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Follow your intuition and create a space that you feel magical with our fairycore home décor ideas at Spirit & Destiny. After all, any form of alternative or spiritual décor will make your space feel special – as it reflects what we love, our unique aesthetics and how we like to express ourselves. Sometimes, we must compromise – whether with partners, budgets or the space itself. But, for those of us who play with whimsicality and want to inject a little fairy magic into our lives, fairycore home decor is perfect.

Perhaps, you’re thinking: What is fairycore? Inspired by the age-old love for fairies, it’s a sub-culture, an aesthetic that uses themes of magic, nature and spirituality. It can be incorporated into the way we dress and style our homes. It’s ethereal, enchanting, utilising delicate pastels, deeply rooted in whimsicality and nature. Much like ethereal mermaidcore, people are drawn to the escapist aspect, far from modernity – embracing natural elements which we may take for granted.

Fairycore home décor at a glance

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To achieve a fairycore aesthetic at home, there are plenty of things that you can do. From inviting in fresh blooms, throwing open the windows, hanging up lush, creeping plants, and refreshing walls and surfaces with fairy-inspired wall hangings, whimsical colours and sparkling trinkets. Below, we have put together some fairycore decor ideas for your bedroom, kitchen and more. Place your favourite fairy-inspired décor and trinkets in spaces you think could benefit from a little fairy magic… This aesthetic works perfectly outdoors with fairy garden décor, too.

Fairycore home décor ideas and inspiration

If you’re looking at how to make your room fairycore, behold our guide. With our picks, you’ll add a touch of magic to your space, with soft, emanating pastels, floral elements and pink lighting. Our fairycore home décor picks are what you’d expect from a fairy’s sanctuary; from magic mindfulness and unwinding from a day spent in the bottom of the garden fluttering, amongst growing mushrooms– or granting our wishes with a wave of their wand.

Incorporate Pastels

For colour schemes, think blues, greens and pinks in a light and uplifting pastel shade. Pair with the rich tones of nature-inspired elements, cream-style colours and gold - for the ethereal look that is required of this aesthetic.

Best fairycore mushroom home decor


Perfect for any fairycore home decor, these handpainted Mini Pastel Toadstools are pretty. Where

Best fairycore tableware


Embrace the magic of this modern, enchanting Agate Coaster. It makes the perfect fairy-inspired

Best pastel fairycore home decor


Art-Deco-inspired, the Livia Chevron Pink Glass Storage Pot has whimsical detailing and gold

Best fairycore rug


With nature-inspired and pastel hues, this Woodland Patchwork Rug is snug, whimsical and totally

Best fairycore crystal


Combine your love of crystals with your fairycore aesthetic with a Flower Agate Crystal Tower.

Best fairycore kitchenware


Indulge in whimsy with this adorable ceramic Fairy Mug. Crafted from stoneware, it comes complete

Best fairycore bedding set


Enjoy the vintage pastel and botanical design for a fairycore touch in your bedroom. This

Think Butterflies

It's no surprise that fairies are often associated with butterflies. Elegant, radiant and whimsical, butterflies are a beautiful part of wildlife - an indicator of the health of an area, with wings made to fly. Fairy wings represent freedom, grace and a connection to the natural world. How else can fairies transcend into the realm of fantasy and magic?

In your quest to find the best fairycore home decor, consider these beautiful creatures...

Best fairycore suncatcher

Butterfly Stained Glass Suncatcher fairycore home decor
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GlassArtRoom makes delightfully whimsical stained glass sun-catchers that'll capture the sun

Best fairycore home decor


Keep your favourite wellness and storybooks safe between these Butterfly Gold Metal Book Ends. In

Best fairycore wall art


Embrace the natural elements with this easy-to-hang Butterfly Bouquet Tapestry. Add a pretty

Best fairycore vase


Invite the serenity of the outdoors into your abode with this Pernille Rosenkilde for

Consider Lighting

Lastly, lighting. If you're not a fan of moon lamps, consider the aptly named fairy lights for fairycore home decor.

To bring the fairycore look to your bedroom, consider fairy lights; named because their delicate, twinkling appearance resembles the magical, ethereal quality often associated with our winged friends, they evoke a sense of enchantment...

Best bedside fairycore lighting


Choose from different colours and sizes - and let this Light-Up Glitter Fairy Jar illuminate your

Best fairycore fairy lights


Create a dreamy ambience with these dainty butterfly-shaped fairy lights. Delicately crafted, they

Best fairycore curtain lights


Twinkling, these Multicoloured Curtain String Lights will help you make a luminous statement.


Is fairycore alternative?

Yes – fairycore is a nature-based aesthetic, which centres around fairy (or faerie) and elf mythology.

Often thought to be a feminine counterpart to the earthier goblincore, fairycore focuses on the beauty of nature, such as flowers, fairies, butterflies, soft animals and ethereal elements. This is reflected in our fairycore home decor picks.

What is the difference between cottagecore and fairycore?

Believe it or not, there are differences between the two.

Cottagecore, mostly, deals with elements that are not traditionally whimsical or ethereal, donning a nature-inspired and autumnal palette. Whereas fairycore focuses on the magic, butterflies and softer elements, cottage aesthetics encapsulate a rural existence, delving deeper into wildlife – like fungi.

Piper Huxley is a Homes, Garden and Wellness Product Writer for Spirit & Destiny, an all-rounder: from health to spirituality. When not at her desk, she’s practising yoga or in deep reflection.

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