The best crystals for love and self healing 2023

Here are the best crystals for love to open your heart.


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Whether you're on the search for romance or you're doing some healing work on your inner self, the best crystals for love encourage positivity. In a world that can make it hard to love ourselves at times, the best crystals for love envelop us with loving energy. Along with inner healing work, the crystals that we have chosen may help guide you on a path to self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.

Certain crystals are said to be best at promoting love. Among them are rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, green aventurine, rhodonite and more. More often than not, these crystals tend to be in the pink or green colour family, as these are shades that we associate with the heart chakra, as well as tenderness, prosperity and luck.

If you're looking to attract love into your life, the best crystals for manifesting will mean that the energy you put out is the energy you'll receive. Especially if they're carried on your person, such as in the form of a beautiful piece of jewellery. Wearing these stones will help you to exude this loving energy that others are sure to pick up on, and, hopefully, return it back to you.

Best crystals for love at a glance:

Best crystal for love: Polar Jade Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Heart – View on Amazon
Best crystal for passion: Passion Chain Bracelet – View on Etsy
Best crystal for healing: Natural Rhodonite Crystal Tower – View on Etsy

Alternatively, if you really want to work on showing yourself some love, the best healing crystals will allow you to tap into their healing energy. Take a moment to unwind with these crystals and show yourself some self-care. Surrounding yourself with these crystals and giving yourself positive affirmations in the morning is a compassionate way to start your day. With that in mind, here are the best crystals for love, carefully chosen just for you.

The best crystals for love

Best crystal for love

Polar Jade Natural Rose Quartz Heart StoneAmazon
Price: $13.90

Whether it's a token of appreciation for someone you love or you prefer to keep this on your person to inspire positive energy, this Polar Jade Natural Rose Quartz Heart Stone is a beautiful choice. Hand-carved in the shape of a heart, you can't inspire loving energy more than with a heart-shaped rose quartz.

Customer review: "Beautiful rose quartz heart that came in a purple pouch. It looks just as it does in the photo. Came with a free gift of small chakra stones. Thank you!"


  • Comes with a pouch
  • Can be bought as a set of three
  • Made of natural rose quartz crystal


  • May be natural variations in shape and colour

Best crystal for passion

Passion Chain BraceletEtsy

If passion is what you're looking for, this Passion Chain Bracelet from Etsy featuring agate, carnelian and citrine will set flames alight. Most likely, you can use this bracelet to bring back your inner passions as an act of self-love. But, there's no reason why this can't bring passion within your love life, either.

Customer review: "Gorgeous bracelet as always, very impressive product and service."


  • Option for personalisation
  • Loads of choice on chain design
  • Comes with a keepsake card


  • A small charge for delivery

Best crystal for healing

Natural Rhodonite Crystal TowerEtsy

These Natural Rhodonite Crystal Towers are a wonderful stone for bringing healing energy. A compassionate stone that clears away negative energy from the past, this tower might be good to keep around if you're entering a new relationship. It's also a stone that nurtures love, activating the heart and balancing the emotions.

Customer review: "Beautiful towers. They make a stunning collection."


  • Beautiful natural pattern
  • Different choice of styles
  • Different choices of sizes


  • May be natural variations in shape and colour

Best crystal for clarity

Raw Quartz PointEtsy

If you're looking for clarity in your love life, or you want to clear some negative energy in regard to previous relationships, this Raw Quartz Point is for you. Clear quartz is a great crystal for cleansing, healing and manifesting, making it the perfect stone when it comes to matters of the heart.

Customer review: "Beautiful raw quartz crystals. Used for my crystal grid. Quick delivery and arrived well packaged. Definitely recommend this seller."


  • A bestseller on Etsy
  • Uses eco-friendly packaging
  • Ethically sourced


  • One particular size is sold out

Best crystal for self-love

Botanics Rose Quartz Gua ShaBoots

One way to show yourself some self-love. Really take your time and nurture your beauty routine with this Botanics Rose Quartz Gua Sha. Feel the cooling quartz against your skin as you run it over the contours of your face. A lovely option to help with congestion, tired under-eyes and one for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

Customer review: "I love this. A perfect bit of self care to add into a routine! It is so nice and cooling and does help contour your face temporarily. I just like the feeling of it, and top tip is to put it in the freezer before use so its extra cold and soothing on your skin."


  • Cooling against the skin
  • Helps to contour the face
  • Handcrafted using rose quartz


  • Fragile

Best crystal for prosperity

Green Aventurine Tumbled StoneEtsy

These smooth, tumbled Green Aventurine Stones feel lovely in your hands. Whether you carry these in your pockets or in your purse, prosperity will follow you wherever you go. So, if you haven't had the best of luck when it comes to love, aventurine might help encourage some good fortune, and it's also tied to the heart chakra.

Customer review: "This is one of the most beautiful crystals I have ever ordered. The delivery was fast and this really fits with all my other crystals."


  • Beautiful natural variations
  • Two different sizes to select from
  • Free and fast delivery


  • More sizes would be favourable

Best crystal gift set for love

Rose Quartz Pamper Hamper Gift SetNot On The High Street
Price: £51.96 (was £64.95)

A stunning collection of gifts to show you care, this Rose Quartz Pamper Hamper Gift Set is the ultimate gift for showing your love and support. It features a rose quartz gua sha and roller set, a towel hair wrap and an LED light unit, all for having a much-needed pamper night and engaging in an act of self-love.


  • Beautifully presented hamper
  • Towel hair wrap is suitable for all hair types
  • Instruction cards and video links for perfect home facial


  • No reviews

Best crystal for attracting

Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped NecklaceThe Psychic Tree

This unusual Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace is sure to attract a bit of attention in the best way possible, and rose quartz will hopefully attract some loving energy, too. Encased in a wire cage, the beautiful rose quartz sits near your heart to promote love, improve relationships and heal the heart.

Customer review: "This necklace is absolutely lovely, not too heavy and a lovely crystal overall! Definitely worth a buy!"


  • Highly rated on The Psychic Tree
  • Different choices of chains
  • A good weight


  • Quartz may fade over time

Best crystal for manifesting

Silver Plated Rose Quartz Adjustable RingEtsy

Looking for a more serious step in your relationship or want to attract a life partner? This Silver Plated Rose Quartz Adjustable Ring is not only a dainty accessory, but the rose quartz, with it's powerful properties, may help you to manifest love into your life. Wearing it on your left hand, connected to your heart, might help the 'receiving' energy flow.

Customer review: "Beautiful and adjustable! It looks exactly like the photos provided :) Thank you, I love it!"


  • An adjustable fit
  • Comes with a gift pouch
  • Nickel free


  • Only band colour is silver

Best crystals for setting intentions

Crystals For Attracting Your SoulmateEtsy

Setting an intention to find the love of your life, these Crystals For Attraction Your Soulmate come with a guide on the stones included and their properties. Rose quartz, jade, green aventurine and red jasper inspire love, passion and prosperity in order to help you attract your life partner.

Customer review: "Bought for myself but would make a lovely gift. Quick delivery."


  • Comes in a beautiful organza pouch
  • Information guide tells you properties of each stone
  • Fast delivery


  • May be natural variations in sizes

Best crystal for friendship

Set Of Two Natural Crystal Healing BraceletsNot On The High Street
Price: £43.20 (was £54)

A way to show love for a dear friend. This set of two Natural Crystal Healing Bracelets comes with a specially formulated blend of essential oils that you can drop on the lava stones to diffuse a calming scent. There's one bracelet for you and one for your friend, and whenever they look at it, they'll be reminded of your love for them.


  • Comes in a stunning gift box
  • Includes essential oil to use as a diffuser on bracelet
  • An option for personalisation is available


  • No reviews

Best crystal set for self-love

Self Love Crystal CollectionEtsy
Price: £14.99+

When nurturing self-love, this Self Love Crystal Collection may offer some support. It includes amethyst, aventurine, clear quartz, smokey quartz and rose quartz. Including an option to select between a tumbled rose quartz stone or a heart-shaped rose quartz stone. Set yourself some positive intentions or affirmations as you include these stones in your daily routine.

Customer review: "Thank you so much my self love collection they are just beautiful. The pouch is great to pop them in my handbag and I know they are always with me."


  • A choice between tumbled or heart shaped rose quartz
  • Comes with an information sheet
  • Comes with a cotton pouch


  • Some may prefer a plain pouch

Best crystal set for love

Crystals For LoveEtsy

These Crystals For Love on Etsy make the perfect gift for someone special or ones to add to your growing crystal collection. Containing rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, rhodonite and clear quartz, each stone has been carefully chosen for its properties that release loving energy.

Customer review: "Beautiful cut stone. Presentation just perfect. Presented in cute bag- with note advising you of the benefits. Service excellent. Price point fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend this product and business."


  • Comes with a cotton pouch
  • Lovely tumbled stones with smooth finish
  • Make a lovely gift


  • May be natural variations in shapes and colours


If you're a beginner to the world of crystals, then you might be pondering some of the questions below. As well as taking the best crystals for beginners into consideration, here are some tips on storing and charging your crystals to get the most out of your stones.

How to store crystals?

For some of your beloved gemstones, it's best to avoid water, humidity, sunlight and dust particles. Certain crystals are picky and won't fare well with some of the aforementioned conditions. Make sure to do your research before you decide to display them. Sometimes it's better to keep them tucked away. You can use several methods of storage:

Pouches: The best crystal pouches will give you protection from all of these, keeping them safe and sound.

Drawers: These are a good idea if you want to rotate between crystals and energy flows.

Boxes: A lovely alternative to a dedicated drawer, ideal for a smaller collection.

How do you charge crystals?

There are numerous ways you can cleanse and charge crystals to activate their healing properties; however, this depends on the type of stone, so it’s always worth researching your crystals.

Although, some will not take well to water or salt, so be mindful of this before choosing a method of charging. Apart from this, choosing your preferred method comes from your own intuition and whichever you feel most drawn to.

Cleansing and charging your stones is key. Crystals are said to absorb energy, however, this also includes negativity too. Here are five popular methods you can try to cleanse and charge your collection of crystals, most of them involving nature.

Best ways to charge your crystals:

• Bathing them in the moonlight on a full Moon

• Burning incense or herbs around them

• Soaking them in water

• Purifying them with salt

• Burying them in soil or sand

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