batteries not included

Best moon lamp with sleek stand

Best moon lamp with sleek stand

Along with a sleek metal stand, this moon lamp comes with a USB cable for all your charging needs that plugs in discreetly. With two different tones to choose from, this highly-rated lamp from Not On The High Street would look just perfect on your desk.

Customer Review: "I love this lamp. I got one for my birthday and use it all the time, and have now bought one for my mum who absolutely adores mine. Really fast delivery and great communication. Thank you!"


  • Touch sensor activated
  • Rechargeable LED bulb
  • Two different tone settings


  • No instructions for setting up

Best levitating moon lamp

You'll be spellbound by this smart moon lamp that appears to be suspended in the air. Just take a look at the fantastic reviews from verified buyers. We can't get enough of this magical moon lamp that floats above a sleek and stylish wooden stand.

Customer Review: "Purchased as a birthday present for my partner. Once set up the lamp is simply stunning and mesmerising, definitely a talking point for any room you place it in. The instructions do state that patience is required, and this is true. May take several attempts before the moon levitates, but it's well worth it in the end."


  • Appears to levitate
  • Made from safe PLA material
  • Two stand colour choices


  • The cost

Most stylish moon lamp

This cosy, wicker-style night light is warm, calming and comforting. Charged with a USB cable, this subtle orb light that resembles the moon rests on a wooden base Adopting a handwoven design, this lamp looks so elegant as part of your home décor.

Customer review: "Lovely little light. Projects across the room and a great bright white is displayed 😁"


  • Suits different styles of decor
  • Low energy consumption
  • Handcrafted design


  • The charger cannot be unplugged


VERDICT: The best moon lamp

In our opinion, the best moon lamp from our list is the Moon Lamp from Not On The High Street. Not only is this lamp a more affordable option, but it's also one of the most widely recognised models on this list. It's rechargeable with an LED bulb, plugs in via the included USB cable and stands on a sturdy metal stand.

The different moon phases and what they represent

Over time, the moon has always been symbolic in art, literature and culture. As well as being used to form the first calendars in existence, we're reminded that the moon's phases have taken on spiritual meanings for some. Ever wondered what the moon phases represent? Here are some of the spiritual interpretations of the moon phases.

New: New beginnings

Waxing crescent: Intention

First quarter: Decisions

Waxing gibbous: Growth

Full: Release

Waning gibbous: Gratitude

Third quarter: Forgiveness

Waning crescent: Surrender

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