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It's no wonder that an amethyst pendulum can come in useful during spiritual practices such as divination. Amethyst is the crystal most associated with enhancing spirituality, intuition and providing a sense of calm. Not only does an amethyst pendulum look beautiful, but the properties it possesses make it ideal when you're seeking some spiritual guidance.

Using a pendulum necklace is a simple way for you to get some insight into unanswered questions. Simply hold the pendulum steady and ask it a question. Decide which direction equates to 'yes', and which direction equates to 'no.' Supposedly, the pendulum will use your energy to swing in one of the following, answering the question you've asked.

Best amethyst pendulum at a glance

Best overall amethyst pendulum: Amethyst Faceted Cone Pendulum – View on Etsy
Best simple amethyst pendulum: Reiki Charged Premium Hand Cut Amethyst Crystal Pendulum – View on Etsy
Best Chakra amethyst pendulum: Double Terminated Amethyst Chakra Gemstone Pendulum – View on Etsy

Not only can you use pendulum necklaces as a spiritual tool, but you can also wear them as an everyday accessory. Including crystals as part of your routine will allow the properties to have an effect on your day-to-day – you could stay hydrated with a crystal water bottle, for example. As each crystal has its own unique properties, some people will find them a source of support for certain areas in their life.

Amethyst crystal profile

Birthstone: February

Star sign: Aquarius and Pisces

Colour variations: Lilac to Purple

Chakra: Crown or Third Eye Chakra

Location: North and South America, India, Africa, Russia, and more.

Properties: Reduces stress, anxiety, and tension. Promotes calm and tranquillity. Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. Heals the body, mind, and spirit. Protection against harm and intoxication.

Best amethyst pendulum

At Spirit & Destiny, we've put together a list of the best amethyst pendulums to help you with your divination practices, or to use as a beautiful accessory in your everyday routine. Here are our favourite amethyst pendulums that will help enhance your spiritual wisdom, promote calm and reduce stress.

Best overall amethyst pendulum

A simple yet beautiful amethyst pendulum necklace takes the form of a cone-shaped crystal on a silver chain. Each crystal will vary slightly in size and shape due to the variations in the natural gemstone. If you're looking for an affordable amethyst pendulum, this one from Etsy is for you.
Customer review: "I love my pendulums I bought quite a few and am as gifts! My family and I are pleased with them all. I look forward to more purchases from this shop ✨"


  • Deep colouring
  • Each stone is unique


  • Delivery may take a while

Best simple amethyst pendulum

Another Etsy bestseller, this beautifully simple amethyst pendulum necklace features a cone-shaped crystal on an 18cm silver chain. You're able to choose between a mini or medium-sized amethyst crystal, and each crystal comes Reiki charged.
Customer review: "This pendulum is absolutely stunning! I really didn’t want to give it away as a gift, but I have! Delivery was very quick and was packaged very well. Thank you so much!"


  • Reiki charged
  • Ethically sourced
  • Size variations


  • Durability

Best Chakra amethyst pendulum

For all of your Chakra healing, this pendulum contains crystals associated with each of the Chakras. Not only does it come with a handcrafted chain, but it also comes with a pendulum information sheet to aid you with your practice. This amethyst pendulum would be ideal for working with the Crown chakra to provide spiritual support.
Customer review: "I absolutely adore my pendulum! Not only is it well made, the design is so beautiful. I've been working with my pendulum since the day it arrived and I've had a lot of amazing results :)"


  • Chakra healing
  • Handcrafted chain
  • Information sheet supplied


  • Low in stock

Best light amethyst pendulum

Price: $9.59

This pendulum necklace comes with a choice of crystals, including light and dark amethyst. This light amethyst pendulum is Reiki-charged and comes with a short chain for dowsing. If you're looking to wear this one as an accessory, you may need a longer chain, but it does the job when it comes to divination.
Customer review: "The value is impeccable for the price. The pouch really does protect it and the pendulum was gorgeous itself. Definitely satisfied with my purchase."


  • Different crystals to choose from
  • Each stone is unique
  • Crystal pouch included


  • Durability

Best vintage amethyst pendulum

This amethyst pendulum involves a beautiful vintage design that encompasses the crystal chip itself. A great decorative piece and spiritual tool to help you with your decision-making process, each pendulum is Reiki charged with different stones to choose from.
Customer review:** "The pendulum is beautiful, delicate and works perfectly."


  • Beautifully decorated
  • Reiki charged
  • Different crystals to choose from


  • Made with resin

Best spherical amethyst pendulum

In spherical shape, this amethyst pendulum includes crystals along the chain that are associated with the Chakras. Use it for your dowsing needs or for assisting with Chakra healing. It also includes a clear box for gifting or keeping safe.
Customer review: "I love it as you have the chakra beads too."


  • Chakra healing
  • Unique sphere shape
  • Includes gift box


  • Smaller than expected

Best decorative amethyst pendulum

An amethyst pendulum necklace encases the crystal with a series of decorative twists. Almost Elven in nature, this beautiful pendulum may be costly, but worth it, as each is lovingly handmade to order. Each pendulum ordered comes with a gift bag for protecting your pendulum.
Customer review: "Beautiful item. A twist on the usual pendants or pendulums that you find. This was very much an afterthought for a late gift but the seller had already dispatched it immediately so it was on its way. I was so shocked that it arrived within two days of me ordering and in time for me. I would recommend it thoroughly as a quality gift or personal piece. Love it. 💖"


  • Beautiful decoration
  • Each stone is unique
  • Quick delivery


  • Popular so low in stock

Best raw amethyst pendulum

Harness the power of raw crystal energy with the Natural Raw Crude Light Amethyst Pendulum. It has an attractive gold detail that attaches it to an adjustable cord. Wear as a necklace, use in divination, dowsing Chakras, or for Reiki. A range of raw quartz crystals are available.


  • Gift idea
  • Good value for money
  • Raw crystal


  • No reviews specifically for the amethyst pendulum

Our verdict: Best amethyst pendulum

From the list of amethyst pendulums selected, we believe the Amethyst Faceted Cone Pendulum from Etsy to be the best. This is due to the fact that it is simple in design, extremely affordable, and has thousands of positive reviews - as well as receiving a bestseller status on the website.


What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a weighted object attached to a chain that swings freely in the air as you hold it, most will take the form of crystals. The idea is that the pendulum harnesses your energy to move in different directions. For example, one direction would equate to 'yes', while the opposite would equate to 'no'. It is how people have come to use pendulums to seek guidance.

What is a pendulum board?

A pendulum board is a device used alongside a pendulum to make the swinging direction of the pendulum clear. It is usually circular in form, with the words 'yes' and 'no' printed on the board in opposing directions. To use a pendulum board, hold the pendulum in the centre, ask a question and watch which way the pendulum sways.

What is divination?

Divination is a form of energetic communication. In spiritual terms is a means to connect with the guides and intuition. It is an ancient practice of seeking knowledge, guidance, messages, and inspiration from the spirit or higher consciousness. Many practices fall under this category, from pendulums to astrology to Tarot and more.

What is dowsing?

Dowsing is a type of divination. It involves searching for answers and being guided by a seemingly invisible force. Think of the dowsing rod, a device that's been used for centuries to search for water and minerals. The dowsing rod, much like the pendulum, supposedly moves of its own accord.

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