The best ritual spoons you need to elevate your spells

A simple tool for casting spells and setting intentions.

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This could be the first time you have cast a spell or the hundredth spell. The number is not important, however, each spell is. The intention behind spells is to manifest a better more authentic life. Spells should always be done with positive intentions. When you are planning to conduct spells or rituals you firstly need to get your mind focused to channel the best energy with a clear mind. One way you can do this is by using a ritual spoon because it will help your mind focus.

Ritual spoons can be used to scoop herbs for spells or as an aide to your morning manifestations. Find a peaceful place - this doesn't have to be quiet, just somewhere you feel safe. Channel into the energies of the earth and beyond. If spells aren't your thing, you can even use your spoon to stir your morning brew of coffee or chamomile tea whilst manifesting for the best day.

"You do not have to use a certain type of spoon. Whatever calls out to your heart. To pick a ritual spoon I would meditate on it and ask for guidance and when you find the one you will know," explains Jessica, the owner of the popular spiritual Etsy store, Mind Body Nirvana.

Best ritual spoons

Best for gifting

If you are a kitchen witch or new to casting spells this is the set for you. This Herbs for Witchcraft has everything you will need to get you started including a ritual spoon and 32 packs of dried herbs. This is the perfect gift for someone interested in witchcraft.

One reviewer said: "I received every herb I was meant to and even got the silver spoon which I was hoping for and my favourite stone amethyst! I will be buying again."

Best small ritual spoon

This brass hand-casted brass spoon is ideal as a ritual spoon, altar spoon, or salt spoon. This spoon is a one-off item and is decorated with unusual detailing. It has a medieval design, a large deep bowl and a decorative handle that would look amazing on any altar or as part of a collection.

One reviewer said: "I am very pleased with this spoon. It is very old pewter. It feels heavy and solid. I am very impressed."

Best for design

Vintage Crystal SpoonEtsy

These beautiful spoons are beautifully ornate with floral details and crystals attached to the end of the handle. That'll help to channel higher and stronger energies. It's available in bronze, silver, gold and copper and really affordable, though it will cost extra for delivery as it comes from overseas.

One reviewer said: "A little smaller than I expected but beautiful nonetheless."

Best full ritual spoon kit

Witchcraft Supplies and Herbs for Spells 25 Premium Fine Dried Botanicals
Price: $52.99

This is the perfect kit for someone who wants to cast new spells. This Witchcraft set includes a large range of dried flowers that are great for potion-making and spells. We love that this set has an intricately decorated spoon included and more than 25 herbs.

One reviewer said: "When I opened this box, I felt like I'd been welcomed into a warm and cosy kitchen, led to a comfy seat by the hearth and gifted a treasure from an old and experienced kitchen witch.

"Packed full of well-sealed and labelled enveloped packed with the most commonly used herbs a witch will ever need, the smell is heavenly. Each herb is identified with a picture, and clearly marked on each windowed envelope, so it's easy to see what's inside without opening it up. They have included an adorable little spoon and a good-sized amethyst as a thank-you.

"This has the look and feel of something gathered with loving hands and presented with pride and with joy in the knowledge that it will be well used. It is, perhaps, on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for."

Best spoon for cooking

Moon Hare SpoonEtsy

This beautiful beech wood spoon - associated with knowledge - has an Earth Mother Goddess Design burned onto it. It has been treated with food-safe oil, so it can be used for cooking. If you are planning to use your ritual spoon for cooking or manifestation this is a fantastic option. It'll be entirely unique as each is handcrafted.

Best for unusual design

Vintage Lizard Ritual-Spell casting SpoonEtsy

This beautiful gold metal vintage ritual spoon is approx. seven inches long. It has an unusual handle in the form of a lizard. This would make a great spoon for focusing manifestation and is perfect for spooning herbs, salts, and mixings.

Best for displaying

Witches Herb SpoonEtsy

This spoon is great for scooping herbs, salts, loose incense, and stirring tea. It is available in four different colours with the option to buy the full set at a discounted price. Once you've finished spell-casting, let it spice up your altar display or place it next to your cauldron or abalone shell. It's so beautiful, it deserves pride of place in your witch kitchen.

One reviewer said: "The spoons make everything more magickal, so to speak. I like the design... they make an excellent addition to my altar. Thank you."


How to use a ritual spoon

You'll use a ritual spoon as you would a regular spoon when doing your kitchen magic, spooning herbs and mixing ingredients. Choose the herbs with the magical properties you need and mix them using your spoon whilst setting your intention. However, it's good to remember to stir clockwise to draw in positive energies and counterclockwise to banish negativity.

Where do ritual spoons originate?

Spoons are one of the oldest utensils on the earth. The use of ritual or ceremonial spoons dates back to the 18th century. They looked very different back then but spoons have always had many uses in magic.

What material should a ritual spoon be?

Thankfully, a ritual spoon can be any material - gold, wooden, silver, metal, and so forth. We'd recommend choosing one that you feel the most connected to.

That being said, you could use a regular teaspoon in your home. Just make sure to cleanse it before you practice your witchcraft.

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