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If you're fascinated with the world of astrology and looking to add a few tools to your bag of tricks, we've included some of our favourites to assist you on your journey. From slipping into the spiritual world of star signs, delving into divination and opening your mind to oracle cards, these astrology basics are essential for any modern astrologer.

Of course, astrology books will only help to further your research into the zodiac. As well as books, there are also journals designed for you to work through to help with your understanding. After all, with signs, symbols, synastries, elements, houses, birth charts and aspects, there's a lot to memorise.

Best astrology basics

Here at Spirit & Destiny, we've rounded up some of the best astrology essentials. That way, remembering the finer details of the subject will come that much easier.

Best astrology basic reading cards


Rrp: $19.95

Price: $18.59

These beautifully illustrated reading cards encompass the signs of the zodiac, their houses and the planets. Not only can they assist in tarot readings, but they can also be used to help you learn and memorise the vast subject of astrology. Especially as these cards also come with a detailed guidebook.**

Review:** "I wasn't expecting the cards to be that large lol, they're lovely and also come with the guide book which is a bonus and well packaged."


  • Thoughtfully illustrated
  • Comes with a guidebook covering houses, planets and signs
  • Assists with an understanding of astrology


  • Cards are made from thin material

Best astrology basic oracle cards


Rrp: $17.95

Price: $13.80

From author and illustrator of various tarot decks and oracle cards, Paolo Barbieri, comes this fascinating zodiac oracle deck. Containing a companion booklet to help with the understanding of the signs, elements and planets, these cards will help to strengthen your intuition.**

Review:** "Lovely boxed set of oracle cards based, what drew me was the artwork. They are thinner than some other cards I have, but that's only a minor thing. Comes with a useful little booklet that gives you prompts rather than in-depth interpretations, but that is fine as this encourages you to trust your own interpretations with some guidance."


  • Comes with a companion booklet
  • Includes the signs, their elements and planets
  • Features iconic illustrations


  • Could include more cards

Best astrology basic divination dice

If you're looking for some divination astrology dice to provide some answers, these three dice with carvings of the symbols of the zodiac, planets and houses may assist you in your search. As well as being a tool in your divination practises, they'll help you to familiarise yourself with the symbols of the signs and planets.

Review: "Very beautiful! I love them."


  • Includes star sign symbols, planets and houses
  • Supporting small business
  • Aesthetically pleasing dice
  • Made from Blue Sandstone gemstone


  • May be smaller than expected

Best astrology basic lunar calendar

While we may be halfway through the year, this lunar calendar may give you some insight into the astrological phases of the moon. This lunar calendar shows you when the moon enters each sign, and which phase the moon is in for each month. Brilliant to refer back to when learning about astrology.


  • Can choose between sizes and whether it includes a wall hanger
  • Supporting small business
  • Includes astrological phases of the moon
  • Comes with a manifestation guide


  • We're already halfway through the year, although there are also lunar calendars already available for next year

Best astrology basic houses wheel

Wanting to deepen your understanding of the houses in astrology? This wheel shows which house and planet correlate with which star sign. It also gives a brief insight into the meaning of each house. It's a great tool for learning, memorising and referring back to during your research.**

Review:** "Love it, would recommend to learn with."


  • A great learning tool
  • Supporting small business
  • Includes the signs, symbols, planets, houses and house meanings
  • Comes with an attached hook on the back for wall hanging


  • Could be made from more substantial material

Best astrology basic book


Rrp: $14.99

Price: $10.65
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This detailed guide shows the reader all about sun signs, rising signs, aspects, houses, birth charts and more. There are sections of this book dedicated to applying the knowledge you've learned to different areas in your life, such as work matters or relationships, which could be considered useful.

Review: "Honestly the best breakdown on birth chart knowledge I have ever read. I would recommend this book if you want to understand certain mannerisms of your sign for sure. It’s extremely accurate."


  • Explains how to structure a birth chart
  • Covers a wide variety of topics
  • A newer, more inclusive way of seeing traditional astrology


  • Too challenging for some, not challenging enough for others

Best astrology basic notebook

A beautiful notebook from Papier adorned with a print of the constellations. For all of your astrology notes, this notebook couldn't be more appropriate. It even has an option to add gold foil for a special touch and you can customise between lined paper, plain paper or dotted paper.


  • Added gold foil option
  • Customisable page layout
  • Gorgeous design


  • Only available in A5 size

Best astrology basic reflective journal

If you're someone who learns as they go, a guided astrology workbook might be best for you to absorb all of the information at hand. This journal is handmade, including foil detail that has been applied by hand and original artwork that features in the book. It offers space for you to self-reflect on the positions in your birth chart and what effect the signs have on your behaviour.
Review:** "My friend bought me one of your astrology journals for my birthday and I've just spent a while working through it. Just the first section on elements and I'm blown away - I've been into astrology for a while but hadn't ever seen it broken down like this. I can't believe what I've learnt already. Just wanted to send a message and say thank you..."


  • Handmade with love
  • Supporting small business
  • Features original artwork
  • Includes a folded bookmark
  • Can include a gift message


  • Could include more detail

Best astrology basic personalised birth chart print

For an amazing keepsake that you can frame proudly on your wall, this personalised birth chart with foil details from Three Moon Magic on Etsy is the perfect addition to your home. With the finest attention to detail, including the degrees and houses in your chart, you'll get to know your birth chart in no time.
Review:** "Simply perfect. Absolutely stunning print of my friend’s birth chart for her 21st. The seller even noticed it was her 21st and wrote me a lovely note wishing my friend happy birthday. 100% will purchase another birth chart from this seller."


  • Personalised to you
  • Supporting small business
  • Detailed analysis, including degrees and houses
  • Can customise the frame, card backing and foil colour
  • Comes with a detailed introduction booklet to birth charts


  • Smaller than expected

Best astrology basic personalised birth chart book

Price: £75 (was 95)

Interpret your own chart in a detailed and analytical way thanks to this beautiful and personal book. Giving insight into the position of the planets the day that you were born, this book is all about you. This astrology book would also make a special gift for a friend who enjoys astrology.
Review: "I love that it gives the overall description of each planet, as well as your personal sign. The illustrations are beautiful and elegant. I bought one for myself and my sister."


  • Completely personalised
  • A beautiful keepsake
  • Pages of detailed astrology analysis


  • Expensive in comparison to other astrology basics

Best astrology basic personalised constellation print

Whether you're wanting the pattern of the stars on the day you were born or on the night that you and someone special met, this personalised star print will serve as a lovely keepsake. You can add the constellation and coordinates if you wish to add an extra special detail that is sure to impress.
Review:** "21st birthday gift for my nephew and he loved it! I was seriously impressed with the quality of the finished product and felt it well justified the price paid. Delivery was also very prompt. I contacted the sellers with a query about personalisation and received very helpful and quick feedback."


  • Totally personalised
  • Can customise the size, frame, foil colour, constellation and coordinates
  • You can add a card for a special occasion (at an added cost)


  • Foil detail may be somewhat subtle

Astrology podcasts, YouTube Channel and Instagram account recommendations

Whether you are a seasoned astrologer or are starting to take an interest in the stars, there are so many astrology podcasts, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts filled with fantastic resources, tutorials, and astrological forecasts that you can delve into. Here are Spirit and Destiny writer Ellen Kinsey's top suggestions:

'In terms of podcasts, the first one that got me into astrology is Astrology and You. This astrology podcast, hosted by Alice Bell and Maxine Luzía, talks about the astrology of each month and provides practical and relevant teachings on planets, transits and how to read your own chart. Alice Bell has an Instagram page called @stalkalice, where she creates funky and easy-to-read graphics that forecasts moon cycles and the astrology of each month according to your rising sign.

Another podcast recommendation is Caggie Dunlop's Saturn Returns. The once Made in Chelsea star now has her own podcast that dives into spirituality and wellbeing through the lens of astrology.

Alyssa Sharp, also known as @thedivinevenus, is an astrologist, numerologist, tarot reader and spiritual teacher whose YouTube channel helped make astrology more mainstream during her ten years on the platform. Often coined the 'Mother of Modern Astrology'. Alyssa has countless videos that help you under your chart with lessons on how to understand your north and south node and how to read the collective through the millennia. Her videos are entertaining and insightful and have helped me to understand my chart and the astrology throughout the year.'

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