The best Gemini gift guide 2023

Gemini are the social butterflies of the zodiac.


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It’s the season of the charismatic and charming Gemini. A time for picking up the pace after slow and steady Taurus season, this time is all about reconnecting, socialising and having fun.

It’s also the time to consider gifts to celebrate the dynamic air sign in your life. However, it can be hard to know what gift to buy for a Gemini, especially as they can be hard to pin down with their everchanging list of interests.

So, if you find yourself unsure of what to get them, our Gemini gift guide might serve as some inspiration. And while you may have already read our zodiac gift guide, this season is all about appreciating the adaptable air sign in your life.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Zodiac symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Mercury

House: Third House

Modality: Mutable

Rules: The lungs

These adaptable air signs really are the social butterfly of the zodiac. As they’re ruled by Mercury, Geminis are natural communicators. They can keep their audience captivated by their magnetic charm and quick sense of humour.

Think of Gemini as everchanging. They're a sign who constantly evolves and looks at the next project to keep them entertained. With a constant thirst for knowledge, they're a highly intelligent sign, who are talented in many areas and pick up new skills quickly.

As their zodiac sign is symbolised by The Twins, Geminis are renowned for having a multifaceted personality. It can often be cause for misunderstanding as some may perceive this as Gemini being 'fake'. However, these signs are just so good at adapting to different groups of people that they often take on other people's traits to relate to them.

Those who have Gemini in their chart are charismatic, dynamic and fun to be around. They keep you on your toes, and this is why they're such an exciting friend to have because you're not quite sure what they'll do next.

The best gift guide for a Gemini 2023

In our opinion, here are some of the best gifts to buy a Gemini.

This scent couldn't remind us more of Gemini! With citrus notes of orange and grapefruit along with sweet scents of peach and nectarine, it's the perfect combination that describes Gemini all too well.

Natural communicators, a new phone case is a much-needed gift for a Gemini. This biodegradable, eco-friendly case from Etsy features an abstract print that any Gemini will love.

A beautiful butterfly necklace that can be customised is only fitting for the social butterfly of the zodiac. In options of gold, silver and rose gold with an added personalised message on the clasp is a gorgeous gift for Gemini.

In colours of orange and pink, the vibrant foil highlighter by Fenty in shades Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria is ideal for fun-loving Gemini.

Price: $4.99

Always up for learning new skills, these palm reading cards appeal to Gemini's analytical and inquisitive nature.

Add a pop of colour into their life with this crochet patchwork bag from FatFace. A vintage throwback with a fresh modern take is suited to Gemini's sense of style.

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis have a talent for writing and communication. A colourful notebook may be just what’s needed for your Gemini to organise their thoughts on paper and unleash their inner creativity.

A gift set containing healing crystals selected especially with Gemini in mind. Including Citrine, Dalmation Jasper, Agate and Howlite.

Who are Gemini most compatible with?

Compatibility is all relative in astrology to the bigger picture, with the wider natal chart giving more insight into whether two signs are compatible or not. While sun signs provide a sweeping view of compatibility, looking at Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury between charts gives a better indication.

The Moon governs emotions, Venus governs what we look for in a relationship, Mars rules passion and sexuality, and Mercury rules communication. Therefore, these planetary aspects may be of more use when looking at romantic compatibility.

Generally, Gemini may find themselves compatible with their fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius. Air signs approach relationships in a unique way, often with a non-committal attitude that makes them come across as aloof to others. However, these signs value their freedom, possibly enjoying the process of pursuing a relationship more than actually being in one. Therefore, they may find understanding from fellow air signs that they may not get with the other elements.

Alternatively, they may find compatibility with the fire signs as they bring an element of excitement and energy to relationships. For example, their opposing sign, Sagittarius, might prove to be a challenging match. In other words, this is a match that works incredibly for them or goes up in flames.

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