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It's time for Libra season and so we've shared a Libra gift guide to help you shop for the lucky Libra in your life.

The Libra season encourages us to value our romantic relationships, as well as find peace and harmony throughout all areas of our lives. Maybe it's exactly what's needed after the heavy focus that Virgo season brings. Libra is a reminder of all things in moderation, except flirting, of course!

Like other air signs, Libra are social creatures. Due to their Venus influence, they love to romance, flirt and charm their way through social situations. However, typical of air sign nature, they do have the tendency to withdraw when the subject of their affections gets too close. However, it's important to understand that air signs value their freedom above all.

Although you may have already read our zodiac gift guide, this season is all about appreciating this air sign. So, if you find yourself unsure of how to appreciate your Libra friend, this guide may serve as some inspiration.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Zodiac symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Venus
House: Seventh House
Modality: Cardinal
Rules: Lumbar region

Represented by the scales, Libra has a need for balance and harmony. In a social setting, you may discover that they're the ones who keep the peace with their diplomatic nature. That's not to say they don't have their own views, however, as Libra also has a strong sense of justice. They value fair treatment and this is something that's important to them in their relationships.

Ruled by Venus and the Seventh House, Libras have an appreciation for the arts, beauty and aesthetics. They may have an interest in music, dance, painting or poetry. They strive to make a beautiful life for themselves no matter the cost. While the romance of Libra sounds much like a Pisces, traditionally an air sign has a more rational mindset. It's easier to bring a Libra back down to earth than their water counterparts.

Masters of communication, Libras know how to charm those around them. Others may describe them as friendly, approachable and attractive. However, it's important for Libra to strike a balance between people-pleasing and saying no when needed. Their desire to avoid conflict may override their own needs at times, but Libra needs to realise they have to put their own needs first sometimes, too.

The best Libra gift guide 2023

This beautiful candle is reminiscent of the Birth of Venus painting by Botticelli, and of course, we can't help but think of Libra. The set features a shell and a bust candle made from soy wax that gives off a lovely subtle scent.

Adding to the theme, this palette inspired by Venus might as well be made for a Libra. With tones of pinks, golds and browns and ranging from bold to more subtle shades, this palette is simply gorgeous. It features shade names of heavenly, beloved and dreamy.

For a little je nais se quois, this Matisse tote bag appeals to the artistic nature of a Libra. Featuring a line drawing of a woman lounging, it has a Parisian influence that fits Libra so well.

Designed to celebrate the divine female form, the I Am Divine necklace from independent female-owned brand NIKITA encourages Libra to harness their true power and revel in their inner goddess.

You can't go wrong with a bouquet, and these beautiful pink roses make a considerate gift for the Libra in your life. They're especially fitting as roses are one of the birth flowers for Libra, and pink is commonly associated with the romantic sign.

Price: £49.99 (was £89.99)

If Libra is particularly fond of music, this classic-style vinyl player with a modern influence would make a lovely addition to their home. The mini vinyl player pairs up to Bluetooth to deliver powerful sound despite its size.

If Libra were a fragrance, they'd be freshly cut roses. This eau de toilette by Maison Margiela named Flower Market captures the hustle and bustle of a Parisian flower market with strong accords of Grasse Rose Petal, refreshing Freesia, and Tuberose.

Price: £21.59+

An elegant pearl necklace adds a classic feminine charm to any outfit. While pearls are commonly associated with Cancer, they're also associated with goddess Venus, so we believe this is a fabulous fit for Libra.

A gift set containing healing crystals selected especially with Libra in mind. Including Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye and Heat Treated Citrine.

Who are Libra most compatible with?

Compatibility is all relative in astrology to the bigger picture, with the wider natal chart giving more insight into whether two signs are compatible or not. While sun signs provide a sweeping view of compatibility, looking at Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury signs between charts gives a better indication.

The Moon governs emotions, Venus governs what we look for in a relationship, Mars rules passion and sexuality, and Mercury rules communication. Therefore, these planetary aspects may be of more use when looking at romantic compatibility.

Libra may find compatibility with their fellow air signs, Aquarius and Gemini. Air signs approach relationships in a unique way, often with a non-committal attitude that makes them come across as aloof to others. However, these signs value their freedom, possibly enjoying the process of pursuing a relationship more than actually being in one. Therefore, they may find understanding from fellow air signs that they may not get with the other elements.

Alternatively, they may find compatibility with the fire signs as they bring an element of excitement and energy to relationships. For example, their opposing sign, Aries, might prove to be a challenging match. In other words, this is a match that works incredibly for them or goes up in flames.

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