Best water sign gifts: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Here are the best gifts for deep, dreamy, intuitive water signs.

Water sign gifts

by Ellen Kinsey |
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Water is the astrological elementof emotions, intuition and sensitivity, and those born with their sun, moon or rising in a water sign are often friends or family members who hold great empathy. If you are looking to find the perfect gift for a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces in your life, then we have rounded up the best gifts for water signs that will help them feel in their element.

While water signs are often categorised as reserved and sensitive and tend to have great intuition, and are old souls or dreamers. Their sensitivity is their superpower which allows them to feel emotions in a very deep and profound way. Just like water - they are free-flowing, but just like waves in the ocean, they hold great power.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the best gifts for water signs perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions that your friends and family will love.

Best gifts for water signs

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The iconic reusable water bottle by Chilly's is perfect for keeping you hydrated and in the flow. The Series 2 is a stainless steel design that'll keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours, making it the perfect practical gift for your water elemental loved ones.

Astrology lovers will adore this thoughtful gift. Whether you are a water sign in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or any other star sign, these zodiac constellation earrings are the perfect way to add some personality to your look.

Dreamy, emotional water elementals are associated with crystals that promote intuition, empathy, and care, and the crystals in this bracelet also provide you with the confidence to communicate clearly - perfect for flowy water signs.

Review: "Love it. Everything I’ve purchased from The Psychic Tree has been of excellent quality & this pack is no different. I would definitely recommend it."

If you know someone who feels in their element in the water, they can channel their inner mermaid with this fun vegan and cruelty-free bath bomb. Infused with vitamin C, this jasmine-scented bath bomb will instantly hydrate your skin and help you unwind.

Review: "I love bath bombs and mermaids, so I decided to try this. Firstly the smell is nice and soft, not too potent. The colour it makes is like a nice purply colour and does take a good time to dissolve in the water."

Water babies will love this sustainable gift. Perfect for travelling, gym bags, or just to hang in your shower, this lovely organic soap on a string clean, exfoliates and cleanses your body.

Review: "Absolutely amazing! So glad I bought this soap, I purchased it as a gift, and I know they will love it (: The soap looks high quality, was packaged beautifully, and delivered so fast."

This gorgeous vase will make a stylish addition to your home and is perfect for fresh or artificial flowers.

Bathtime is an excellent place for dreamy Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio to unwind and reflect on their day and these bath salts are beneficial not only for the mind but the body too. Featuring Himalayan salts and essential oils, this gift will help get rid of fatigue, relax after a hard-working day and peacefully fall asleep.

Review: "So soothing and very pleasant smell!"

With the cosy season upon us, water signs can get curled up and watch their favourite movie with this knitted water bottle cover. Super soft and handmade, this present will give great comfort to whoever it is gifted to.

Review: "Immaculately presented, gorgeous hot water bottle in a beautifully soft yarn. It's a unique design. I love it! Thank you."

Make a statement with this fun koi fish-style ornament and jug. These jugs have a mouth-shaped pourer that makes a 'glug glug' sound when liquid is poured out and comes in four bold colours.

Review: "Lovely Jug! Just as pictured on the website and quick delivery. Very happy."

Kuumba Made Water Goddess
Price: $9.97

Kuumba Made makes gorgeous fragrance oils, bath salts and more, and this beautiful water goodness oil is scented with clean, smooth water notes with slightly sweet sandalwood undertones.

Review: "Been using this for years. Wonderful stuff!"

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