The best pendulum necklace to aid with decision making

Gain clarity on decision making with help from a higher power.

A close up of a pendulum necklace

by Rosie Floyd |

A pendulum necklace isn't just a pretty piece of jewellery. Many wear this for protection and healing purposes, but its purpose is to help you communicate with your subconscious mind.

If you're not sure what turn to take in life and are looking for some guidance, a pendulum necklace will aid you with decision making and achieving your life goals by helping you to tap into your own spirituality.

What is a pendulum necklace?

A pendulum necklace works by using your inner energy: combined with direction from your spirit guide, it answers yes or no questions. Designed to help you gain clarity and a better understanding of certain situations, this will guide you towards the right path.

Before you ask your pendulum anything - you will want to cleanse the crystal. Why? Your crystal may have picked up bad energy on its way to you. Crystals pick up on energies from different sources, so you will want to ensure that you start with a clear channel so that the results are accurate. You’ll also want to ensure you’re in a relaxed state and have cleared your mind to strengthen the connection.

How to use a pendulum necklace?

First, you will want to hold your pendulum from a height that allows movement. Bend your arm and let it freely swing around to test the motion. Then, you will want to determine what means yes and what means no. Some pendulums swing back and forth, some rotate, and some bob up and down. It all varies from person to person. Start with asking ‘show me yes’ followed by ‘show me no’ so you can establish what outcome each gesture means.

You can then ask your pendulum necklace questions that are as simple or as complex as you like. Common topics to ask a pendulum relate to life, love, health, your career, and money.

Amethyst is said to have a unique ability to cultivate positive psychic energy, making it ideal for a pendulum necklace. The purple stone is incredibly protective, healing and purifying, and it is thought it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts.

Review: "Been wanting to get a crystal necklace for ages and this was just perfect!"

The rose quartz on this pendulum necklace is beautifully cut and polished. The crystal is perfect for healing and balancing chakras.

Review: "Absolutely gorgeous crystal pendant. Very well made and of good quality. Everything arrived quickly and nicely wrapped. Highly recommended 🙂"

You'll find this obsidian stone hanging from a vegan-friendly faux leather cord. The stone is designed for power, protection and grounding, giving you the courage to face your inner truth.

Review: "Excellent quality!! I LOVE the vegan leather option and I wear this every day for protection. Blessed Be!"

Crafted from seven different gemstones, we love the brightly coloured layers of this pendulum necklace. Each coloured crystal strongly connects with a specific chakra to raise your vibration, emitting a positive flow of energy.

Review: "Wow, bigger than I thought! Absolutely beautiful. Just perfect. I got 2 - 1 as a present for my mum, and she loves it. Delivered on time. Fantastic price."

Made with a rainbow aura crystal, you'll see a gorgeous range of hues within this necklace. When the light catches it, it will display a range of colours, giving each necklace an individual look.

Review: "This necklace is so pretty! The necklace I got contains very little yellow (I hate the colour yellow) and it has some pretty blues, pinks, purples, and greens all throughout it. Shipping was fast, exactly 5 business days as estimated. Very happy with the necklace and the purchase."

A great option if you're wanting to splash out on a good quality pendulum necklace. It is at a higher price point than the others on our list, but it is hand-crafted and made from oxidised sterling silver, with a lobster clasp and a quartz gemstone.

Review: "Celia, the proprietress and artist who designed and created this pendant, is as lovely as the necklace is. I am so pleased with this purchase. The piece is beautiful and everything I anticipated it to be. Thank you!"

The green aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, so it's a good crystal to carry around with you on your pendulum necklace. As the luckiest of all the crystals, it's full of winning energy, so you can use it for manifesting prosperity and wealth.

Review: "Super cute!!! Really good quality. I would highly recommend it. The package was adorable too."

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