Best air sign gifts: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Here are the best gifts for social, charming and diplomatic air signs.

Air sign gifts

by Samantha Price |
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Air is the astrological element that brings communication, intelligence and charm. Those born with air-dominant charts are likely able to adapt themselves to fit into almost any environment. But while they're highly social creatures, they also value their independence, too. If this sounds like your air friend, then we might just have found the perfect air sign gifts for the Aquarius, Gemini or Libra in your life.

This element places emphasis on the social aspect of their lives. Even if they're on the more reserved side, like Aquarius, they can be brought out in the right social setting as long as they're comfortable and interested in the topic at hand. However, it doesn't take much to be drawn to these natural communicators.

Here at Spirit & Destiny, we've rounded up the best gifts for the air signs. Below are some of our favourite pieces that will allow you to show some appreciation for your whimsical and wonderful air sign friend.

Best gifts for air signs

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Price: £6.40 (was £8)

A mix of shimmer and matte with neutral and bolder tones, this palette inspired by the air signs will make for an ethereal makeup look. It contains pigmented colours that apply effortlessly and shades named after traits shared by the air signs.

Review: "I love this palette! The eyeshadows apply smoothly and are a beautiful selection of colours."

Price: £20 (was £25)

For someone who always reaches for the stars, this sequin headband is the perfect accessory. Whether it's an upcoming statement piece for the festive season ahead or one to add some interest to your outfit, this headband certainly won't go unnoticed.

Review: "Lovely headband. Perfect for the festive season and very comfy to wear. A great statement piece!"

Butterfly Brush Holder
Price: £10 (was £15)

Elegant butterflies symbolise transformation and what better transformation than fun makeup? Complete with hand-painted swirly wings and an opening at the top to store your brushes, this holder brings a sweet touch to your space.

We love this beautiful bird design from Elizabeth Scarlett's eye mask collection. Featuring a soft velvet and embroidered bird design with twinkling gold thread, this luxurious eye mask has been filled with lavender to induce a good night's sleep.

Brighten up a day at any time of year with this whimsical star wreath. With its striking rustic finish, this coil of metal stars looks stunning hung up on walls or doors. The stars can be adjusted as desired for the perfect addition to your home decor.

This marble effect bauble just looks like the sky in miniature form. For any air signs that are looking for a Christmas decoration for their tree, this is the dream decoration for them. Why not surprise them with a unique bauble that'll attract all the attention, just like them?

Review: "Will look great on my Christmas tree."

Price: £16 (was £20)

Ideal for a stocking filler, this air element pendant is a pretty accessory for them that they're sure to treasure. These made-to-order gold-plated pendants are suspended from a delicate chain and feature clouds to represent the floaty air sign.

Review: "Absolutely stunning necklace and such good quality. Looks amazing on. Quick delivery too. Would definitely recommend!"

This set of crystals promotes positive communication, imagination and brings an overall sense of joy. Containing gold tigers eye, citrine, yellow jasper, clear quartz and smokey quartz, these crystals are commonly associated with the air signs.

Review: "Fantastic set. Arrived very quickly and very well packaged. High-quality crystals. Very pleased with the purchase. Highly recommended."

Lie back and look up. This cloud cushion cover names the different types of clouds that can be found in the sky. True to air sign nature, this cushion appeals to their thirst for knowledge. Air signs want to know how and why things work the way they do, and as it is explained in scientific terms, it's one they're sure to appreciate.

Review: "A really unusual and unique item. I love it."

Allow them to enjoy the soothing sounds of this delicate wind chime as it creates beautiful tones in the breeze. Made with a crystal centre to its design, there are a few to select from including citrine and aventurine which are commonly associated with the air elements.

Review: "Just beautiful wind chime with beautiful tones."

To learn more about the sky above, your air sign friend will love these cloud spotter cards. For a moment to pause and reflect, connect with nature and ground themselves, this collection of cards will have them clued up on all the different types of clouds.

These luxury handmade chocolates are inspired by the elements, so indulge in the different flavours and let your tastebuds be taken on a journey. For air, there's a combination of dark chocolate finished with light mint. For water, dark chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt. Earth has flavours of dark chocolate combined with violet and black pepper. Fire finishes with a kick as it contains coconut with a hint of chilli.

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